Lawmakers Oppose Constituency Projects Cancellation

Constituency Projects, Lawmakers, Budget PaddingA group of serving and former members of the House of Representatives have spoken against calls by some people for the cancellation of constituency projects in the future budgets.

The Dean of the group known as The Initiatives, Eseme Eyiboh, said instead of the projects been cancelled, the Public Procurement Act should be properly implemented.

This position in coming in reaction to vies that are trailing the ongoing budget padding controversy rocking the House of Representatives.

According to the group, if the Public Procurement Act is well implemented, it will reduce issues of corruption within the budgetary process.

Nigeria’s Rebirth Requires Citizens To Make Sacrifices

Eseme-EyibohA former Spokesman of the House of Representatives, Eseme Eyiboh, has urged Nigerians to be ready to make needed sacrifices, as the current government is making efforts to reposition the nation.

Giving his opinion on the current administration’s activities aimed at ensuring the rebirth of Nigeria, Mr Eyiboh said the fight against corruption was a deliberate attempt to jump-start a new thinking that would be able to galvanise Nigerians to take ownership.

“What is fuelling the agitation is the departure from the past to a new thinking.

“Corruption has been able to put Nigeria at a very terrible stage.

“The speed corruption is running in this country is unprecedented and we need speed breakers to be able to minimise this corruption to the barest minimum,” he said.

The former lawmaker also said that the government needed to introduce speed breakers to establish ethical integrity and national consciousness and also grow a thought process that would ignite collective responsibility in Nigerians.

“The speed breaker are needed to minimise corruption.

“In any democratic process there has to be the issue of the rule of law to the extent that every man is equal before the law.

“Corruption cannot go away anywhere in the human community, but the speed breakers will reduce it drastically,” the former spokesman for the House of Representatives stressed.

Defection Of Politicians Is Not Based On Ideological Conviction – Eyiboh

A Former Spokesman for the House of Representatives, Eseme Eyiboh, on Wednesday said that those defecting from one party to another, particularly from the Peoples Democratic Party to the All Progressives Congress are only doing so for selfish interests, as the move is not based on any ideological conviction.

Speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Eyiboh complained that the main issues, including internal democracy and party management, had been abandoned for other matters.

He said that neglecting key issues of the management of political parties and internal democracy of the parties would lead to a “poor leadership recruitment process where you have wrong people in right places.”

He averred that the trend of defection was good for both the ruling and opposition parties but insisted that the trend was based on selfish interests and not the welfare of the people or on any ideological conviction.

“It is not all about the issue of the people. It’s about your heart being where your mouth is” he said, stressing that “none of these persons is doing it either out of ideological conviction or because of the mandate of that people,” he stressed.

On the possibility of the opposition party, APC, being a better party than the ruling PDP, Eyiboh said “APC, as a matter of fact is not a solution because APC is unable to provide an alternative to what they believe is wrong with the PDP controlled government.”

He further stated that the “APC shot itself in the foot by allowing PDP to reinvent itself” through the new party chairman, “a businessman who stoops low to conquer.”

Speaking on controversy and issues surrounding the defection of 11 senators to the APC, which the PDP opposed, although it had benefitted from similar defections in the past, Eyiboh said “the scenario is different in the sense that some members of the APC went to court (to stop their seats from being declared vacant) and PDP also went to court saying they should not defect from PDP.”

“We can’t deny the fact that there are other subsisting issues before the court of law and because it is so, it becomes unnecessary for you to begin to talk about it because the matter will be sub judice. In previous cases, there has never been such circumstance,” he said.

On the Senators’ insistence that their letter of defection be acknowledged and read on the floor of the House, Eyiboh said the Senate President was not under obligation to do it by their prompting.

He continued by saying, “it is a communication, it will definitely be done but he has to look at all the exigencies. In this case, he has to look at the matter before the court and other matters bordering on the roles of the Senate.

He further argued that “we must have a clear difference between politics and governance.”