No New Cases Of Ebola – Dr Shuaib

No New Cases Of Ebola
Dr.Faisal Shuaib

The Head, Ebola Emergency Operations in Nigeria, Dr. Faisal Shuaib on Thursday dismissed claims that there are new cases of Ebola victims in Nigeria apart from those who had contact with the primary index.

He maintained that the Ebola patients, who had primary contact with the index patient, Patrick Sawyer, still remain those reported.

” We have 12 confirmed cases of the Ebola outbreak, with five discharged patients and five deaths”, noting that “in the whole of Nigeria we have only two persons with the Ebola virus and four persons who are in isolation centre presently.

“There are two cases which had a direct primary contact of the index patient and there is no new case(s) of the Ebola Virus”, he noted.

Speaking on the Channels Television’s programme, Sunrise Daily, Dr Shuaib, reassured Nigerians that there is no evidence that persons to contract the virus after the persons have been cleared, debunking claims by the Senior Registrar of the National Orthopaedic Hospital Igbobi, Dr. Akindele Akintayo, on Wednesday.

“Nobody leaves the health facility in good fitting to go home when he is infectious.

“There is a discharge protocol that we follow which indicates that there is no symptoms, adding that laboratory tests are conducted and when turned to a negative form, the patient is good to go home, and will not transmit the disease.

“There is no evidence what so ever in the literature that anybody can transmit the virus to his spouse through semen, it has not been documented and I do not know where he got his fact from. this might create panic to people”, he stressed.

According to Dr. Shuaib, the agency controlling and containing the virus has a joint-solving approach for the emergency treatment of the Ebola virus.

“We have a situation where we have all partner agencies bringing all their resources both material and human into one group led by the government” adding that strategies are in place to examine and coordinate further spread of the epidemic.

” We have daily meetings twice where we have all strategies developed against Ebola outbreak. Data is anaylsed and interpreted in terms of the current stage of the Ebola outbreak and examined”, he noted.

Dr. Shuaib added that the best health care practitioners are working hard in Nigeria to curb the further spread of the virus.

“In the cases of the Ebola outbreak, the best doctors are working with Nigerian doctors, so that we could have one focus in curbing the virus and making sure all efforts are put in the same direction. This is why we are cautiously optimistic that it will bring a lot of progress”, he emphasised.

He also, noted that the Ebola Emergency Centre was currently at the Central Public Health Laboratory in Yaba Lagos.

He however encouraged States in the federation to have centres in order to curb the rise of the virus

” We encourage States to set up their emergency centres by reputing data analysis and interpretation of data so that it can define an epidemic and place strategies to curb further spread of the virus”, noting that “the obligation of the centre strategised in the country was to ensure that there is no further spread of the virus.

“What the centre does is to cast a wide net to ensure that any body that had any contant with the Ebola patient, is brought in and observed.

” We are optimistic that they might not see new cases,we are not relenting at all; we are going out to do surveillance in communities .

Since the disease broke out early this year, at least 1,200 deaths have been recorded in West Africa.

Nigerians Should Not Panic Over Ebola Virus -Dr Olukayode

Oguntimehin OlukayodeThe permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Primary Health Care Board, Dr. Oguntimehin Olukayode, has said that Nigerians are panicking a lot over the deadly virus, emphasising that “people who contract Ebola do not walk or work healthy with the virus”.

Speaking on Channels Television program, Sunrise Daily, on Thursday, he said that the response from the public on the awareness of the deadly Ebola virus was tremendously impressive, but expressed worries over the rate Nigerians panic over  the deadly virus.

“What is worrisome to me, is that we are panicking. People come in to ask all sort of questions like; do you stop people from going into mass transit bus? Do you ban Okada (commercial Motorcycle)? Do you need to stop football matches?  Yes we know it is a disease that is brought in by body contact, but what is more important is this; the person who is going to transmit it to you, must be sick. If you are not sick you will not transmit it”, he pointed out.

Dr. Olukayode dismissed claims that people could get the virus through close contact with people,  pointing out that anyone that is hale and healthy cannot transmit the Ebola virus. “It is only transmitted when the person that has contracted it is sick,” he stressed.

“No Asymptomatic Carrier”

He emphasised the need for people to be  educated on the Ebola Virus and explained the symptom of the virus.

“When contracted, the first day it is followed with a high fever and during the second and third day, where the transition really starts, the person must probably be  moribund”, he said.

Dr Olukayode said that the symptoms could not be hidden and thereby assured all  Nigerians that they should not Panic over the Ebola Virus.

“There is no asymptomatic carrier of the Ebola virus,” if you are ill you are ill and if you are not ill, you are not ill”, he emphasised.

He therefore appealed to health practitioners to treat and attend to patients without the assumption of having the virus.

Its been 22 days since the deadly virus entered Nigeria through a late Liberian-America, Patrick Sawyer. So far, two deaths have been recorded, including Mr Sawyer, while over 100 persons are under surveillance.

A total of 10 persons,  who had contact with the index person, Sawyer, have been diagnosed of the disease and had been isolated in an Isolation centre in lagos State, the only state where the cases have been reported.