Power Supply Has Improved Under Buhari’s Govt, Says Presidency

A file photo of a powerline.
A file photo of a powerline.


Presidential aide Femi Adesina on Tuesday said the power situation in Nigeria has improved under the government of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

Adesina made the comment when he fielded questions on Channels Television’s Politics Today, maintaining that the situation has improved when compared to what was obtainable in the past.

He explained that the government’s agreement reached with Siemens has resulted in some transformers and power equipment coming to Nigeria as part of a bid to ensure a better power supply.

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“Nigerians can’t say there has been no improvement in the supply of electricity since the inception of this administration. I just told you that some transformers came into the country under the Siemens deal recently. That doesn’t tantamount to saying there is no movement, there is some movement and it will translate to better power for the country,” he said during the show.

“In some parts of the country, Nigerians are experiencing better electricity supply and it will get better.

“We have an agreement with Siemens which is making progress now. It was slow at some point but for some weeks, we have seen transportation of different types of transformers and electrical equipment coming into the country. I can assure you there is progress.

“President Buhari is determined that before he leaves office in 2023, there will be significant progress in delivering electricity and power to Nigerians, and whatever it takes to do it, he would do.”

Completely Eliminate Terrorists, Buhari Tells Security Agencies

President Muhammadu Buhari visits Borno State for the 2022 World Humanitarian Day and Commissions some State Government Projects in Maiduguri on August 18, 2022. Bayo Omoboriowo/State House
President Buhari wants security agencies to step up the fight against terrorism. Photo: State House.


President Muhammadu Buhari has called on security agencies to take the fight to terrorists’ hideouts and ensure they are “completely eliminated”. 

He gave the directive in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital at an event to mark World Humanitarian Day.

”The Men and Officers of Operation Lafiya Dole, Security Agencies, and the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) are very much appreciated for their commitment to the fight against insurgency,” presidential aide, Femi Adesina, quoted his principal as saying.

”I commend their professionalism and tactical penetration to the hideout of the criminal elements, leading to appreciable improvement of the security situation in this North East Region, without which the resettlement of the IDPs would not be possible.

”I, therefore, implore you not to relent in your efforts, continue to take the fight to their hideouts, and ensure they are completely eliminated.

”I also implore you to ensure adequate security for farmers in their farming activities. Agricultural activities are most needed for settlement and development of the rural areas and this can only be achieved if the farmers are sure of their safety.”

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In Borno, the President directed the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and its agencies to ensure the unimpeded return of Internally Displaced Persons in the North-East.

‘‘On this 2022 World Humanitarian Day and every other day, we stand and shall continue to stand in solidarity with humanitarian aid workers and recognize their tremendous service and sacrifice.

”We celebrate their tireless efforts to save lives, preserve human dignity, and alleviate suffering. Their selfless commitment and actions stand as an example to us all.

”We will also make sure that they have our backing by ensuring that the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Social Development facilitates their work,” Buhari said.

He also virtually commissioned a 500-unit housing estate constructed by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and 24 units of houses for primary teachers built by the Borno State Government.

Impeachment: What Happened Today Was Just Bravado, It Won’t Go Beyond That – Presidency


The presidency has called the bluff of Senators from opposition parties who on Wednesday issued a six-week ultimatum to President Muhammadu Buhari to tackle the security challenges bedeviling the country.

Earlier in the day, the lawmakers staged a walkout from the Senate and threatened to commence impeachment proceedings against President Buhari should he fail to address the insecurity within the period given by the lawmakers.

Reacting to the development on Channels Television’s Politics Today, presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, was of the opinion that the statesmen were merely playing to the gallery, adding that there is not much they will do after the drama which played out in the Upper Chamber.

Opposition Senators Stage Walkout Over Call For Buhari’s Impeachment

Opposition Senators Give Buhari Six-Week Ultimatum To Tackle Insecurity, Threaten Impeachment

“I think it was just bravado, and sadly, security is not something you subject to bravado.

“You don’t begin to issue flippant ultimatums in something that is a matter of life and death,” Adesina asserted.


He further averred that “those who spoke today are the minority of minorities, they will have their say as is needful in a democracy but it will not go beyond that.”

“They know in their heart of hearts that they cannot achieve what they are saying, they are just wasting the country’s time, wasting the time of the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly, they know that they cannot achieve it.

“The truth is that in this kind of scenario, minority will always have its say while the majority will have its way,” Adesina maintained.

While acknowledging that every Nigerian needs to be concerned about the security situation of the country, Adesina still declared that if the Senators are only troubled at this time because some incidents are now closer to them in Abuja, then there is nothing altruistic about their actions.

Buhari’s Advance Convoy Attack: We Should Not Give In To Terrorists – Presidency

A file photo of Mr Femi Adesina.


The presidency has said that despite the various attacks by merchants of terror, Nigerians must never give in to terrorism. 

Briefing State House correspondents after the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting on Wednesday, Special Adviser to the President on media and publicity, Femi Adesina stated that inspite of the attack on Buhari’s advance team on Tuesday, the president will not cancel his trip to Dakar, neither would the government give in to the terrorists.

At the briefing Mr Adesina maintained that the wounds sustained by two affected persons (a protocol officer and a lady) were not life threatening, adding that the injured persons have both been taken to an orthopedic hospital.

According to Adesina, no life was lost.

Tension As Gunmen Attack Kuje Prison In Abuja

About 600 Inmates Escape After Suspected Boko Haram Terrorists Attack Kuje Prison – FG

The presidential spokesman insisted that his principal would join other Heads of States and Presidents for the global conference which is an international obligation before proceeding to his home town in Daura.

Adesina’s comments come a few hours after the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, described as sad and unwelcomed, the shooting incident near Dutsinma, Katsina State, involving the convoy of cars carrying the Advance Team of security guards, protocol and media officers ahead of the President, Muhammadu Buhari’s trip to Daura for Sallah.

Mr Shehu disclosed that the attackers opened fire on the convoy from an ambush positions but were repelled by the military, police and DSS personnel accompanying the convoy.

He also assured Nigerians that all personnel, staff and vehicles made it safely to Daura and unscathed, safe for two persons in the convoy who are receiving treatment for the minor injuries they suffered.

KNOCK, KNOCK! WHO’S THERE? – Adesina Reveals Why Buhari Didn’t Impose Candidate On APC

President Muhammadu Buhari and Bola Ahmed Tinubu hoist the APC flag at the Eagle Square in Abuja on June 8, 2022, after winning the latter won the party's presidential ticket for the 2023 elections. Sodiq Adelakun/Channels Television
President Muhammadu Buhari and Bola Ahmed Tinubu hoist the APC flag at the Eagle Square in Abuja on June 8, 2022, after winning the latter won the party’s presidential ticket for the 2023 elections. Sodiq Adelakun/Channels Television.


Following the conclusion of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Primary and the emergence of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as flagbearer of the party in the forthcoming  election, some have asked why is it that President Muhammadu Buhari did not push for a consensus candidate of his choice.

Earlier in the build up to the APC special convention, the president had said that he has a candidate of his choice, however, as the day drew nearer, people were expecting him to name his preferred candidate, but President Buhari urged everyone to allow party delegates to decide, stressing that he has no anointed candidate.

While this came as a short to many, Presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina, in his latest piece has revealed why his principal abstained from imposing his choice on the ruling party.

According Adesina, Buhari neutrality all the way, showed how much of a democrat he was, one who would walk the talk of his promise regarding leaving a legacy of a free, fair and credible process for the country.

Below is the article by the presidents spokesman, in which he goes deep to compare and contrast between Buhari and his predecessors, while leaving a poser for whoever will fill the president’s shoes when his tenure elapses next year.

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If you are of my generation, and you have some literary inclination, you would have read the novel by James Hadley Chase, with the above title. Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

It was the dream of Johnny Bianda to own a boat off the coast of Florida. And he filched money for the boat from his firm, knowing full well that his employers would come after him one day, and kill him. It was inexorable, because his employers were Mafia.

The story of the novel has nothing to do with what I’m writing here today. It’s just the title that never ceases to intrigue me since when I read the book about 45 years ago. Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

The two major political parties have held their primary election, and presidential candidates have emerged. Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), and former Lagos State Governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for the All Progressives Congress (APC).

There are some other smaller parties who have come with their own candidates too. One is not discountenancing them, and miracles do happen. But APC and PDP can be called the major parties, having both produced Presidents for the country since return to democratic rule in 1999.

Knock, Knock! Who’s There? This would happen to all the political parties in the contest on February 25, next year. Millions of voters would knock on their doors, they’ll ask; who’s there, and answers would come.

Let me first talk of the last one week that led to the primary election of the APC. In an interview he granted in January, this year, President Muhammadu Buhari had indicated that he had a favorite candidate. Would he name the person? He balked, saying he would be exposing the individual to too much risks, including possible elimination.

It was human to have a favorite in such situation, and the President did no wrong. But would you unduly favor the person? Would you throw your weight around, ride roughshod over the others, and impose your favored one on your political party and the nation? We have seen it before. Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, did it with Umaru Yar’Adua. He did same, though to a lesser extent with Dr Goodluck Jonathan. Can Buhari do it and remain a democrat, fair, impartial? Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

That was the matter of interest in the week before the primary election. There were at least 23 aspirants. Who would the President give the nod? Could he remain neutral, non-aligned? At least, he had confessed he had someone in mind. Would he remain even-handed, detached, non-discriminatory?

There were at least four consultative meetings, towards getting an acceptable candidate for the party. One was with the APC Governors, called Progressive Governors Forum. The other was with the presidential aspirants themselves, then with the National Advisory Council (formerly called Board of Trustees), and finally with the Northern Progressive Governors Forum.

The main things on the agenda was usually who would be the preferred aspirant. What part of the country would he come from? Would the President name his favorite, or leave it to democratic principle of voting? How did the President do it? How did he remain neutral, when he had earlier confessed that he had a favorite? It’s a test of fairness, being a democrat or not, and the President passed it, despite all the odds.

Each time a consultative meeting ended, there were twists and contortions to whatever the President said. They imported and imputed all sorts of interpretations, mostly unfounded and incorrect. Oh, this is what he meant. He said this and that. This is what he was actually saying. He just didn’t come straight. The man held his peace.

Primary Election Day came. And the President still remained neutral, despite having confessed that he had a favorite aspirant. How did he do it?

Strange. Supernatural. Curious. Knock, Knock! Who’s There? But President Buhari remained unobtrusive, demure, self-effacing, till a candidate finally emerged.

While the process lasted, I had observed people who were core Buharists, but now on different sides of the divide, go for one another’s jugular. Some were virulent, odious, descending to the level of indecency. But now that the race is over, can they sheathe their swords? Is there anything in life that should make us become indecent, uncouth in both language and action? Fie! Fie, I say.

The day of decision will come in February. May God spare us till then, and beyond. President Buhari has done his level best for his party, and the country. He has been beleaguered by some forces and interests since 2015, and it had largely been about the quest for power. He is exiting decently, orderly, doing his best till the last day.

The onus is now on Bola Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar, and the other candidates to answer the ring at the door. Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

Buhari Rejoices With Pastor William Kumuyi At 81

President Muhammadu Buhari and Pastor Williams Kumuyi


President Muhammadu Buhari has joined Christians and Christian leaders all over Nigeria and beyond to celebrate with the Founder and General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi, on his 81st birthday, June 6, 2022.

In a statement by Femi Adesina, his special media aide, President Buhari felicitated with the General Superintendent on the auspicious occasion, extolling him for his dedication to soul winning, preaching of the gospel and counselling, which has transformed many lives, and left an indelible mark on the growth of the nation.

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The President noted the contributions of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, which started as a Bible study group by Pastor Kumuyi, who was then a lecturer, to the spiritual and moral development of the country, with testimonies in education, health, roads, water supply and provision of scholarships to the less privileged.

President Buhari shared the joy of another age with the octogenarian, his wife, Esther, other family members and friends, while acknowledging the inspiring influence of the many books of the Christian leader, especially the devotionals.

The President prayed that the Almighty God will continue to strengthen Pastor Kumuyi and his family in good health and wisdom.

2023: Governors Not Asked To Pick Consensus APC Presidential Candidate – Adesina

President Muhammadu Buhari presides over a meeting with APC governors at the State House in Abuja on May 31, 2022.


Governors under the aegis of the Progressives Governors’ Forum (PGF) were not asked to pick a consensus presidential candidate for the ruling All Progressives Congress.

This is according to the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, who issued a statement on Thursday denying claims that his principal suggested the idea of a consensus or zoning arrangement ahead of the APC presidential primary slated for June 6.

In his piece titled, ‘Visit to Spain: Let’s Buga for Mr President’, Adesina clarified that Buhari only met with the governors and told them his expectation for the forthcoming presidential primary of the party.

According to the presidential spokesman, Buhari never discussed issues bordering on zoning, consensus, or imposition of candidates during his conversation with the governors.

“No word about zoning, consensus, or imposition of candidate. He just charged them to let their plans converge, so that the party would put its best foot forward. Shortly after the meeting, we headed for the airport,” Adesina stated.

“A short time into the about five hours flight, I went on social media, to see that all hell had broken loose. Trust some Nigerians. When there’s no controversy, they simply create one. They will die of boredom if they don’t have something to wail or ululate about.

“What were they bellyaching on? Oh, he used the words ‘my successor,’ instead of ‘APC candidate.’ That means he wants to rig the election. Otiose.

“Oh, he talked about Governors who performed well being given the opportunity to get a second term, for continuity. That means he wants to impose someone from within the government to succeed him. Consensus is what he wants. Puerile.

“Is consensus not one of the acceptable ways of choosing candidates, according to the Electoral Act? So the party can jolly well decide on the method it wants.

“Oh, he didn’t talk about zoning. APC wants to give its ticket to the North. Really? Did you see anything like that in the speech?”

State Policing: Obasanjo Did Nothing When He Had The Opportunity, Says Adesina


Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, has taken a swipe at former President Olusegun Obasanjo over what he believes to be the poor handling of the security challenges of the country under his administration.

On Wednesday, the former President had suggested that amid growing insecurity in the country, the creation of state police would be a better option than community policing.

Obasanjo made the suggestion when the leadership of the National Association of Ex-local government chairmen in Nigeria paid him a courtesy visit in Abeokuta.


A file photo of Mr Femi Adesina by Sodiq Adelakun/ChannelsTV.


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But Adesina criticized Obasanjo, insisting that when he had the opportunity to restructure the security architecture of the country, he failed to do so.

“Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has a right to hold a different opinion from what he held in the past but I recall that under him, restructuring of the federation was a key issue that Afenifere fought for, and then there was the issue of state police which also resonated loudly under him but he didn’t do anything in eight years. Like I said, he has a right to change his mind now but it doesn’t change the fact that he had the opportunity to do something about it and did not”.

When asked of the major obstacle of President Buhari’s execution of the restructuring, Adesina explained that the executive is not the custodian of political will.

Over the years, many have called for restructuring, with a firm belief that it is a viable solution to the myriad of challenges the country is facing.

One of those who have made that call is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Chief Afe Babalola.

On Monday he called for an Interim National Government after the expiration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure that would pave way for a new constitution for the country.

But reacting to this, Adesina, said: “to the best of my unlearned knowledge, it is not in our cConstitution for an interim government to be set up”.

PDP Interested In Destabilisation Of Nigeria – Femi Adesina

A file photo of the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina.


Presidential spokesperson Femi Adesina on Tuesday condemned the Peoples Democratic Party for predicting a “nationwide agitation” worse than the October 2020 #EndSARS protests.

In a statement, Mr Adesina said the PDP was only interested in the destabilisation of Nigeria so it could return to power.

Mr Adesina said: “Less than 24 hours after the Department of State Services (DSS) raised alarm about sinister plots by some elements to cause disorder in the land, using the energy crisis as a smokescreen, the PDP issued a statement, saying; ‘Our party fears that the situation is getting to a boiling point and can trigger a nationwide agitation that might be worse than the October 2020 EndSARS if not addressed immediately.’

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“Which patriotic political party or organization ever threatens its country with anarchy, social upheaval and disorderliness, except one still smarting from its snout being yanked from the honeypot, as happened to PDP in 2015?
But we wish to remind the now tepid opposition party that it was Nigerians that gave it the boot 7 years ago, and those same Nigerians have not forgotten the travails they experienced, at a time the country was awash with money: no power, no infrastructure, insurgents ran riot round the nation, and our collective patrimony was looted blind. Those same Nigerians are not ready for another PDP misrule, not now, and perhaps not for a long time to come.

“Rather than plot and encourage ‘agitation worse than October 2020 EndSARS,’ which it may well be conceiving, the PDP should work for harmony and cohesion in the country, if it ever understands such concept.

“EndSARS signified murder, mayhem, mass destruction, even cannibalism. PDP now wishes Nigeria something worse.

“A presidential aspirant of the PDP has warned that the party would die by 2023, unless it wins the Number One position in the country. And die it would, if the party wishes the country nothing except something worse than EndSARS.”

President Buhari Greets Veteran Actor Pete Edochie At 75

Pete Edochie is regarded as one of the living legends of Nollywood. Photo: [email protected]


President Muhammadu Buhari has joined entertainers in the music and movie industry, particularly Nollywood, in celebrating with veteran actor, scriptwriter, and movie producer, Pete Edochie, on his 75th birthday.

In a statement by his special media aide, Femi Adesina, President Buhari congratulated the renowned actor for the many pioneering and motivating roles in the entertainment industry, hitting the limelight in the 80s as Okonkwo in the screen adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart”, where his superlative performance brought the spotlight to Nigeria and Africa.

The president noted that Edochie’s background of living and working extensively in various parts of the country and the world, after serving the government as staff of the Nigeria Railway Corporation and Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation, greatly shaped his global outlook and influenced his interpretation of roles as a thespian.

While congratulating Edochie, the usually stereotyped actor as king and father in movies, President Buhari affirms that his role in the founding and growing of Nollywood as one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world deserves commendation, especially in incubating younger professionals and nurturing talents like his son, Yul Edochie.

The president prayed that the Almighty God will crown the award-winning actor, who has many international recognitions, with good health and strength to keep serving the nation.

Electoral Bill: What Buhari Gives With The Right, He’ll Take With His Left – Galadima

A file photo of Buba Galadima.


Former National Secretary of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) Change (CPC), Buba Galadima, believes President Muhammadu Buhari will not sign the amended electoral bill which currently awaits his assent.

Galadima, who was a guest on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Wednesday, said Nigerians and the National Assembly should not be deceived into believing that what will be assented to is in the citizen’s best interest. According to the elder statesman, if Buhari “signs any electoral bill with reservations, it means he has not signed the electoral bill”.

“This bill before Buhari contains the views of the representatives of the people; he has no choice,” Galadima said during the current affairs show.

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The former spokesman for the presidential campaign council of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), said Buhari proved him right by not signing the bill when it was earlier sent. He added that the only reason the president is now willing to sign the bill is that the press and civil society organizations are mounting pressure on him. Be that as it may, Galadima believes that the presidency is playing some tricks.

“They are doing a kind of 419, he will sign the bill and send a list of things he doesn’t like which will secretly be passed for him and we are in it. There will be no change even if he signs because what he gives us with the right hand, he will take from us with the left,” he said.

“For you, he has assented to the amended 2010 Electoral Act but in the real sense of it, he will take whatever gains the people had put into the electoral act.”

Galadima’s comments come a few hours after the signing of the re-worked Electoral Act Amendment Bill scheduled for Wednesday was moved to Friday, February 25. A source close to the Presidency, who had earlier indicated that the President would assent to the bill on Wednesday, confirmed the new date to Channels Television. According to the source, the new date will be honoured by the President.

On January 25, lawmakers in the Senate and House of Representatives chambers of the National Assembly passed the harmonised version of the bill. The harmonised version was received by President Buhari a week later, as confirmed by his Senior Special Assistant on NASS Matters (Senate), Senator Babajide Omoworare.

He withheld his assent to the bill in November 2021, citing the cost of conducting direct primary elections, security challenges, and possible manipulation of electoral processes by political players as part of the reasons for his decision.

But the President gave some conditions to give his assent – an action that prompted the lawmakers to re-work the bill, leading to the emergence of two versions in the green and red chambers. The House had re-amended the bill to include the direct and indirect primary options while the Senate re-adjusted it to include the direct, indirect, and consensus modes of selecting political parties’ candidates.

Both chambers later passed the harmonised version – the final agreed version of the amendment to Clause 84 which included the direct, indirect, and consensus primary modes. Amid an outcry from critics, who raised concerns about the delayed signing over fears that the President might reject the bill again, a presidential aide, Femi Adesina, said his principal’s action was within the requirements of the law.

He stated that it would only be appropriate to say President Buhari has acted against the law if he exceeds the 30-day window provided by the Constitution to take a decision on the bill.

UPDATED: Buhari To Sign Electoral Bill In A Matter Of Hours – Adesina


It is just a matter of hours for President Muhammadu Buhari to sign the re-worked Electoral Act Amendment Bill.

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina, disclosed this on Tuesday during an interview on Sunrise Daily.

“He (Buhari) will sign it (the bill) any moment from now,” he said while appearing as a guest on the Channels Television breakfast programme. “It could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could be anytime, but within the 30 days.

“It could be signed today; it could be signed tomorrow. In a matter of hours, not days. Hours could be 24 hours, it could be 48 hours; not days, not weeks.”

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This comes nearly a month after lawmakers in the Senate and House of Representatives chambers of the National Assembly passed the harmonised version of the bill.

Passed on January 25, the bill was transmitted to President Buhari a week after, as confirmed by his Senior Special Assistant on NASS Matters (Senate), Senator Babajide Omoworare.

Weeks after receiving the bill, the President has yet to give his assent – an action that has sparked an outcry from critics who fear he might reject it again.

A file photo of the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina.


Defending his principal, Adesina slammed those accusing the President of delaying the signing of the bill, stressing that the Nigerian leader’s action was still within the requirements of the Constitution.

He stated that it would only be appropriate to say President Buhari has acted against the law if exceeds the 30-day window provided by the law.

“You know before the President will put pen to paper on any legislation, particularly this one that has to do with our electoral fortunes, it has to be looked at and looked at.

“He has to buy opinions from different stakeholders and having been satisfied that the necessary due diligence had been done and he will not be making any error, then he will sign it, and I tell you that Nigerians will get to hear about this bill in hours,” Adesina said.

President Buhari had withheld his assent to the bill in November 2021, citing the cost of conducting direct primary elections, security challenges, and possible manipulation of electoral processes by political players as part of the reasons for his decision.

He, however, gave some conditions to give his assent, prompting the lawmakers to re-work the bill which initially led to the emergence of two versions from the green and red chambers of the assembly.

While the House re-amended the bill to include the direct and indirect primary options, the Senate re-adjusted to include the direct, indirect, and consensus modes of selecting political parties’ candidates.

Both chambers, thereafter, passed the harmonised version – the final agreed version of the amendment to Clause 84 of the bill.

This included the direct, indirect, and consensus primary modes of nominating candidates by political parties for elections.