Lack Of Cooperation Among Arms Of Govt Weakened Anti-Corruption War – Odekunle

A member of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, Femi Odekunle, has stated that lack of cooperation among the arms of government has contributed to weakening the Federal Government’s anti-corruption war.

He said this on Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily while addressing some issues including the recent victory of the Senate President Bukola Saraki at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT).

“From what I know, the anti-corruption war is like fighting for the soul of Nigeria and the government was right that the flagship of his three-point agenda is fighting corruption but in a democracy where you want to fight corruption, you need the cooperation of the executive, legislature and the judiciary.

“At the end of the day, if you don’t have the cooperation of these three arms of government you are going to have a lot of problems which is what we are having.

“We don’t seem to have the cooperation of the legislature – Even among the executive, you find what we call blacklegs and even in the judiciary which is the hope of the country in a democracy for fighting corruption.

“If it was a military government it would be a different ballgame. But in a democracy you rely on the Judiciary so, regardless of the efforts of the investigators of the EFCC of the Police or ICPC, they must still end up in court and when the court now seems, as it is being manifested recently, not to be cooperating, then there is a problem.”

Explaining further about the “blacklegs” which he claimed were in the legislature, he noted that regardless of the bills that have been passed or not, the behavior of some members of the legislature have also contributed to slowing down the anti-corruption war.

“We are not talking about the laws passed by the National Assembly, we are talking about the behavior and the conduct and what we hear, if not know about the legislature – I’m not even talking about the bills before then which they have not passed.

“Do you know how many of them have cases in court and then you will reply to me that they are innocent until proven guilty – this is part of the hoax of the legal system we are running. So you have legislatures and you have a good number of them who actually have cases in court, Corruption,” he stressed.

“In a country where people are fighting together against corruption, it is very unusual to have about two, three, four of you, facing corruption charges in court.

“The fact that you have enough money to hire Senior Advocates of Nigeria, to hire lawyers to go to court and win the case, if not technically but corruptly, does not mean that you are cooperating with the anti-corruption fight.”

Odekunle, therefore, noted that a government that wants to fight corruption must realize the depth of the situation, citing examples like the U.S and the U.K which according to him had to reenact their laws when they realized that terrorism was becoming a serious problem.

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Criminologist Challenges Federal Government To Tackle Insurgency Fast

Femi OdekunleA criminologist, Femi Odekunle has challenged  the Federal Government to tackle the prolonged issue of insurgency disturbing the country fast.

This is following the recent attack on the students of the Government Senior Science, Secondary Sch, Potiskum, Yobe state.

Mr. Odekunle stated that if the government does not take immediate measure in tackling these insurgency, such incident may occur again.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, Mr. Odekunle mentioned that some international bodies might have a hand in the attacks, adding that Adamawa used to be part of Cameroon and Chad is also close to the borders.

Mr. Odekunle also noted that the “government should have declared total war so that Nigerians and the world will know that Nigeria is at war, this should have been done two years ago”.

He expressed dissatisfaction at the government’s effort in fighting insurgency, and questioned if the borders are properly monitored.

Mr. Odekunle advised the government to put as much effort and resources it has used in the forth coming 2015 general elections to stop the menace and to give adequate backing to the military, by providing them with equipments in fighting the war.

Criminologist Blames Nasarawa State Re-occurring Clashes On FG

A professor of Criminology, Femi Odekunle on Monday blamed the lack of military and police presence in Nasarawa state for the re-occurrence of the clash between the Ombatse Militia and Alago Youths in the state.

He also noted that the “unresolved problems in the state” could be attributed to the cause of the clash.

Odekunle, who was speaking from the Abuja studio of Channels Television during Sunrise Daily programme, said the incidence of the “last weekend must be considered as another instance of a pattern of an unresolved problematic in the state” insisting that “this is not limited to the state. In the last decade we have had vast situations of instances of inter-intra community, inter-religious clashes, so it is not limited to that state”.

He went further to describe the recent clash, which occurred during the weekend, as a result of an “institution that is problematic”.

He then commended the state government for appointing credible non-indigenes of the state into the judicial commission of inquiry to ensure “impartiality in investigating the circumstances and situations and the nitty–gritty of various inter community clashes and killings in the state”.

He accused the federal government of irresponsibility for not showing concern after a dispatch of police officers and operatives of the State Security Service were ambushed and killed.

He expressed disappointment that the federal government, according to him, has not done anything in response to the killing of those security personnel noting that “the same police is reaching para-military orgasm in Rivers state over fully nothing” adding that “yet we have a situation in Nasarawa state where somebody would have expected heavy federal government presence to ensure that territorial integrity and authority of the government and state are actually enforced”.

While noting that security in this country, by the constitution, is the “formal responsibility” of the federal government, he advocated for a full federal government presence in the state to ensure that such killings do not occur again.

He however said “I am not expecting a situation like Odi under Obasanjo or Zaki-Biam under Obasanjo because we should appreciate to respect human right and we should also appreciate the limit of collective punishment”.

He further said those calling for state police are being armed with such situations “whereby you expect the federal government to come in and help you and they are not helping and go to another state where they don’t need military or police presence”.

He expressed worry for the Nigeria Police because “it appears to be its own worst enemy” noting that “the problem of the Nigeria police started when (Sunday) Adewusi, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), at that point in time, actually acted as if he was an NPN (National Party of Nigeria) card carrying member. So when the new government came in, they decimated the police and the police have not recovered from that decimation up till now, in terms of power, in terms of resources”.






















Criminologist Says Kano Also Qualifies For Emergency Rule

A Professor of Criminology, Femi Odekunle has said the declaration of emergency rule in three northern states by President Goodluck Jonathan should have included Kano.

Mr Odekunle, who was a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, said the president took the right step by declaring emergency rule in an area occupied by some people who are waging war against the state.

He said, “I thought there must be some criteria for declaring a state of emergency on any part of the country. And I was thinking, from all indications, why is Kano for example excluded because Kano had suffered in terms of quantum and quality of terrorist damage like the other states.”

Mr Odekunle argued that based on the frequency of attacks in Kano, President Jonathan should have included it among Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states that are currently under emergency rule.

In what appeared to be about the boldest step taken by the Federal Government in tackling the insurgency in the northern part of Nigeria, President Jonathan on Tuesday declared a state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states.

The President said the state of emergency is a necessary step to halt the insurgency of the dreaded Boko Haram members who have turned down the offer of dialogue and amnesty extended to them by the Federal Government.

Watch the full interview with Mr Odekunle below:

Expert Criticises Use Of Plea Bargain For Corruption Cases In Nigeria

A professor of Criminology, Femi Odekunle has said that the use of plea bargain in the Nigeria judicial system has been inappropriately applied and that it has been used for offenses committed by those with powerful social and economic status.

While speaking on Channels Television’s Breakfast Show Sunrise Daily, Mr Odekunle said in users of plea bargain in Nigeria often emphasised  ‘technicalities over and above substantive justice’.

He said the recent suspension of Justice Talba is the “first step in a million steps that we need to clean up our judiciary.”

Mr Odekunle condemned those who have been seeing such offenses and have not done anything; he praised Justice Aloma Mukhtar for getting rid of the abuse of plea bargain.

He listed the benefits of plea bargin to include: getting rid of minor cases if properly applied; reducing the work load of prosecuting and defense lawyers; enforcing of law and order.

• It can be used to free the system for attention of important cases such as murder, rape amongst others.


Professor Calls Nigeria A Racket

A Professor of criminology and social sciences at the University of Abuja, Femi Odekunle has described Nigeria as a place where politicians engage in political and economic racketeering for their selfish purposes.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr Odekunle said Nigerians should disregard the comments of ministers and other government, officials, who often say that Nigeria’s macroeconomic indices are growing.

“Of course, nobody would deny that we are growing but the growth is not translating to development. Development has to do with impacting on the socioeconomic and political lives of the average citizen. It has to do with distribution of the dividend of development,” he said.

The professor said the reason why the dividend of development is not getting to the ordinary Nigerian was because of corruption.

“The consequences of the resulting underdevelopment cannot be divorced from our level of insecurity which has been worsening, if you allow me to say, from the 60s to today,” Mr Odekunle said.