No Good Story Line, No Good Movie, Tchidi Chikere Says

movie, tchidi chikere,It is not far-fetched that there is no good movie without a good story and this is also the idea of Nollywood Film maker, Tchidi Chikere.

He expressed this in an interview with Channels Television while explaining the process of good film making.

Mr Tchidi said movie making comprises content, performance and technicalities, in which the content is the most important aspect.

He also believes that story-telling is highly appreciated in Nigeria and largely across Africa, where there is a more folkloric culture.

Stressing on that, he said “everything starts with an idea before you start interpreting, which is the performance or acting part, while the technicalities involve the use of your equipment.

“Even if your equipment are not too standard, if you have a good story-line and performance, your movie will turn out well,” he added.

Although Nollywood films are yet to breakout into mainstream consumption in Europe and America, it is readily available at retail stores as well as some major online platforms.

The Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, has continued to grow in leaps and bounds and is gradually getting the much deserved recognition beyond the country’s borders.

With directors such as Kunle Afolayan, Tunde Kelani, Lancelotte Oduwa, among others, churning out top-notch films, the sky appears to only be the limit for the industry.