LG launches Android-based Optimus G to rival Apple and Samsung

LG Electronics launched on Tuesday its new flagship smartphone which will have to compete against a flurry of new products from rivals Apple and Samsung who currently dominate the global market.

The South Korean electronics giant said the new gadget called Optimus G, would hit domestic stores next week before sales begin in Japan in October and other countries including US in November.

The launch comes days after Apple unveiled the much-anticipated iPhone 5 which garnered more than two million orders in just 24 hours.

Once having claimed the world’s third-largest handset maker, LG slid to the world’s No. 5 mobile phone maker during the three months ending in June as China-based ZTE Corp. gained ground in low-end smartphones.

LG has added new video-related features to the Optimus G, such as multitasking while playing videos.

Samsung Electronics, which has sold more than 20 million of its Galaxy S III smartphone launched in late May, is set to introduce the newest version of its popular oversized Galaxy Note smartphone in the market soon.

“It’s inevitable for these flagship products to compete head-to-head … but we are expecting very significant and surprising figures for this product,” Park Jong-Seok, head of LG’s mobile unit, told reporters.

He refused to elaborate on the sales target.

The new phone, powered by Google’s Android software is equipped with a new quad-core processor made by Qualcomm that helps run applications about 40 per cent faster than the existing quad-core processors.

About 13.2 centimetres (5.2 inches) long, 6.9 centimetres wide and featuring a 4.7-inch touchscreen, Optimus G allows users to zoom in on moving video images and takes photos by recognising voice words like “cheese” or “smile.”

It can also simultaneously display overlapped images of two applications, for instance allowing users to exchange chat messages or search the Internet while watching a video played in the background.

“Smartphone users spend a growing amount of time watching videos, so this can be a really helpful feature,” Chang Ma, vice president of marketing in LG’s mobile unit, said.

The new gadget also automatically adjusts bell sounds based on noise level around users to help prevent missed calls, he added.

The World’s number two flat-screen TV producers and the fifth biggest phone maker, LG has struggled for years in the rapidly-growing smartphone market.

The firm’s cell phone business – a segment LG has flagged as a strong pillar of growth — bled for years as sales of its Optimus smartphone series lagged far behind Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy S phones.

LG’s mobile unit once showed signs of recovery by posting profits in the fourth quarter of 2011 and the first quarter this year but swung back to a loss in the second quarter.

The reversal was blamed on high marketing costs for promoting its new handsets and squeezed margins due to the weaker euro.

Park said the firm’s earlier goal to sell 80 million mobile phones this year was still valid, with the Optimus G helping to drive sales beginning in the third quarter.

New Galaxy Note 10.1 to be preloaded with Photoshop Touch

A leader in the mobile making industry, Samsung, has preloaded the new Galaxy Note 10.1 mobile device with the Photoshop Touch, the first of its kind on a mobile device.

With the launch of the device on the 16th of August, it was concluded that the new tablet is very much an ideal candidate for photo editing. Samsung teamed up with Adobe Systems to preload the Photoshop Touch on the device, which enables files to be synched to Adobe Creative Cloud. It also provides up to 2GB of free storage space, and opened on the PC.

Talking of non-affordability of computer systems a better bet for app/device lovers right now is the Galaxy Note 10.1 with a bundled Stylus Pen; it serves as a perfect opportunity without having to spend hard earned cash on the app.

Features of Photoshop Touch

Also Photoshop features designed for the tablet such as layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters to create mind-blowing images and you can use your tablet camera to fill an area on a layer with the unique camera fill feature.

You can select part of an image to extract by scribbling with the Scribble Selection tool and with Refine Edge; your fingertip can be used to capture even hard-to-select image elements, like hair, with ease.

Search and acquire images with the integrated Google Image Search plus share images on Facebook and view comments right within the app.

Samsung ready to battle iPad with Stylus, Galaxy Note 10.1

To keep to its promise in ensuring that mobile computing is completely redefined, Samsung Electronics Co. has decided to bring back what was thought to be lost, the Sylus.

A computer accessory serving as a writing utensil for some other form of marking or shaping to assist in navigating or providing more precision when using touchscreens.

Samsung as expected has taken its Galaxy Note five-inch higher and stretched it out with a 10.1 inch display.

The irony here is that the Sylus was long considered a relic from an era when touchscreens weren’t much cop. To be fair, Samsung has shown, with the 5inch Note.

Galaxy Note 10.1 only has six apps coded for this feature, including an office suite, Polaris, and email, but it’s a start.