Nigerian Boy Stabbed To Death In London

Nigerian boy, Stabbed, Nigerian teenagerTwo boys have been arrested in connection with the death of a Nigerian teenager stabbed to death on the street in Nottinghill London.

17-year-old Nigerian student, Fola Orebiyi, who was studying at Chelsea Academy after completing his GCSES at Holland Park, was reportedly stabbed to death in front of horrified tourists and passers-by after fleeing from a gang of youths on bikes on July 3.

Eyewitnesses revealed that fight broke out in a nearby estate before Fola was chased into the busy road where he was attacked.

Reports say Fola was stabbed in the neck and passersby tried to help the teenager as he staggered down the busy road after which he eventually collapsed outside a shop.

Some residents say the recurring cases of street gang violence is becoming rather disturbing, noting that hardly a week passes without reports of deaths from street gang violence.

Gang wars; fresh clashes in Lagos leave residents in fear

Violence erupted in Adeniji Adele in Lagos Island on Monday when rival street gangs clashed in a battle for control over territory.

According to reports from the PUNCH, fighting between the Onola and Isale Eko street gangs has been ongoing and recent clashes have claimed three lives on Sunday.

A source told the papers that fighting between both groups have been ongoing for the last three weeks and police officers deployed to the area have done little to subdue the growing violence on Lagos’ troubled streets.

The fighting saw traders locking up their shops and stalls and children in the neighbourhood were too afraid to venture out to school rooms.
Residents in the area remained indoors, reporting that shards of broken bottles were strewn on the streets.

Police officers have been on ground today to quell the fighting between the warring gangs, and while some measure of calm has returned, casualty figures are yet unknown.