Buhari Says He Will Give Possible Attention To Boost Power Supply

Muhammadu-Buhari-Obama-visitPresident Muhammadu Buhari says his administration will give possible attention to boosting power supply.

Speaking after being briefed by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Power, Godknows Igali, on Wednesday, the President said his administration has already identified the critical problems in Nigeria’s power sector and was taking appropriate actions to address them.

President Buhari said that his administration had also prioritized certain measures in its action plan to boost electricity supply.

“The problems besetting our power sector are not difficult to identify. Therefore, priorities can be easily set in order to tackle them.

“The problems are more with transmission than generation and we equally need to secure the power infrastructure round the country”, he said.

He, however, said that he is convinced that steady electricity would launch the country into faster socio-economic development.

Mr Igali had told the President that power generation in the country was 1,750 MW in 1999 and now peaked at 4,600 MW.

He added that gas was available to take power generation to 5,500 MW in a short time but the country needs to expand its electricity infrastructure to accommodate additional power generation.

FG To Boost Power With 4,700 Megawatts In 2014 – Igali

On the background of the privatization of the power sector and the recent handing over of the physical assets to the co-investors, ‘View From The Top’ on Channels Television takes a look at the privatisation journey in Nigeria since the birth of the idea in 1999.

The programme on this edition plays host to the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Power, Ambassador Godknows Boladei Igali.

The focus is on the Nigerian power sector and the question is what is next after the handing over to investors?

With successive governments having failed to deliver on their promises of providing Nigerians with constant power supply, pessimistic views are still being expressed by many Nigerians on the possibility of a change in fortune.

Igali blamed the situation on the poor maintenance of public infrastructure and budget limitations. While also admitting that government is not the best manger of assets, he stressed that underinvestment in the sector has been the major factor behind the constant failure.

He said: “Government is not formed to manage business. Power sector is a business, and government’s role should be that of providing leadership, direction, regulation and allow the businessmen to do business.”

He credited the latest successful handover to the proactive efforts of President Goodluck Jonathan. According to him, he “energized and reactivated the process” which fast tracked the public competitive bidding processes.

Ambassador Igali also spoke in details about the efforts being made by the Federal Government to sustain the privatisation structure and the infrastructural development plans.

He also encouraged Nigerians to have faith in the system.