COVID-19: There Are Several Natural Therapies That We Need To Investigate – Abayomi


As the Federal Government continues to make efforts to curb the spread of the COVID-19 and even find a lasting solution to the pandemic, there’s a possibility that traditional medicine could be the way to go.

In Lagos State which has become the epicentre of the virus in Nigeria, the state Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abayomi, has hinted that investigations will be carried out in that regard.

Abayomi, who was a guest on Channels TV’s Sunrise Saturday, noted that the state is pushing very hard to explore traditional medication.

He said this while explaining some tips on how to recover from the flu or even the COVID-19.

“Of course, you can support yourself with a good diet, good food and lots of natural therapies and that’s one thing that we are pushing very hard in Lagos – our traditional medicine,” the commissioner said.

“We have a traditional medicine board, a traditional medicine research committee and I believe that there are several natural therapies that we need to investigate”.

Another important remedy according to the commissioner is adequate sleep.

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“One of the best ways to raise your immune system is sleep. As the body rests, it allows the immunity to do its job.

“If you get sick with the flu or with Coronavirus, the best thing is to stay in bed and get lot of rest and allow your body’s energy to be consumed by the immune system which is trying to do the curing,” he explained.

With the traditional remedies, however, Abayomi raised concerns that issues such as deforestation and a destroyed ecosystem, may have limited the nation’s ability to explore the option of herbs.

“We have a whole ecosystem of plants and herbs, if we haven’t destroyed them all by our wanton deforestation, we would have access to a lot of therapies from the environment that we could test out.

“Destroying the ecosystem is what’s causing these zoonotic events and its depriving us of our natural heritage to find traditional solutions to these problems,” he said.

Study Links Liver Cancer To Herbal Remedies

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/ Vespertunes

Researchers have uncovered widespread evidence of a link between traditional Chinese herbal remedies and liver cancer across Asia, a study said Wednesday.

The findings suggest stronger measures are needed to prevent people from consuming chemicals called aristolochic acids (AA), which are derived from the woody vines of the Aristolochia plant family, said the report in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

The acids can be found in some traditional Chinese medicines that are given during childbirth, to prevent parasites and promote healing.

Researchers tested 98 liver tumors that were stored at hospitals in Taiwan, and found that 78 percent contained mutation patterns that indicated the cancers “were likely due to contact with the chemicals,” said the study.

Since these acids cause “a well-defined mutational signature,” researchers also looked at 89 samples of liver cancer in China, and found that 47 percent showed a link to this traditional medicine component.

In Vietnam, five out of 26 tumors studied were a match (19 percent), along with five out of nine from other countries in Southeast Asia (56 percent).

The link to traditional Chinese medicine was far less common in North America (five percent of 209 liver cancers studied) and 1.7 percent of the 230 looked at from Europe.

Taiwan banned in 2003 some herbal preparations using the plants after it was discovered that aristolochic acids could cause kidney failure and urinary tract cancers.

However, there is no outright ban in China or Taiwan, and “only specific plants, rather than any plant and product containing AA or its derivatives, are regulated,” making it hard for consumers to avoid them, said the report.

Researchers found that the prevalence of AA-associated mutations in liver cancers in Taiwan did not drop after the ban was implemented.

This could be because it would take more time for a drop in cancers to be noticeable in the data, as was the case with tobacco-related cancers after smoking was revealed to cause lung tumors.

Or it could be that people continue to be exposed to these acids through other products and herbal mixtures that still contain them.A

West African Universities To Set Up Research Centre For Herbal Drugs

West African Universities, AWAU, Herbal Drugs, herbsThe Association of West African Universities (AWAU) has concluded arrangement to establish a research centre to produce internationally accepted herbal medicines.

The association says the development is targeted at catering for the health need of Africans.

The Chairman of AWAU and Vice Chancellor of University of Ilorin, Professor Abdulganiyy Ambali, made the announcement on Monday in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital in southwest Nigeria.

He explained that the association was established to promote African brotherhood and ensure that the peculiar needs of the black race were discussed with solutions proffered.

Professor Ambali hinted that six universities in West Africa had been saddled with the responsibility to establish the African Herbal Research Centre.

He said University of Ilorin had been selected for the research with a vice chancellor from South Africa as its director.

The academic explained further that the centre would make research into African herbal resources and come up with internationally accepted herbal drugs for the black race.