Unpaid Salaries: Ondo State Legislators Intervene In Dispute

Ondo_SpeakerMembers of the Ondo State House of Assembly have intervened in the dispute between the workers and government over the non payment of five months salary arrears.

The workers have been on industrial action ‎for two weeks to compel the state government to pay their salaries.

Meanwhile, Governor Olusegun Mimiko has stated severally that there is no sufficient funds in the coffers of the state to pay the salary arrears that the workers have been demanding for.

In order to resolve the crisis and deliberate on the way forward, the state legislators invited labour union leaders in the state for a meeting at the legislative chambers in Akure, the state capital.

The Speaker of Ondo State House of Assembly, Hon. Jumoke Akindele,‎ while addressing the labour union leaders, promised to relay all their grievances and demands to the government.

The labour leaders spoke one after the other lamenting about the agonies the workers and pensioners in the state have been going through.

They vowed to continue the strike until the state government pays at least three months salary arrears out of the five months they are being owed.

They compelled the state government to, as a matter of urgency, ‎mop up all funds in the accounts for capital projects and all other accounts to pay their outstanding salaries.

The current inability of many states in Nigeria to pay workers’ salaries has become an issue of serious concern, therefore compelling the state governors to demand for resource control and increase in the revenue allocation from the federal government.