NASS Leadership: 64 Senators Endorse Lawan For Senate Presidency

Senate Leader Ahmed Lawan speaks to State House correspondents in Abuja on November 30, 2018.


64 Senators-elect have endorsed the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Ahmed Lawan as the Senate President of the ninth Assembly ahead of Tuesdays inauguration.

The documents have 62 APC, one YPP, and one PDP Senators-Elect endorse Lawan as unopposed.

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Lawan who spoke after the list was read by the Secretary of his campaign organisation, Senator Jibrin Barau, senators who signed the list have agreed to vote for him and only two APC senators are yet to endorse him.

He added that the only senator from the platform of the YPP, Ifeanyi Uba, has also signed the list.

Below are photos of the lists:

Anambra Guber Polls: PDP’s Nwoye Insists On Boycott

The Peoples Democratic Party’s candidate in the Anambra governorship election, Mr. Tony Nwoye, has insisted on his plan to boycott the supplementary election scheduled for November 30.

Insisting on shunning the election, the Campaign Organisation of Mr. Nwoye, denounced the announcement made by the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Olisa Metuh, insisting that the Mr Nwoye will take part in the supplementary election scheduled for November 30.

Mr. Metuh had said that the Peoples Democratic Candidate, would take part in the election.

It is the second time since the November 16 election that the state chapter of the party is in disagreement with the leadership of the party over the election that Nwoye, the candidate of the All Progressives Alliance, Chris Ngige and Ifeanyi Uba of the Labour Party have rejected the results released so far by the electoral commission.

The three candidates have called for a total cancelation of the election and insisted that a fresh election should be conducted.

In a press conference, the Director of Protocol of Tony Nwoye Campaign Organisation, Mr. Ken Arinze, made it clear that the pronouncement of Mr. Metu was a personal thought and never represented the wishes of the candidate and of the party.

He said that the candidate would not participate in the supplementary election on the basis that the candidate’s name was not on the voters register.

“Being part of the supplementary poll is giving credibility to the election that lacked merit,” Mr. Arinze stressed.

Similarly, the Director General of Tony Nwoye Campaign Organisation, Victor Ezenwa, reminded Metu of the premise of his office as the party’s National Publicity Secretary and not Tony Nwoye’s.

Mr. Ezenwa urged Metu to refrain from imposing his mind on the party or the party’s candidate.

INEC Cannot Cancel Anambra Election — Lawyer

Chukwuma Ezeala, International election Observer and Lawyer.A legal practitioner, Mr. Chukwuma Ezeala, says that the Independent National Electoral Commission in Nigeria (INEC) lacks the legal backing to cancel an election it had already announced its result.

The comments came as some stakeholders in the November 16 governorship election in Anambra State have called for the cancelation of election that INEC declared inconclusive due to witnessed irregularities.

Results Released

INEC had released the results of the election on Monday morning, with the candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Willie Obiano, leading with 174,710 votes.

The Peoples Democratic Party’s candidate, Tony Nwoye, followed with 94,356 votes, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Dr. Chirs Ngige, got 92,300 votes while the Labour Party’s candidate, Ifeanyi Uba, had 37,446 votes.

A total of 1,786,536 persons registered in the state while the number of accredited voters for the election was 451,826.

The number of votes cast was 429,549, representing 24.04 per cent of the total number of registered voters. A total of 10,544 votes were rejected.

After the announcement of the result, the electoral body declared the election inconclusive, saying it will fix a date for a supplementary election that will hold in the areas where the irregularities were noticed.

On Channels Television breakfast programme, ‘Sunrise Daily,’ the lawyer faulted the call for the cancelation of the election and the conduct of a fresh election by opposition parties.

Sabotage Of Electoral Process

Mr. Ezeala, who is an international election observer, explained that political parties that had resentments about the conduct of the election and the result declared by the electoral body could seek redress in court or election tribunal.

“That is their only option,” he said.

“They are not lawyers and most of their advisers are not so they don’t know what the law stipulates.”

The issues arising from the Anambra governorship election have cast aspersion on the ability of the electoral body to conduct Nigeria’s General Election in 2015. The credibility of the electoral body is at stake.

Mr. Ezeala stressed that there was need for the electoral body to investigate what happened during the election for purposes of credibility in the electoral process.

INEC had ordered the arrest of an official for alleged sabotage of the process.

But Mr. Ezeala also said that records of such sabotage of electoral process contributed to the lack of trust for electoral officers in Nigeria.

“Why should we be talking about sabotaging an election in Nigeria?

‘Lack Of Credible People’

“The problem we have is lack of credible people to manage elections. The person can sabotage the process because he knows that nothing will happen.

“What encourages credibility is the ability of the government to prosecute people that have offended the law,” he stressed.

The election observer also stated that the lack of credibility contributed to the delay in the commencement of elections in Nigeria.

“Why would you not move materials closer to the place and give people around the place the result sheets?

“When you don’t have credible people, you will be releasing the materials to the polling units on the day of the election.

“In Ghana there is a measure of trust. There is trust to the extent that the sensitive materials will all be moved to far places a day or two before the election day,” he explained.

Mr. Ezeala urged the electoral commission to instil discipline in the staff in order to earn the trust of the electorates.

“The commission has the power to discipline the Resident Electoral Commissioner if he defaults, but it can’t sack the individual.

“He could be disciplined for incompetence or negligence. The electoral commission can post them away from a particular state. It can make recommendations to the Senate for removal,” he further explained.

The electoral commission will on Friday announce the date for the supplementary election but Mr. Ezeala was of the opinion that the electoral body should ensure that the fears of the political parties were allayed to restore credibility.

Anambra Polls: Our People Now Know Better – Analysts

The youths in Anambra State are more enlightened and involved in determining who leads the state and this has led to a better sense of purpose by the candidates vying to lead the state.

This was a view expressed by Anambra State Co-ordinator of non-governmental youth organisation, known as Wakeup Call, Ifeanyi Aniago while appearing on a special edition of Channels Television’s Politics Today, live from Awka, Anambra State.

Also on the programme to do a post-mortem of the Anambra State Governorship Townhall Conversation was a member of the Anambra League of Professionals, Chike Nwegbe and Managing Editor of Telegraph Nigeria, Cheta Nwanze.

Speaking on the state of insecurity in the state, Mr. Nwegbe said “we are in agreement with most of the politicians that the major issue we have to address is how to engage our youths constructively, empower them with new skills, and again create wealth for the economy.”

Cheta Nwanze however highlighted industrialization as the top priority for the people of Anambra State; he believes that a proper drive for industrialization will ensure that the problem of insecurity, unemployment and education are solved.

When there is a plan to develop industries, there will be the need to employ people, a situation he said would mandate proper training of youths with the appropriate skills to be employed and be less interested in crime, thereby helping to reduce the insecurity in the state.

He also explained that if the next administration in the state fails to solve the problem of massive congestion and traffic delays in Onitsha town, which is the commercial hub of the state, the effect of it will be that goods from the state will be more expensive due to cost of transportation, and this will be counter-productive to the drive for industrialization in the state.

Speaking in agreement, Mr Nwegbe also highlighted that Anambra citizens are more interested in deliverables as shown in Nwanze’s demands on fixing Onitsha. This, according to him, is a proof that politicians cannot deceive them with promises anymore, but rather they will be asking for a leader that has the experience to clearly communicate and deliver on his manifesto.

Citing the statistics released by Independent National Electoral Committee (INEC) that 52% of Anambra electorates are youths from age 18 to 35, Aniago stated that the Anambra youths are ready to make good use of their voting power as the majority. He boasted that his organization has done a good job of ensuring that the youths vote by merit. Therefore, the November 16 elections will be different from what has ever been witnessed in the history of Anambra politics.

He drew attention to the current calmness in the state despite the closeness of the election as proof that the youths are now aware of their strength and therefore cannot be bought over by politicians to engage in hooliganism; rather they are busy scrutinizing the manifestos of the candidates.

Several issues were also discussed, including the character traits of the leading candidates, Dr Chris Ngige and Mr Ifeanyi Ubah who were both present at the Governorship Townhall Conversation broadcast live on Channels Television.

Anambra Governorship Townhall Conversation Held

The much anticipated Anambra Town Hall Conversation has taken place between 2 candidates in the November 16 governorship elections in Anambra State.

How to tackle the security situation in the state became one of the critical issues that were discussed at the event which was organized by Channels Television.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Candidate, Dr. Chris Ngige took the audience back into memory lane, reminding them of how he successfully utilised unconventional means to tackle the menace, and also made judicious use of security funds.

“I established a vigilante service that comes up from the community level to the Local Government level, to the state level. I trained them in the conventional Police method… We employed those people and you were here in Anambra State, robbery vanished.

For the APC candidate, unemployment provides a ready workforce for crime and criminal activities. His approach to crime prevention is therefore to create jobs, encourage skills acquisition and to overhaul the education system to facilitate skilled workforce.

On his part, the Labour Party candidate, Ifeanyi Uba said that corporate organizations doing business in Anambra State will be asked to contribute in the fight against armed robbery and other crimes.

“I sincerely believe that we need to go into digital solution for Anambra insecurity; there is no need arresting people or paying hoodlums. You cannot continue to pay hoodlums with the state fund, even if it’s from security fund.”

“What the security fund is meant for is to upgrade and transform the security system of Government.”

He promised to engage telecom firms operating in the state to develop an elaborate communication network that would facilitate speedy sharing of information on criminal activities, which would in turn help in preventing crimes like kidnapping.

While Senator Ngige also promised to reintroduce free education at the primary and secondary schools in the state, Mr Ubah insisted that free education is not what Anambra people need. Rather he would identify those who cannot afford to pay their fees and the Government will support them.

Candidates of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Tony Nwoye, the Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA), Godwin Ezeemo and the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Willie Obiano were absent at the event.


Anambra Governorship Candidate Reel Out Campaign Promises

Chris Ngige and Ifeanyi Uba. Candidates of different political parties in Anambra State vying for the state governorship seat have intensified campaign around the state ahead of the election.

The different political parties’ candidates have made series of promises ranging from free education to the transformation of the Agriculture sector of the state into a viable foreign exchange earner.

At the Saturday campaign in Orumba South Local Government Area, the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Chris Ngige, promised to make the state self-sufficient in food production.

“We will build agricultural extension points in most places in Orumba and we will follow it up with fertiliser that will be free, loan that will be very cheap – interest free. We will give you farming equipment that will be hired free to you,” he promised.

The candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Ifeanyi Ubah, promised supporters in the Idemili-North Local Government Area that he would continue to support the development process in the area.

He described himself as an ‘action man’ that is young and energetic, being a youth.

He promised to bring change to the state if elected as the governor of the state.

Other parties’ candidates also held their campaigns in various towns in the state ahead of the election that the state electoral commission has registered over 20 candidates.

The candidates will hold a televised debate on Sunday, where there will have an opportunity to present their policies to to the indigenes of the state.

Security during the election is expected to be tight, as the police have put in place strategies that will ensure heavy presence of the force around the state.

Over two million people are eligible to vote in the state in the November 16 gubernatorial election.

Labour Party Asks Clerics To Pray For Uba

The Labour Party (LP) in Ogun State has gone spiritual over the forthcoming governorship election in Anambra, as it engaged the services of Muslim and Christian clerics to ensure the success of the party and its candidate, Ifeayin Uba.

At an event in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital, Christian and Muslim clerics prayed fervently for a brilliant outing for the party in an election expected to be keenly contested by the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), Labour Party (LP), All Progressives Congress (APC) and All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

Addressing journalists at the event tagged ‘Prayer for Victory Meeting’, the state Secretary of the party, Sunday Ogini, stated that the prayer became necessary because there’s need to pray for their candidate in Anambra State to win the poll.

The election is slated to hold on November 16.

Finance Minister is playing Anambra politics – Ifeanyi Uba

The Managing Director of Capital Oil and Gas, Ifeanyi Uba on Monday accused the Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala of using her position to engage in local politics.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr Uba said the Minister is also assuming the position of a god.

“She’s playing Anambra state politics with her job and reputation. She is assuming to be god; she’s not god,” he said.

Uba denies receiving help from Maduka; calls Cosharis group ‘pure water’ business

The Managing Director of Capital Oil and gas, Ifeanyi Uba on Monday denied claims by the Chief Executive Officer of Cosharis group, Cosmos Maduka that he offered him (Mr Uba) a lifeline when his business was in the brink of collapse.

“Is it by his pure water business that he’ll be able to come and help me,” Mr Uba, who was a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, asked.

Mr Uba said he believes politicians were influencing the Cosharis boss, whom he referred to as an uncle, to engage in the media war with him.

Mr Maduka had claimed that since Mr Uba and his company (Capital Oil and Gas) were labelled by most commercial banks in Nigeria as ‘unbankable’, he helped the oil merchant to obtain a loan of $180 million from Access Bank to finance the importation of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS).

The Cosharis boss also alleged that 10 letters of credit were opened and that of the 10 expected cargoes, only six were delivered.

Disputing Mr Maduka’s claims, Mr Ubah said “everything about that story is false.”

When asked if it was true that he is indebted to Access Bank to the tune of N21 billion, Mr Uba said ‘you can’t eat your cake and have it’.

He said the loan he obtained from the bank was what he used to import petrol of which his company is yet to receive subsidy payment. “The money is sitting in Access Bank,” he said.

“Access Bank is the consignee of all the vessels imported. Therefore, if they are accusing of fraud, then it is all of us together,” he added.