#BBNaija: I Could Have Bought Immunity For Myself And Still Lost – Ike


Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Ikechukwu Onyema, popularly known as Ike says he is excited that his girlfriend, Mercy, emerged as this season’s winner.

While in the house, Mercy had secured immunity into the final week after she borrowed some coins from Ike – a move which sparked various reactions from fans of the show especially after Ike got evicted.

He, however, told Channels Television that he was well aware of Mercy’s decision and both of them had agreed that either of them would purchase immunity.

“Me and Mercy had tried to plan out a lot of things in the game. I gave her the coins so she could get immunity,” he said in an interview with Channels TV’s Entertainment News.

“We were going to get immunity. Either she was, or I was and I was feeling too strong in the game… too confident and since her birthday way coming up, I said she should just buy it.

“I think it ended up a good decision. I could have bought for myself and still probably lost so I think it was a good decision.”

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Speaking about his relationship with other housemates, he said he had a really good time in the house and he looks forward to working with most of them especially as he pursues his dreams in Modelling, acting and presenting.

Meanwhile, he also mentioned that he was very entertained by Tacha, who many had judged to be one of the most controversial housemates of the season.
“Tacha entertained me a lot. Her little attitudes and things she did always made me laugh. Also, she was a wonderful cook so why wouldn’t I be around her,” he said.

“I didn’t see what everybody else saw and like I said, she just entertained me and I was sad to see her go”.

Anambra Youths Protest Poor Representation By Legislators

The Youths of Anambra East and West Local Government Areas say it will not be business as usual for prospective aspirants to legislative positions in the 2015 general elections, as they protest what they call ineffective representation of their constituencies over the years.

The leader of the protesting youths, Mr Emmanuel Alogboja, who credited the massive infrastructural development in their area to the state government, said everybody was thriving on self sustainability when they have representatives who should move motions and sponsor bills that would attract attention to the agricultural and oil and gas potentials of the local areas and bring development to the area.

The protesting groups from their different quarters converged on the popular and central Aguleri Junction in Anambra East local Government AArea of the State to stage their dissatisfaction.

The Aguleri junction, with the statue of Reverend Father Iwene Tansi overlooking the intersection of roads, lay peaceful with everybody going about their businesses with every hope of self survival regardless of what the government or anybody can do for them.

Few persons from Aguleri community that  Channels Television spoke to – Miss Ifeoma a shop owner and unemployed Ike and Samuel – said they do not know anything about representation or who their representatives were in both the State and Federal Legislative Assemblies.

It was such anomaly of poor and ineffective representation that protesting youths from Anambra East and West including women protested against at Aguleri junction, chanting notes of disappointment and dissatisfaction, insisting that 2015 general elections would be a furnace to heat and prove whoever that will represent them as they are presently not satisfied with the kind of representation they are having. From their comments, it was clear that they indeed have an idea of what they want.

In Anambra East and West Local Government Areas lies the food basin of the state and with the discovery of oil in the area too, the people said they need representatives who would be vocal, vibrant and proactive in lending their voices through bills and emotions that would attract attention to their area so they could be included in the scheme of things.

The leader of the protesting youths stated that credibility and spirit of sacrifice were the yardsticks for any prospective candidate for the 2015 election as far as Anambra East and West were concerned.

The people commended the state governor for creating an avenue of employment through the on-going registration of youths in the agricultural scheme and stated that if their representatives should be as proactive as the present administration, Anambra state would indeed be the light of the nation as it is named.