Court Jails Son For Neglecting Ageing Father

A Chinese court has jailed a man for two years for neglecting his ageing father, an unusually severe sentence for flouting the law obliging offspring to care for elderly parents.

His four sisters were handed suspended sentences for ignoring their dad, a court in China’s southwestern Sichuan province wrote on its official social media account last week.

The family lived and worked near the village where their father, surnamed Zhang, shared a home with his wife.

In 2010 the last child left, citing her father’s “bad temper,” the court wrote. When she moved, she took her mother with her, leaving the old man then aged in his 70s alone.

As Zhang’s health failed, local village authorities began contacting his family to demand they return to care for him.

The children ignored the calls, the court said, even blocking the officials’ numbers.

In 2016, Zhang’s health began to rapidly deteriorate but even so his children still avoided returning home.

Finally, village authorities decided to hand the issue over to the courts. But it was too late for Zhang who “died a lonely death at home”, the court wrote. He was 80.

“This case has created a severely vile effect on society,” the court wrote, adding that caring for parents is a “beautiful ethical tradition of the Chinese people”.

A 2013 law requires offspring to visit and provide for parents over 60. It provoked considerable controversy when it was passed but has rarely been applied.

However, that could be changing — the Zhang case was at least the third time this year a son or daughter has been punished.

In March, a man received two months in detention after he failed to pay 60 yuan ($9) a month to his ageing parents. And earlier this month, a woman was jailed for 15 days after refusing to pay her mother 100 yuan a month.

On Chinese social media, some commenters fretted about the case’s implications, while others felt that the perpetrators got off too easily.

“The judgement was too light,” said one commenter on the Twitter-like Weibo platform, but at least it will “put those unfilial children without a moral bottom line on their guard!”


Spanish King’s Brother-In-Law Jailed Over Graft Conviction

Former Olympic handball player and husband of Spain’s Princess Cristina, Inaki Urdangarin arrives at the courthouse in Palma de Mallorca, on the Spanish Balearic Island of Mallorca on June 13, 2018.  JAIME REINA / AFP


The Spanish king’s brother-in-law was jailed Monday after losing an appeal against a graft conviction, the prison authorities said.

Inaki Urdangarin, the husband of King Felipe’s sister Cristina, entered the prison in Brieva, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of Madrid at 8 am (0600 GMT), a spokesman said.

The former Olympic handball player was sentenced to five years and 10 months of prison for embezzling millions of euros in a case which caused uproar in Spain and tainted the royal family’s image.

His jail term began as King Felipe VI was to begin an official visit to the United States where he will meet US President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

Urdangarin had been given until midnight to turn up at the prison, a small facility capable of housing up to 162 inmates, which is mainly used for women.

The 50-year-old had been found guilty last year of embezzling millions of euros between 2004 and 2006 from a non-profit foundation he headed on the island of Majorca.

Urdangarin’s incarceration came six days after the Supreme Court rejected his appeal, drawing a line under a graft scandal which first emerged in 2010 during Spain’s financial crisis, with Urdangarin seen as a symbol of the elite’s perceived corruption.

The scandal contributed to the decision of King Felipe VI’s father Juan Carlos I to abdicate in 2014.


British Woman Jailed For Luring Daughter Into Forced Marriage

Alleged Bribery: Witness Testifies As Rickey Tarfa’s Trial Continues
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A mother who duped her daughter into travelling to Pakistan to enter a forced marriage was sentenced on Wednesday to four-and-a-half years in prison, following the first successful prosecution of its kind in Britain.

The woman was found guilty on Tuesday following a trial at Birmingham Crown Court, in central England, where a jury heard how the girl sobbed as she was wedded to a male relative 16 years her senior.

“You had cruelly deceived her. She was frightened, alone, held against her will, being forced into a marriage she dreaded,” said Judge Patrick Thomas QC in sentencing.

“You have sought to blame her for everything, and yourself have accepted responsibility for nothing.”

The girl was forced to marry the same man who had taken her virginity and left her pregnant on an earlier trip to Pakistan.

Then aged 13, she underwent an abortion on returning to Britain.

Concerns over the girl’s welfare were allayed by her mother, who cannot be named to protect the identity of her daughter.

She said the pregnancy was a result of “two teenagers who had sneakily had sex”, according to prosecutors.

Jurors heard how as the girl approached her 18th birthday she was tricked by her mother into returning to Pakistan on what she was told would be a family holiday.

The couple were then married in September 2016 despite objections from the girl, before she was returned to Britain with the assistance of the Home Office. Her mother was arrested in January 2017.

She was convicted of deceiving a victim into travelling abroad to enter into a false marriage — the first conviction of its kind — as well as other forced marriage and perjury charges.

It was found the defendant had lied about the incident in Britain’s High Court, where she was summonsed when concerns were raised by authorities.

The new offence of forced marriage came into effect in June 2014, but prosecutions have been rare.

However the Forced Marriage Unit — a joint effort by the foreign and interior ministries — provided support to about 1,200 potential cases in 2017, a government spokesman said, making Britain a “world leader” in tackling the problem.


Israeli Policeman Jailed Over Killing Of Palestinian

Ben Deri (C-L), a 24-year-old Israeli policeman accused of killing a Palestinian teenager in 2014 during clashes in Beitunia in the occupied West Bank, is seen at the district court in Jerusalem on April 25, 2018.  AHMAD GHARABLI / AFP


An Israeli court on Wednesday sentenced a police officer to nine months in jail over the fatal shooting of a Palestinian teenager in 2014, an incident documented by video footage. 

The sentence was handed down after policeman Ben Deri, 24, was found guilty of negligent homicide and also ordered to pay 50,000 shekels ($14,000) to the family of Nadeem Nuwarah, who was 17.

Nuwarah was killed on May 15, 2014 during a day of clashes in Beitunia, south of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters marking the anniversary of what the Arabs term the Nakba, or “catastrophe”, of the 1948 creation of Israel.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled their homes during the war surrounding the creation of Israel.

Footage recorded by US broadcaster CNN captured a group of five or six border police officers in the area, one of whom could be seen firing at the time when the youth was hit.

The sentencing comes as Palestinians and Israelis prepare for another commemoration of the “Nakba” on May 15.


£1 million lottery scam: Man jailed for 30 months

Farrakh Nizzar a shop worker has been jailed for 2 years and 6 months for trying to defraud a couple of their £1 million lottery ticket.

When the pensioner couple asked Farrakh Nizzar who is 30 years old and an illegal over-stayer in the United Kingdom the state of their ticket and their ticket which is the EuroMillions ticket was not a winning ticket and asked if they wanted the ticket back.

The Holts’ told Nizzar afterwards to thrash the ticket since its worthless but after the couples left, Nizzar took the ticket scanned it at a cousin’s Best One shop in Oldham Greater Manchester where he also works and he was told by the terminal to tell the holders of the ticket to contact Camelot.

Rather than do just that, Nizzar who is now facing deportation back to his home country of Pakistan kept the ticket and later called the lottery company himself in an attempt to keep the prize. But the firm became suspicious when he was unable to answer questions about the winning ticket.

Nizzar came to the UK in 2007 on a student visa and completed a postgraduate diploma in business studies. But his student visa ran out, he was refused leave to remain in the UK and exhausted all his rights to appeal.

Camelot began investigation with the aid of a CCTV, the Tesco Clubcard belonging to Mr.Holt to trace the original owners of the ticket and the Holts’ were united with their £1 million prize.

Nizzar bowed his head and made no reaction as he was jailed at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester after he pleaded guilty last month to one charge of fraud by false representation which was committed on May 31 this year and has since written a letter of apology to Mr and Mrs Holt.