Julius ‘De Genuis’ Agwu Talks About ‘Jokes Apart’ – His Autobiography

In this episode of the Channels Book Club, Nigerian, stand up comedian, Julius Agwu talks about his humble journey to stardom through his book, Jokes Apart.

Also, Abraham Oshoko re-enacts the June 12 election saga through a graphic presentation.


Political Scientist, Lawyer Debate Whether Nigeria Should Mark June 12

Democracy in Nigeria has always generated mixed reactions; the proponents, those “against” and the indifferent ones. This mixed grill continues as regards the day that should be call “DEMOCRACY DAY”.

While the various schools of thought continue their debates, one is forced to ask if these dates are necessary for the benefits of democracy to be seen by all.

In this episode of Faceoff, a sociologist, Sam Olisah, advises that Nigerians should forget the events of June 12 1993 and move on with their lives while a lawyer Onyekachi Ubani opposed this view insisting that being the foundation of democracy, Nigeria should revisit the election that was adjudged freest and fairest in Nigeria.