Kogi State To Undergo City Structural Plans

Kogi StateThe Kogi State Deputy Governor, Yomi Awoniyi, has said that four cities in the state, Lokoja, Kabba, Okene and Dekina, are to undergo city structural plans to ensure sustainable long term development in the state.

He disclosed this at the opening ceremony of a training workshop organized by the UN-habitat.

In partnership with the Kogi State Government, the event was to help in formulating appropriate urban legislation, as well as develop an integrated solid waste management plan and an early warning system for climate change to the state.

The Director and Chief Scientific Adviser, UN-habitat, Prof. Oyebanji Oyeyinka, said that the workshop was aimed at addressing urban informality, design and planning environment stating that the structure plan would check chaotic urbanization.

Speaking on the planned restructuring, he added that when completed, the project would allow people in the four mentioned cities to live in consonance with the best global practices.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Lands and Housing, Sani Adamu, also briefed the audience on some of the step taken by the present administration in making the state a mega city.

Kogi State was created out of the old Benue and Kwara states in August 1999. It has 21 Local Government Areas in the state with a total population of 3.5 million by the 2005 census.

Lokoja, which is presently the capital city of the state, is said to have no structural plan, with houses that were built without due consideration to other factors.

Experts have called on stakeholders to key into the city structural plan so as to avoid the pitfalls associated with failed cities.

Security agents discover bomb factory in Kogi State

Security operatives in Kogi State today discovered a bomb factory suspected to belong to members of the radical sect Boko Haram, agencies reported today.

Unexploded Improvised Explosive Devices, five hand grenades and other bomb-making component were discovered in factory, an uncompleted four-bedroom building in Kabba in central Kogi state.

According to reports, the team of State Security Service agents, police officers and soldiers had raided the building at about 2p.m., following up on intelligence reports gathered during prior investigations.

An anti-bomb squad was on hand to safely recover the explosives and other components, such as NPK fertiliser and other chemicals used in IEDs, as well as cable wires, a transistor radio and other tech devices.

Mr. Cletus Nzeji, the Commander for the anti-bomb squad said the recovered items would be taken into evidence and further analysed.

He confirmed that the explosives recovered had been of a high calibre with the capacity to do major damage.

Nzeji assured that while no arrests have been made, investigations were ongoing to ascertain if the weapons belonged to robbers of members of the Boko Haram sect.

Last week, two members of the sect died in Kaduna state when military agents raided a bomb factory in the city.

Nzeji promised that the owners of the building in Kogi would be found out and the building will be demolished.