I won my first Grammy at 33 – George Benson

He has won the American Grammy award 10 times; he can pass as jazz legend as he is one the greatest guitarist in jazz history.

Now 69 years old but looking ever so young as he was born March 22nd 1943, George Benson made our day on Sunrise as he was our Guest of the Week on the Saturday morning programme to give tips on how he has succeed in evolving with his genre of music from the yester years down to the new generation making his music pass as ever green.

George has proved to be evergreen as he has so far recorded 30 albums to his credit and still waxing stronger to add to the number mentioned above.
When asked how he felt when he won his first Grammy up to the tenth, George responded saying he was already matured when he won his first Grammy which he got at 33 years old and before then the thought he had musically was that it was time for him to bow out of the industry and that was when his first three Grammy came knocking, all three in one night!.

He explained further that after he won the Grammies he thought he had moved to a planet called ‘Bensonville’ saying the feeling was really great for him on that night.


My mother’s nickname was ‘Sing’

George narrated how he got into the line of music at a very young age and this was prompted by his mother and according to his account, his mother was nicknamed ‘Sing’ because every time she comes around you she always will sing. He said when he was born, his mother was very young so all the time she sang to him when he was born and so he grew up with different repertoire of songs and by time George was four years old and ready to go to school.

After this was discovered at his school, George was made to sing at every event held at school.

The Grammy awards winner said the mother had already known he was going to be singer and the funny thing was that his father sings and plays trombone too even though he didn’t spend the early part of his life with him for most times he is away from home, qualifying him as Charlie Parker lover which also made him to start listening to Charlie Parker


Port Harcourt Killings: Government should be held responsible – Ankkio Briggs

Ankko Briggs an environmentalist reacted to the gruesome murder of four University of Port Harcourt undergraduates in Aluu/Ekwere community in Port Harcourt River state saying there is no human decency anymore in the country and she is blaming the situation on government and the people as everybody is learning to mind their businesses and government on its part is turning a blind eye to the rot in the country.

The environmentalist who was a guest on Channels Television’s Breakfast show, Sunrise Daily, said the Aluu/Ekwere community must be held responsible for the gruesome murder of the four undergraduates of the University and a death penalty be passed down to the perpetrators of the act. She advocated that the security operatives manning that community be held accountable as the killing must not go unpunished.

Reacting to the recent flood that ravaged the states in Nigeria, with particular focus on the Niger Delta, the activist called for international aid to curb the flood as the Federal, State and Local governments do not have the capacity to control and phase out the floods plaguing the states.

Securing lives and property is the core responsibility of the Government of the country, she concluded.

Port Harcourt Killings: Police failed abysmally – Legal Practitioner

Malachy Ugwumadu a legal practitioner has described the recent killings of students who allegedly stole laptops and smart phones in Port Harcourt as a mob action.

Mr. Malachy said the killings were controversial as it is possible that the four undergraduates were probably framed as there are different stories flying around on the murder of the four undergraduates.

“The police failed abysmally on the killings  of the Aluu/Ekwere community in Port Harcourt as the situation would have been different if the police were proactive because the perpetrators had time to perpetrate their acts of killing, and as a university environment, the state government  would before now situate a police post or security outfit in the environment”. He said

The legal practitioner said the police institution in that region were not proactive in curbing the heinous act of the community after the deputy commissioner of police (CID) of river state; Sam Okaula reacted to the killing via telephone interview after which the legal practitioner said in his own opinion “The commissioner is leading from behind” from his reaction as he is not accountable enough on the killings.