Lagos PDP Raises Alarm, Alleges APC Plans To Rig Election

Lagos PDPThe Lagos State chapter of PDP has raised an alarm that the APC has devised plans to rig the Lagos governorship election and even resort to violence if not declared winner of the election.

According to the Lagos PDP Spokesman, Taofik Gani, the party’s intelligence report revealed that the APC has recruited thugs and some persons to impersonate youth corpers, security agents and INEC staff in order to manipulate the elections in favour of the APC.

“These persons will wear the uniforms of youth corpers, various security agents and be present as INEC electoral officers.

“The APC has concluded plans to deploy these impersonators to identified polling units where the official INEC officers, security agents and youth corpers will be compromised to concede their functions.

“Some official officers for the elections will not even appear at their units to allow the impersonators function as electoral officers,” he said.

The Lagos PDP has called on INEC, security agencies and the NYSC to paste the names of the officers for each polling unit at the said polling units to prevent the planned impersonation.

“As a party, we have trained our agents to be vigilant and any manipulation at polling units or at any stage of the process shall be repelled.”

The party has also announced the declaration of support by 13 political parties and other groups.

“In the last four days, we have received 13 political parties and many groups who have pledged their supports for PDP in the coming elections. Of significance is the declaration of support by the Lovers of Raji Fashola (LORAF),” Mr Gani added.

Alleged Tax Evasion: Fashola Uninformed, Vindictive – Lagos PDP

Lagos-PDP-Ganiyu-TaofikThe Lagos PDP has described its observation of Governor Fashola’s alleged verbal attack on the person‎ of PDP governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje, as unwarranted and vindictive.

In a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Taofik Gani, the party opined that the accusation made by the Governor that Agbaje defaulted paying Land Use charges exposes Fashola as uninformed because indeed Agbaje was recently officially commended by the Lagos State Government for paying up his Land Use Charge.

The party in turn accused Governor Fashola of not only stealing Lagos funds using Alpha Beta but of aiding and abetting the non payment of Taxes, Land Use Charge and any other charge on the operations of Alpha Beta, a Tax consultant firm which, according to the PDP, collects 15% commission every month of the total IGR in Lagos State.

It challenged the Governor to publish the Tax status of Alpha Beta within 24 hours as any publication after this period would be taken as after thought and arranged.

“Governor Fashola is obviously out to smear our governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje.

“To us, we are glad to know that Fashola is not having rest with Agbaje as our candidate. This show of hostility is however unacceptable as it may overheat the polity.

“Fashola has unleashed some Lagos State Government agencies against our party and candidates in the state. He has at every recent public function directly attacked the person of Agbaje in particular.

“He has no more decorum in office as a Governor all because he is jittery, desperate and uncomfortable with the rising popularity of Agbaje.

“To accuse Agbaje of not paying Land Use Charge when the State Government even commended Agbaje for fulfilling payment exposes Fashola as either uninformed and ignorant ‎or that he is been vindictive.

“We wonder and it is laughable that Fashola can run after a purported 1.6million naira ‎where there is an actual over 10billion naira being owed by Alpha Beta, a company which many believe is owned by Tinubu and Fashola,” the Lagos PDP said.

Lagos PDP Flags Off Campaign

Lagos PDPThe Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would on Monday, January 26, flag off its campaigns for the February elections in Lagos State.

The flag-off, expected to be a mega rally, is to officially kick start the campaigns for all the PDP candidates in the elections.

According to the Party, the flag-off has been tagged many appellation indicating its appropriateness at the time in Lagos polity. It is expected to be graced by chieftains of PDP within and outside the state.

The Lagos PDP Chairman, Tunji Shelle, confirmed the programme.

“We shall have our mega rally to officially start our campaigns and the unstoppable movement to send APC out of Alausa.

“Yes, we have been having pre flag-off programmes as part of our reach-out strategies, but at this occasion, we will officially present the Governorship candidate to Lagosians.

“We have heard the rally called many good names. We see the rally as “God’s Anointed Rally,” he said.

We shall reel out majority of our realizable promises to Lagosians and give them the reasons to vote PDP at all the elections in February,” he said.

Meanwhile, the PDP has cautioned any persons with violent intentions to steer clear of the venue as adequate security has been put in place to put under control any mischief maker.

Lagos PDP Primaries: Obanikoro Sues Party

ObanikoroThe dust over the conduct of the Lagos State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primary held on Monday has not settled.

One of the aspirants in the Lagos PDP race and a former Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro, has taken the party to the Federal High Court.

Obanikoro, on Saturday, told journalists and party supporters at his Lagos campaign office that the primary was a sham.

He said that he would not allow the result to stand. He described it as injustice because he feels the process was not free and fair.

“The 48 hours timeline stipulated by the PDP Elec­toral Guideline to address our appeal has elapsed with­out a response from the party.

“In the light of this develop­ment, we have proceeded to the Federal High Court, Abu­ja, to seek redress over the outcome of last Monday’s PDP primaries.

“I urge all our teeming supporters to remain stead­fast. We will pursue this to a logical conclusion and jus­tice will be done,” he said.

Obanikoro added, however, that his fight was not about his personal ambition alone but also for the sake of the people of Lagos State.

“I stand for a greater La­gos. Anything that will derail that greater Lagos, we will fight it. What we are saying is very clear. We are saying that in our party, power be­longs to the people. This fight is not about me. It is about the soul of our party,” Obanikoro stated.

South-West Politics: PDP Will Win The Battle – Jimi Agbaje

Jimi AgbajeLagos Politician, Jimi Agbaje, has revealed that he joined the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, because of his belief in the party’s ability to provide better governance for the people.

The new People’s Democratic Party member admitted that his decision generated some “noise” from those who feel uncomfortable with it, and it was expected in politics for people to complain but added that what mattered more to him was having more people in support of the decision than those against it.

Mr Agbaje, during a conversation on Channels Television’s Politics Today, refused to categorically state if his movement into the PDP was an indication that he would be contesting for the governorship seat of Lagos State in the 2015 election but did not rule out the possibility.

He said, “I believe that the law does not allow you to campaign publicly until some time. I think we’ll keep that within the family.”

Speaking on the politics of the South-West region of Nigeria in recent months as displayed in the Osun and Ekiti state governorship election outcomes, Agbaje was of the belief that the citizens were beginning to have a strong say in who their leaders are.

He cited several elements and qualities that should make an ideal politician and stated that how well the politicians can blend these elements would determine what they would get from the people at the end of each election.

You’ve got to get your politics right, you’ve got to get your policies right, you’ve got to get your propaganda right, and you’ve got to get your polity right.”

He expressed joy that the elections in both states, above all things, had large turn-out of voters and still did not result in violence, contrary to expectations especially in Osun State.

He noted that the security presence did not discourage the voters from coming out to vote and this meant that it would be hard to debunk the need for the security presence deployed in the states for the elections.

INEC and 2015

I think INEC has given us hope from Osun and Ekiti” he also said, but added that these were “stand alone” elections.

He noted that the general election happening simultaneously across the country would pose a bigger challenge for the electoral commission and expressed hope that they would be able to handle the challenge when it comes.

The former Lagos governorship candidate warned that the quantity of security personnel deployed in each state for the “stand alone” elections would not be available during the general election and this would reduce the level of help INEC got which helped in the avoidance of violence.

He, however, added that this also meant that the pressure on the electoral commission would reduce, as all the party bigwigs who were moving into the election states to pull their weight would not be there as they would also be busy facing their own constituencies.

The distribution of the Permanent Voter’s Cards, according to Agbaje, has also been “so far so good” considering the level of complaints which he said has not been as bad as expected. While admitting that there were challenges that needed to be addressed, he believed the INEC had done well enough.

The South-West Battle

With the PDP and APC having won a state each in the recent elections, Mr Jimi Agbaje expressed confidence that the PDP would eventually win the battle for the South-West, reminding Nigerian politicians that how well they are able to make impact on the lives of the people would be the determining factor come 2015.

I have every confidence that the PDP is going to win this game for the South-West”, he said, sticking to his earlier stance that the electorates were more aware.

In the South-West, people are asking, how much has the Government done for me? What is the benefit of Government? If you cannot quantify in any quantum that Government has done well for you, it means that you are willing to look elsewhere.”

Agbaje also believes that the direction in which the South-West battle swings would affect the outcome of the presidential election in 2015. He added that the chances of President Goodluck Jonathan of being re-elected, if he contests, would also depend on the perception of the people about his leadership.

He noted that it would be important to let Nigerians know that many of the things they complain about are not problems of the Federal Government but that of the states.

If you’re having problems with education it is not necessarily the fault of Abuja and if you’re having problems with your roads, it is not the problem of Abuja. The Federal Government’s role is very different, so the presidential role is different”, he said.

He cited the resuscitation of the railway system, industrial growth especially as regards foreign investment and job creation, power sector development as some of the achievements that the PDP would need to properly articulate to the Nigerian people.

He added that he would also be expecting President Jonathan to ask Nigerians, “Can you truly say that your power has not improved?”

Speaking about Lagos State in 2015, Jimi Agbaje said; “People are going to be asking themselves, how well has the Government provided an enabling environment for me to aspire to whatever it is (I want).

The market women are gong to be asking; ‘are we comfortable with the way the ruling party has treated us?’ The students are going to have a say; ‘has this government been nice to us?’

The private sector are going to be saying ‘how heavy-handed has this government been?’ If they feel comfortable, fine; and if they don’t feel comfortable, then they are not likely to go that way.”

IGP Warns Against Divisive Comments, Tells Nigerians To Emulate Buhari

md_abubakar_igp2The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar on Sunday issued a stern warning to citizens and influential persons, against making comments which may cause volatile reactions and jeopardise the peace of the State.

In a press statement signed by the Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, the citizens who make “the use of unguarded, inflammatory, and unsubstantiated statements, some of which are capable of causing the breach of public peace” were warned against such acts and advised to desist from them else face the consequences.

According to Mba, “the Force is not ignorant of the fundamental Rights of the citizens such as the Rights to freedom of speech” but “it will not condone any such provocative, divisive and inciting comments that are clearly uncorroborated by any fact or evidential proof.”

“Such statements are capable of desecrating our national symbol and identity and promoting a regime of lawlessness,” he said, warning that any of such utterances will be met with appropriate legal sanctions.

“The IGP therefore, urges all Nigerians to emulate the former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari and others who recently have boldly taken a firm stance against terrorism.”

The IGP maintained that the there was a need for such courage and uncommon patriotism from all opinion leaders, in light of the nation’s fight against insecurity, adding that “the unrelenting war against terrorism and other related crimes must be won with the cooperation of all Nigerians.”

This is coming after the Lagos State Chapter of Peoples Democratic Party called on the State Security Service (SSS), to arrest the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, for allegedly making comments capable of worsening the country’s security challenges.


Fashola Funding APC Registration From State Treasury – Lagos PDP

The Lagos State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, has accused the Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola, of sponsoring the ongoing All Progressives Congress, APC membership registration from the State Treasury, while at the same time crippling governance in order to participate and monitor the said registration exercise.

In a statement signed by the Publicity Secretary of the PDP in Lagos State, Mr. Taofik Gani, the party also berates what it termed mismanagement of funds and maladministration by some of the 57 Council Chairmen whom they alleged have replicated same act in their various Council Areas.

“We can now confirm that the ongoing APC membership registration, especially in Lagos State, is enjoying the sponsorship of Governor Fashola. The Governor has also condoned the decision of the 57 Council chairmen to divert their council funds into the clearly party exercise.

“They have spent at least 7billion Naira paying for the registration materials, staff, massive promo adverts at all levels, and inducing persons to register. This amount could have been better utilised to improve the lives of Lagosians”, the statement read.

Consequently, the Lagos PDP has hinted that it may invite the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to probe the allegations.

“This party, APC, has no membership yet and cannot claim any financial membership as well. Who, then is bankrolling their ongoing membership registration process? Governor Fashola must give us answer to this question.

“Lagosians demand to know. We have stronger, direct and circumstantial evidence for the EFCC to proof that the ongoing APC membership registration is being sponsored from the Lagos State treasury”, it concluded.

Lagos PDP Welcomes National Dialogue Committee To Lagos

The Lagos State PDP has welcomed the members of the National dialogue Committee to Lagos State, in furtherance of its support and belief in the appropriateness of President Goodluck Jonathan’s commitment to allowing Nigerians have the platform to discuss.

Declaring the stance of the party, its State Chairman, Tunji Shelle, commended the decision of the president to show leadership by preference. He stated that “the president has again showed that the majority preference will always enjoy his sentiments by supporting the popular clamour for a National conference. By this singular action, Nigeria is indeed for Nigerians. This is one objective in the President’s Transformation Agenda”

The party further stated that contrary to the pessimism being promoted by the opposition, the Conference will eventually come and hold successfully.

The Lagos PDP warned Lagos residents and other stakeholders not to be influenced by the stance of APC leaders on the National dialogue. They encouraged them to come out massively to contribute to the committee’s report.

“Let us warn that Lagosians and stakeholders must not fall for the deceit of the APC in the state to ‘boycott’ the committee sitting.

“We have infact unravelled that APC will be present at the sitting by proxy, as they have lobbied and commissioned some individuals and groups to canvass their parochial interests at the sitting. We thus implore Lagosinas and other Stakeholders to massively attend the sitting to canvass their views for themselves”

The Lagos State PDP says on its part, it shall mobilise and exert its influence at the sitting in order to support more benefits for the state.

The National dialogue committee, headed by Dr Femi Okurounmu is scheduled to arrive in Lagos State tomorrow, Thursday, October the 31st, for its public sitting holding on Friday.

Lagos PDP Says ACN’s Lai Mohammed Is Over-Ambitious

The Lagos State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said that it is high time that the National Publicity Secretary of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Lai Mohammed was called to order in “his unconventional and guerrilla style of making false press releases all in a bid to appear as always talking or posing opposition to president Goodluck Jonathan.”

The state chapter of the PDP in a press statement said its position is “on the heels of the falsehood being peddled by Lai Mohammed that President Jonathan will be in Lagos State tomorrow and that the president should rather shelve the visit because the ACN will be holding its conventions in the state tomorrow.

The statement said, “Supposing the President actually plans to visit lagos State tomorrow for the further federal support in developing the state, should a self-acclaimed progressive like Lai Mohammed, oppose such visit only for the sake of parochialism and self agrandisement?”

The party emphasised that ACN, Mr Mohammed nor Governor Babatunde Fashola cannot even curtail the fundamental Right of ordinary citizen to move around not to talk of curtailing that of the Commander-in-Chief.


Obasanjo Shows PDP How To Win Lagos From ACN

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has asked Nigerians to keep the hope alive, be prayerful and continue to thank God for his blessings despite the various challenges facing the country

The former president was speaking in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital during a courtesy call on him at his hill top residence by officials and members of the Lagos chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

In what seemed like giving the road map for the PDP to take over the governance and administration of Lagos State, Mr Obasanjo charged officials and members of the party to put aside their differences and work together for the progress of the party in the state.

He described the PDP as a party in wilderness in Lagos state, and noted that leaders of the party needed to work together to build the party and restore it on the right path.

He expressed optimism that if the leaders and the members could be united, they would capture power from the ruling Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in Lagos state.

Mr Obasanjo appreciated the PDP leaders who commiserated with him on the recent fire incident in his house which he described as ‘minor”.
He was full of gratitude to God for confining the fire to his Secretary’s office and preventing loss of life.

Giving his speech at the occasion, the chairman of the Lagos PDP, Tunji Shelle acknowledged the leadership roles the former president has continued to play in the politics of Nigeria.

He said the visit became imperative in view of the recent fire incident that razed a section of Mr Obasanjo’s residence and the need to rejoice with him and receive his blessings in the New Year.

The pastoral element in the former president was brought to fore as ne led a prayer session where he prayed for peace, harmony and progress of the country.