Lagos Govt Shuts Hotel, Night Club In Badagry


The Lagos State Government has shut two facilities in Badagry West LCDA of the state for contravening new guidelines issued by the government to operators of hotels, clubs, and other entertainment outfits in the state.

The facilities include Maggi Hotel, and Tambari Theatre Art (Night Club). This was disclosed by the state government in a tweet via its official handle
Special Adviser to the Governor on Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mr Solomon Bonu, said amid the lockdown, the nightclub has become a place for immoral activities.

“It was also discovered that there is a high level of immorality going on in these places. The Night Club has become home for strippers, drug barons, and all sorts of mischief,” Bonu said.

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The Special Adviser expressed displeasure with the unlawful practices by the management of the two facilities, stressing that the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture were not followed in spite of several advocacies by the state government.

Bonu added that legal action will be instituted against the owners of the hotel and night club to ensure appropriate sanctions are meted out.

He, therefore, pleaded with residents to provide useful information that would assist in discovering other hotels and clubhouses still operating in different parts of Lagos despite restrictions by the state government.

COVID-19: How We Plan To Implement Social Distancing In Lagos Markets, Transport System – Sanwo-Olu


As the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing becomes highly necessary, many Nigerians have raised concerns over how the new measure can be effectively implemented especially with the nation’s huge population.

In cities like Lagos State with an estimated population of over 20 million people, the questions on the lips of many revolve around “how to effectively implement social distancing, how to go to the market or how to commute from place to place without having body contact with people” – a task considered as almost impossible by many.

As the government makes frantic efforts to curb the spread of the virus, people have simply been advised to stay at home and limit their contacts with people.

But although restrictions have gradually been put in place in some places, activities across the country have not been completely shut down, leaving individuals and private business owners at liberty to go about their businesses.

So far, markets, as well as the public transport system currently prove to be one of the highest risk points but the Lagos State government has assured residents that steps are being taken to minimise such risks.

“We’ve had conversations with the heads of our markets from the Iya-oloja general to all of the market men and women and part of the things we have said to them is that they need to scale up their advocacy immediately,” the state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu said during a statewide address on Sunday.

“They must ensure that even when people come to the market, they obey this self-isolation so today, we’ve called them and we’ve passed on this message to them.

“The commissioner for local government and chieftaincy has also been directed to go round again tomorrow”.

Speaking about the transport system, the governor noted that officials of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) had been instructed to ensure that the BRT buses which have a capacity of 47 passengers, should only carry sitting passengers.

“At the various bus stops and buses, like I mentioned to you on Friday, we are working with the NURTW to ensure that it is only sitting passengers that are carried.

“People should not be standing on those buses. It has a capacity of 47 passengers, that is the maximum and it stays within our limit of 50 people in a gathering which keeps it safe and secure,” the governor said.

Lagos Gives Stay-At-Home Order To Civil Servants Over Coronavirus
COVID-19: Total Of 30 Cases Now Confirmed In Nigeria

Earlier on in his address, he had announced a stay-at-home order for all public officers from Grade level 1 to 12 over the next 14 days as part of precautions to curb the spread of the virus.

According to him, once this is implemented, considering the fact that public officers make up over 70% of the entire public workforce, it significantly reduces the number of people on the roads to start with.

“If I can stop over 70% of my staff from coming to work, it means that I have taken a sizeable number off the roads,” the governor said.

Safety Professional Gives Tips On Fire Prevention

fire professionalFire and Safety Professional, Debbie Windele, has advised Nigerians to always turn off their change over when they are not at home to prevent electrical surge that could cause fire disasters.

For those that leave their refrigerators or freezers on and travel, she suggested that they should stock their refrigerators or freezers with ice blocks which would take some days before it melts.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, Mrs Windele stressed the need for everyone to avoid situations that could lead to fire outbreak, emphasising that it was easier to avoid fire outbreak than to contain it.

“When there is a fire disaster in your home you cannot savage anything, you are prone to losing all your property,” she added.

She is of the opinion that since a good policy was not yet in place to take care of people’s belongings destroyed by fire, people should take responsibility for their actions.

For devices used to check the amount of power coming into the electrical appliances, she stated that sometimes the products sold in Nigeria’s market are “substandard” and could be the major cause of fire disasters in homes, offices or market places.

In the recent Ojuelegba incident of a tanker getting burnt on the road, she called on the Lagos State Government to set policies in place that would check road worthiness of tankers and trailers plying the roads to prevent multiple accidents or fire disasters.

Mrs Windele advised that every home, offices, market place should have a smoke detector which would raise an alarm before fire starts.