Nigerians Asked To Inculcate Security Consciousness Into Daily Life

Lanre-OlagunjuA writer and social commentator, Lanre Olagunju, says the security issues in Nigeria would be surmounted if Nigerians would inculcate security consciousness into their daily lives

Olagunju’s statement is coming six days after a bomb explosion killed 75 persons in Nyanya, about 16 kilometres from Abuja.

A terrorist group, Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the Monday attack in a Motor Park.

On Channels Television’s programme, ‘Rubbin’ Minds’, Olagunju stressed the need for Nigeria’s security agencies to see the insecurity situation as a war.

“We should see the issue from the perspective of war. It has gone beyond a northern problem to a national issue,” he said.

Olagunju stressed that the Monday morning attack was a reminder that the sect could hit Abuja again.

He, however, blamed the situation on the negligence of the government to provide quality education to young people in some parts of the north.

“A social problem is as a result of the action of the people. The government was sleeping at a point in time when it should be standing and facing its responsibility.

“So many things are going wrong in some north eastern states. Education is the issue and negligence on the part of the government is another. If we do not fix some problems today, in the next 20 years, it is going to tell,” he stressed.

He called on the government to consider securing the nation’s border, pointing out that the borders are very porous.

Nigeria has sought the cooperation of neighbouring countries, but Olagunju said that border countries would only support Nigeria when they see substantial seriousness from Nigeria.

“Things are the way they are as a result of the fact that the political will is not there. The government has not performed 100 per cent in any sector.

“The sincerity is not there and until we get this fixed, we would just be playing games,” Olagunju said.

He described the insecurity situation as a fresh reality that Nigerians were trying to live with it.

“It is war and we need to see it the way it is.”

He urged Nigerians to take the issue of security serious as their lives and property were involved, suggesting that Nigerians needs to start inculcating security education into their life style.

On the issue of some abducted girls in a secondary school in Chibok, in Borno State by suspected members of Boko Haram, Olagunju stressed that the controversy over the number of rescued girls was a way of politicising the issue.

He stressed the need for military personnel to know what they were doing and face their job without lies.

“Securing the lives and property of Nigerians is the first thing that should be their concern. Dancing around with politicians and lying is really overwhelming,” he said.

Olagunju insisted that all possible means should be explored to ensure that the insurgency would end.