Mexican President Obrador Recovers From COVID-19

Handout picture released by Mexico’s Presidency press office showing Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador during a phone call with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, in Mexico on January 25, 2021. AFP


Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Monday that he had overcome the coronavirus as he resumed his daily news conference after more than two weeks in isolation.

The left-wing populist, who has a history of heart problems and hypertension, revealed that he had been treated with antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs.

“I thank all Mexicans, men and women, who worried about my illness because of my Covid infection. Fortunately I got through it,” said the 67-year-old, who as usual wore no mask.

“We are back on our feet and fighting,” he told reporters gathered at the National Palace, where according to his government he had continued to perform his duties while in isolation.

In this file handout picture taken on December 15, 2020 and released by Mexico’s Presidency press office, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador speaks during a press conference in Mexico City.  Mexican Presidency / AFP


Lopez Obrador, who announced on January 24 that he was undergoing treatment for Covid-19, said that he had experienced body aches and a slight fever.

“They began to give me an antiviral drug from Monday (January 25) and anti-inflammatory medication and fortunately it gave good results,” he said.

Last Thursday Lopez Obrador announced that he had tested negative for Covid-19 in a rapid antigen test and was awaiting further results to confirm he no longer had the virus.

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Mexico has officially registered around 1.9 million coronavirus cases and more than 166,000 deaths, one of the world’s highest fatality tolls.

Lopez Obrador has worn a mask only on rare occasions and has continued his cross-country tours during the pandemic.

He was accused of downplaying the risks of the virus early in the crisis and for being slow to impose a lockdown, but he still enjoys solid approval ratings.

Asked if he would now use a mask, he told journalists: “No, no. Besides, according to what the doctors say, I’m no longer contagious.”

The country began mass immunization on December 24, starting with frontline health workers, but like many nations is facing the challenge of limited vaccine supplies.

Lopez Obrador has said that he will wait his turn to be vaccinated along with other people in his age group.


Forensic experts remove a corpse from the crime scene after Mexico City's Public Security Secretary Omar Garcia Harfuch attacked in Mexico City, on June 26, 2020. - Mexico City's security chief was wounded in a gun attack Friday in which two of his bodyguards and a woman passerby were killed, Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said. (Photo by PEDRO PARDO / AFP)
Forensic experts remove a corpse from the crime scene after Mexico City’s Public Security Secretary Omar Garcia Harfuch attacked in Mexico City, on June 26, 2020. Photo by PEDRO PARDO / AFP)


New infections and deaths set daily records in January, overwhelming hospitals, particularly in Mexico City.

Lopez Obrador said that he sympathized with “those who have lost their lives due to this terrible pandemic and those who suffer from being hospitalized for a long time.”

He joins other world leaders who have overcome the virus, including former US president Donald Trump, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron.


Mexico’s Lopez Obrador Congratulates Biden On US Election Victory

In this file picture taken on September 1, 2019 Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador delivers his first state of the nation address at the National Palace in Mexico City. Alfredo ESTRELLA / AFP


Mexico’s leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday, over a month after the Democrat won the US election.

Lopez Obrador, who has nurtured a cordial relationship with incumbent US President Donald Trump, was one of the last remaining high-profile leaders yet to congratulate Biden on his victory, which was confirmed on Monday by the US Electoral College.

Earlier in the day, Russia’s Vladimir Putin also congratulated Biden, although Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, a staunch Trump ally, has yet to do so.

“I express my appreciation for his stance on Mexican migrants around the world, which will … promote the development of communities in southeastern Mexico and Central America,” said Lopez Obrador.

“We rulers must work to maintain good bilateral relations based on collaboration, friendship and respect for each other’s sovereignty.”

The Mexican leader said he was looking forward to speaking with Biden, especially about migration.

The two countries share a 3,200-kilometre-long border which is crossed illegally by drug-traffickers heading north and arms dealers moving the other way, as well as by many legal migrants from Mexico and Central America seeking a better life or fleeing violence and poverty.

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The neighbours are also part of a trilateral trade deal with Canada that was renegotiated under Trump.

Analysts expect Biden to closely monitor Mexico’s labour and energy commitments related to the trade deal.

Lopez Obrador had faced much criticism for his delay in congratulating Biden while Trump and his campaign team touted unsubstantiated claims of electoral fraud.

The Mexican leader, a left-wing populist, twice alleged he was the victim of voter fraud when losing the 2006 and 2012 presidential races.

He has insisted his delay was out of a desire to “act prudently” and wait for “all legal issues” to be resolved in the US.


Mexico’s Lopez Obrador Writes Trump, Hopes Of New Relationship

Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador speaks during a press conference at the National Palace in Mexico City after holding a meeting with President Enrique Pena Nieto. ALFREDO ESTRELLA / AFP


Mexico’s incoming president on Sunday said he had floated the idea of a new relationship between the neighbouring countries in a letter to US President Donald Trump.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he sent Trump proposals on bilateral relations — which have reached one of their lowest points in decades — in the areas of migration, public safety and trade.

Lopez Obrador, who won the presidential election July 1 with 53 per cent of the vote and will take office in December, said Sunday that the letter was sent to Trump through the delegation of senior US officials that visited him in Mexico City on July 13.

“It encourages me that we both know how to keep our pledges, and we have faced adversity successfully, we’ve managed to put our voters and citizens at the centre, displace the establishment or the predominant regime,” Lopez Obrador wrote.

While noting that he is awaiting Trump’s response, Lopez Obrador published the letter “so that all Mexicans know our position on the new relationship we want” with the United States.

The incoming president said Mexico wants a relationship of “respect, friendship and focused on development cooperation,” and said that the more developed Mexico is, the fewer people will have to leave their country in search of work.

US-Mexican relations have been severely strained since Trump won the 2016 presidential election after a campaign laced with anti-Mexican insults, attacks on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and vows to make Mexico pay for a wall on their border.

Since then, US tariffs on Mexican steel and aluminum, Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy on undocumented immigrants, and President Enrique Pena Nieto’s two abrupt cancellations of visits to Washington have only added to the tension.

Lopez Obrador, 64, pledged during the campaign to “put (Trump) in his place.”

But both men say they had a positive phone call the day after Mexico’s July 1 election, and Lopez Obrador has invited Trump to his inauguration.