Ejigbo 2: 12 Year Old Victim Advocates Death Penalty For Perpetrators

Nike, a 12 year old girl who was one of the three victims of suspected OPC members who tortured 3 pepper sellers in Ejigbo, Lagos state, for allegedly stealing pepper worth 50 naira, has advocated death penalty for the suspects for causing her step-sister’s death.

Nike, who was the third and youngest of the victims, appeared at the public hearing ordered by the Lagos State House of Assembly to investigate the incident which occurred in February 2012.

At the hearing, she identified three men as the ones who tortured herself and her step sister for stealing pepper worth 50 Naira.

She further revealed that one of the suspects (who was without a shirt in the viral video) had promised to set a trap for her because she rejected his advances.

She identified the man who wore jeans as ‘Tirin,’ the man who wore native attire called ‘ankara’ as Jibola, the third man, ‘Abolore’ and ‘Baba Oja.’

She also said that she witnessed the murder of a certain individual by the said men at the same location where they tortured her family members.

Nike, who was unaware of her sister’s death as a result of the severe injuries sustained, was asked what penalty she wanted for the criminals and she said “the people that kill somebody, they use to kill them.”

At the hearing, the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly,  Adeyemi Kuforiji, redeemed the 1 million Naira promise made by the ad-hoc Chairman to the family who helped in locating the victims. Part of the money was given to the victims.

The case has been handed over to the Office of the Public Defender.

LSHA Speaker Denies Refusing To Honour A Court Summon

PHOTO by Channelstv.com

The Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Adeyemi Ikuforiji, has denied reports that he has refused to honour a call by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), prompting the anti graft agency to procure a warrant of arrest from a Lagos High Court for a clamp down. According to a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary Rotimi Adebayo

“To the best of our knowledge, the Hon. Speaker has not received any court summon up till now, requesting him to show up in any court”.

As a law abiding public officer, he would have definitely honoured such a summon. said the statement

“The truth of the matter, however is that no such thing as a court summon has been received. So, it will be incorrect to insinuate that Hon. Ikuforiji refused to honour a court summon of any such”.

He further stated that “Despite the fact that the entire lawmakers in the Lagos State House of Assembly have made strenuous effort to debunk the fraud allegation since it started, the Hon. Speaker, has consistently made himself available to the Commission whenever asked to do so”.

“It will therefore be incorrect to insinuate that Hon. Ikuforiji refused to honour a court summon since none was received by him up till the time he left the office late on Thursday 8th December, 2011”.

He said that the House will continue to enact laws that will better the lives of all Lagosians.

“The Speaker and the entire Hon. Members of the House assured all Lagosians that they shall continue to enact laws that will promote their well-being and the overall development of Lagos State”.