Toolz Claims Don Jazzy Has A Crush On Her

On Air Personality and host of online tv Ndani, Tolu Oniru a.k.a Toolz was a guest on the X-Generation programme, ‘Rubbin Minds’ where she revealed that ace producer and CEO of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy actually has a crush on her.

It was time for Ebuka to unleash his usual eye-popping questions on the celebrity of the week, a segment of the programme everyone wait eagerly for,to see who will be featured.

The least expected celebrity for this edition was Tolu Oniru popularly known as ‘Toolz’.

Deep into the interview, the Nigeria X-Factor host says people actually think that she has a crush on Don Jazzy, but she claimed that it is the one time producer of D-Banj and co-owner of defunct Mo’Hits Records that actually has a crush on her, when she was asked to explain what relationships that she’s shared with some male celebrities she’s interviewed on her shows.

Q: You mentioned earlier about people saying you interview someone and they end up saying you are dating, I want to call a few names  and you are going to answer Yes or No, or explain whatever it is you want to explain, if you dated them or not.

‘Don Jazzy’

Toolz: Don Jazzy is my personal person, Don Jazzy is like somebody that, he thought me a lot about the industry, he’s my personal person.

Q: Never dated?

Toolz: No

Toolz: People say that I have a crush on him, but I have to say he has crush on me

Q: So you think Don Jazzy has a crush on you?

Toolz: Don Jazzy is awesome and amazing.

The On Air Personality with one of Nigeria’s 21st century music radio stations, Beat FM, described Iyanya as a naturally flirtatious person and that is one of his selling points, but she never dated him.

Q: Iyanya

Toolz: No, I don’t know when that came about, when did i date Iyanya?

-I think there was a video; you guys were in the studio together, I think some talk started from there, he did an interview with you.

Toolz: Oh there we go, no, no, no Iyanya is naturally, like naturally flirtatious and I think that’s one of his selling points, but No.

She described rapper Lynxx as her very good friend, as someone she bickers a lot with and that they are very close.

Q: Lynxx

Toolz: No, Lynxx and I are like pals, we bicker a lot, and it’s kind of like, you now the way you have a friend and he’s a guy, the way you kind of develop your friendship is just yap, a kind of that person like that you say ‘ look at your head’ to so that’s it. We are quite close.

Toolz Admits Being In A Love Relationship

On Air Personality and Host of the Nigeria X-Factor reality TV show, Tolu Oniru a.k.a Toolz says she in a love relationship with someone in the EME family, that is the Banky W crew, and who that person is was not revealed as at the time of this interview.

Toolz who was blushing when Rubbin Minds anchor hit her with the question of being seen with this particular guy obviously well-acquainted with the anchor as well but refused to mention his name.

According to the anchor, the two have on the red carpet most time and their pictures together have been shared on social media networks.

“I mean I’m in you know, different kinds of relationships, I have friendships, you know that’s a relationship, here and there”

When asked about a young dude who seems to be in the pictures these days, who is not a celebrity but there’s been a lot of talk about the two of them, Toolz obviously trying to evade the all-revealing question responded by asking the anchor, his own definition of ‘dating’ but the obviously mischievous anchor was able to corner the buxom babe by rephrasing his question and eventually Toolz gave in, answering “Ok, yes, yes”.

However, she refused to divulge any other information when asked how long the relationship has been for.

She went on to explain that being OAP does not mean one’s private life should be brought open to all and sundry as such can be used against that person and pertaining her relationship, she is happy being in it.

“I think it’s pretty obvious, but what I try to do is, I don’t think it’s a very good thing to you know share all your business, because the more people know about you, the more they can that information to hurt you, you know

So, I get a few people saying ‘Oh you should say it, say this and everything’ but am like why? if am in an relationship or a situation with somebody and we both know  what’s going on that’s pretty much what matters”.

Q: But are you happy being with him?

Yeah, am happy in life, am in a good place in my life, career is going well you know.