Health Matters: Learning Disorder And Its Disabilities

learning disorderLearning disorders are sometimes called learning disabilities which show up as marked difficulties in the acquisition and use of listening, speaking, reading, and other abilities.

They affect the brain’s ability to receive process, store, respond to and communicate information.

Experts say, learning disorders are not caused by economic constraints or cultural differences, nor are they the result of lack of exposure to education.

Are learning disorders the same as intellectual disabilities, or what was known as mental retardation? How does one identify a learning disorder?

Let’s find out all about them today, with Dr. Motunrayo Oyelohunu, a Psychiatrist at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi Araba.

Health Matters: Improving Sleep Hygiene

sleepSleep hygiene is the management of behavioral and environmental factors leading up to sleep and those that may interfere with sleep.

It is the practice of trying to secure more restful, effective sleep which can enhance or promote daytime wakefulness and help treat or prevent specific kinds of sleep disorders.

Difficulty getting to sleep and daytime drowsiness can be signs of poor sleep hygiene or habits.

Today we examine principles of sleep hygiene and related factors with Dr. Akinjobi Obafemi, a sleep medicine physician with the Marvina Sleep Centre in Lagos.