Crisis In Rivers State Is A Frightening Development – Clarke

A  Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Robert Clarke today (Tuesday) said that the situation in Rivers state is a frightening development, stating that politics is the life of a nation and a dominant factor in any civilized country.

Mr. Clarke mentioned that politics is an area where money is easily made by young men, so Nigerians need to be careful. He warned, if what happened in Rivers state is not looked into, it might spread to other parts of the country.

Speaking on Channels Television breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr. Clarke said “if this dominant factor is being threatened in a way or manner that will disrupt the whole existence of the country, then something has to be done.

“No matter how much we are developing economically if there is no political stability that development will be crushed in one night”.

He also stated that the bombing in River State is not a new development in the country, “but it happening in a court where a pending case was to be held the following day which has political connotations, that’s where we have the problem”.

“If nothing is done here, I’m afraid it might spread” he added.

Mr. Clarke explained that there is a particular period for a petition to be heard, in an election state like Rivers,  any candidate that doesn’t want a petition to be heard can take a drastic step.

Lack of Planning Increases Spate Of Kidnapping – Analyst

A legal practitioner, Emeka Onohwakpor has said that lack of planning contributes to the rise in cases of kidnapping, including the kidnapping of  human rights activist, Mike Ozekhome.

Mr. Onohwakpor said the Police was ill prepared for the kidnappers who took Mr Ozekhome captive, disclosing that there was an exchange of fire between the police and the kidnappers, before Mr Ozekhome was taken.

“The police didn’t have the Rapid Response Squad team on ground,” he said.

Speaking on Channels Television breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr. Onohwakpor advised that air support system should be put in place in the fight against crime.

He also highlighted the need to increase the use of technology in fighting crime and corruption. “There is so much corruption in the air, we don’t have good role models,” he said.

Mr. Onohwakpor further called on security personnel in the country, including immigration officers to join forces in curbing the kidnapping menace.

Human Rights Activist, Mike Ozekhome,

Anambra Crisis is A Way Of Making Money – Odidika

A legal practitioner Kenneth Odidika, has said that the crisis in Anambra state should not come as a surprise stating there are other parties’ asides the Peoples’ Democratic Party,(PDP) but that the best should be brought out to salvage the state.

Speaking on Channels Television Sunrise Daily, Mr. Odidika added that the heat in Anambra is a strategy of making money, “people go to Anambra to make money”.

Speaking on the developments in Taraba state, Mr. Odidika explained that the governor of Taraba state did what the law asked him to do, by transmitting a letter to the speaker, he said that the law doesn’t say that the speak has to consider it.

He mentioned that the speaker doesn’t have the right to call the letter a forgery, adding that the document has not been checked which makes them unserious.

He added that the governor has done what the law demands him to do.

Nigerians Need To Challenge The Characters In Government — Analyst

A public Affairs analyst Olanrewaju Suraj urged Nigerians following the latest trend of events rocking Taraba state, that they should wake up from their slumber and challenge unscrupulous characters in the present day government of the country, else there will be further re-occurrence of events unfolding in Taraba state, in the country.

The public affairs analyst who was on Channels Television’s breakfast show, Sunrise Daily commended the media for taking it as a responsibility to delve into the Taraba imbroglio by questioning and engaging critics, however, he criticized some part of the media for not standing on the right part of the issue.

Suraj hinted that the media should further beam its searchlight on the state and the issues surrounding it, as a lot of foul play will be unfolded as time went on as he opined that the state of the governor is still questionable despite the fact his supporters claimed that he is sound, hale and hearty, while referring to the clip of governor Danbaba Suntai’s arrival.

Suraj said “what was shown to the people in Taraba state was a clip of about 26 seconds, where the governor was shown sitting down and you can only see the lips moving with no voice.

On the sacking of the Exco members by the state governor, Suraj hinted that all treacherous moves to ensure the governor remains in place has started to unfold as earlier stated that a proper watch should be on the state and the state of events because, after the sack, the swearing of the of the Secretary to the State Governor (SSG) was done in the dining room of the governor Suntai and not in the Exco chambers, while does seated were not officials of the government but individuals “that have constituted themselves into a ‘cabal’.



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‘Ineffectual’ Justice System Is Responsible For Corruption In Nigeria- Akaraiwe

A former vice president of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) Mr. IKeazo Akaraiwe has blamed the “ineffectual” nature of the Nigerian laws as the main cause of corruption in the country.

He added that the reason why the country still remains in the battle to fight the scourge is because “there is a culture of impunity majorly because the law is ineffectual’’

The entire infrastructure, architecture of justice delivery in Nigeria..the cases take much too long “ he said on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily programme on Wednesday.

He advocated for the increase in the number of judges and the quick dispensation of judgment especially in corruption related cases.

He further said “the major thing the NBA can do is to advocate and to engage all level of governance, we have spoken with the Attorney General of the Federation”.

He also blamed the executive arm of government of not seeing the link between the rule of law and economic development, claiming that “if they did, they will even be in the driver’s seat trying to push for an increase in the appointment of judges”.

Channel Technological Fight Against Corruption To The Right Source – Consultant

A computer consultant, Benjamin Semola has said that fight corruption is not just about taking pictures of corrupt incidents and putting it on social media platforms but about channeling it to the right source.

Speaking on Channels Television breakfast show Sunrise Daily, Mr. Semola, who described corruption as the use of entrusted power for private gain, stated that the level of corrupt practices obtainable before the advent of social media has reduced drastically.

He said right now Nigerians have used technology in getting involved with the fight against corruption, “it’s not just that tool but the user of the tool if his not corrupt”

He mentioned that there also other devices that can be used to fight corruption with technology asides the regular devices (smartphones, iPad)

Semola said these devices can be bought in the open market and used. Such devices include “spy pen, spy button, pendant for ladies that have camera and some wedding rings that have camera”.

He advised that these devices after being taken as evidence should be channeled to the right place.

Press Freedom: Nigeria Is Ahead Of Some African Countries – NUJ President

The president Nigerian Union of Journalist Mr. Garba Mohammed, speaking on the press freedom in Nigeria today said that what the government has accommodated in terms of analysis in most media houses cannot be accommodated in some countries in Africa, so Nigeria has gone far in achieving expression of speech.

While speaking on Channels Television’s Breakfast Show Sunrise Daily, he stated that Nigeria can’t be compared to Somalia because on a regular basis journalists are assaulted in Somalia, he said a committee will be set up to verify these claims.

He added that being in a democratic system journalists have not been killed while performing their duties, except during insurgencies

Edo Elections Was A Sham – Austin Osakue

The Executive Director, Foundation for Good Governance and Social Change, Austin Osakue has referred to the just concluded Edo elections as a “sham”.

While speaking on Channels Television Breakfast Show Sunrise Daily, he explained the issues that affected the elections such as funding, logistics amongst others.

Osakue stated that the people of the state are caught between total surprise and anger and added that the feeling an average Edo man faces is difficult to put in words.

He termed it as a “sheer bewilderment”.



Tackling Unemployment: Most Graduates Don’t Have Practical experience – Michael Adeleye

Human capital development personnel Michael Adeleye was speaking on Channels Television’s Breakfast Show Sunrise Daily, on tackling unemployment in Nigeria.

Mr. Michael talking about the huge menace on unemployment says the government has policies (e.g Sure-P) that are yet to be implemented.

He also added that most graduates don’t have practical or working experience. He explained the fact that graduating with a first class doesn’t commensurate with what the employer wants for their business.


Demand For Oteh’s Removal Is Unusual – Ikechukwu Ikeji

A legal practitioner, Ikechukwu Ikeji while speaking on Sunrise Daily on Monday stated that the National Assmebly’s demand that  President Goodluck Jonathan remove the Director General of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Aruma Oteh, is unusual.

Mr. Ikeji submitted although the demand is unusual, it is not normal for one arm of government to excercise some amount of power over another. He said that in line with checks and balances, “ it’s appropriate for some arm of government to have some form of control over the other arm.”

The House of Representatives recently called for the removal of Aruma Oteh as the DG of the commission; a petition President Goodluck is yet to grant.

Mr. Ikeji further disclosed that situation has now deteriorated such that the National Assembly has refused to allocate funds to the SEC.


NASS’s Resolutions Do Not Bind Executives – Chukwuma Ezeala

Lawyer, Chukwuma Ezeala while speaking on Channels Television’s Breakfast Show Sunrise Daily, on Friday stated that the National Assembly’s resolution to remove the Director General of Security and Exchange Commission, Aruma Oteh is not binding on her.

Mr. Ezeala explained that resolutions of the House do not bind the Executives and that only laws passed by the National Assembly is binding on them.

“If the preposition of the DG qualification is a problem then the court should be notified to find out what should be the qualification?” He said; calling it an “interpretation of status.”

He referred to the 2013 Appropriation Act which states that, “all revenues however described including all fees received fines, grants, and all internally generated and external generated revenues shall not be spent by the SEC for capital purposes or any other matters except prior, appropriation and approval by the National Assembly.”

He disclosed that the way out is if the presidency or the Senate and Executive feels the exercise of discretion of appointing the DG is right, they should insist on their right and if the House of Rep maintains things weren’t done properly, then they should go to court for proper interpretation.


Reps Cannot Remove Oteh – Chukwuma Ezeala

A legal practitioner Chukwuma Ezeala has said that the House of Representative does not have the power to remove the director general of Security and Exchange Commission, Aruma Oteh; stating that the Senate alone can do so.

Speaking about the House of Representative’s call to remove Oteh, Mr. Ezeala explained that the appointment was made by the president and thereafter sent to the Senate, not the national assembly, for confirmation.

Hence, the removal can only be done through the Senate.

He added that Oteh can’t be removed except they follow the due process is adhered to.

He also disclosed that one of the reasons given by the House of Reps is that she (Oteh) wasn’t qualified to be appointed.

Mr. Ezeala explained the process of appointment adding that, the executive felt she was qualified before presenting her to the Senate. The senate after looking at all the credentials felt she was qualified, then they approved the appointment.