University don debunks Jonathan’s claim that Nigeria media is politicised

Against the background of President Goodluck Jonathan’s assertion that the media in Nigeria is politicised, Olubunmi Ajibade, a senior lecturer of the department of mass communication of the University of Lagos said it is the politicians who are trying to buy journalists for their selfish interest.

In a telephone interview with the anchors of Channels Television’s programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr Ajibade said journalists are professionals and follow professional ethics.

President Jonathan had said that the media is no longer the voice of ordinary people, but “the voices of their ‘rich owners’.”

The Senior lecturer debunked the president’s claim saying journalists in Nigeria will report what they consider important to their audience – the public.

Jakarta, most active Twitter City-Study

The most active tweeting city in the world has been known and this is according to a study conducted by France-based social media monitor Semiocast.

According to Semiocast, Indonesia had the two most active cities one making number one on the list which is Jakarta while Bandung a second Indonesian city came 6th on the same list. The study was made public on Monday on the website of the social media monitor,

On the survey details, for the month of June about 10.6 billion tweets were posted and more than 2% of those came in from Jakarta.

Jakarta was followed closely by Tokyo while London, Manchester, New York, Bandung, Paris, Los Angeles, Chicago and Riyadh followed each other on the table.

It means with this ranking the mentioned cities according to standings show that users from these locations boost the activity of the social media network in their respective cities.

English remains the most used language on Twitter, followed by Japanese, Semiocast said, pointing out that the US is the most active Twitter country, with US-based users posting 25.8 per cent of all public tweets, followed by Japan-based users who posted 10.6 per cent.

Although, Jakarta came in fifth in terms of accounts creation on the social media network after the United States of America, Brazil, Japan and Britain while India, Mexico, Canada, Spain and the Philippines occupied 6th to 10th positions.

Indonesia boasted 29.4 million Twitter user profiles as at the end of June, lower than Britain’s 32.2 million Twitter user profiles, Semiocast said.

Semiocast said up to 517 million Twitter user profiles had been created before July 1, including more than 140 million in the US alone.

Copyright Infringement: Pirate Bay hugs anti-piracy measures

The Recording Industry of America has asked the number one search engine in the world; Google to automatically disown all links with online piracy site; Pirate Bay.

RIAA requested that Google should do away with the site’s links and website search for it is a website that is infringing the copyright rights the world over and it will also reduce the traffic being generated to the website. And in return Pirate Bay tells RIAA ‘Thank You’ that is a welcome idea.

But, on the part of Pirate Bay it was a welcome idea as the site will benefit so much from the move if Google agree to it, according to Pirate Bay currently gets only 10% of its traffic from the search engine, that most users would just go direct instead. It admitted non-competition with Google but says they can’t index media search engines like them as they are the dominant player in the end.

This wouldn’t be the first time that the site benefitted from measures designed to block users from accessing it. After a British court ruled that ISPs including Virgin Media, O2, Sky and TalkTalk must block access to The Pirate Bay, the site saw an increase of over 12 million visitors. This was in part due to the site educating users as to how to circumvent these barriers.

So far, Google has removed 31,922 links to unlicensed content at the request of the RIAA. However, it has not blocked websites and seems reluctant to do so.

Pirate Bay has been the terror stirring policy makers and media companies in the face as they have attempted various measures to take it down but so far has not yielded favourable results on their part.

Chelsea-bound Hazard replies ‘lazy’ accusations

Lille and Belgian winger; Eden Hazard has lashed out at the press for interpreting his recent remarks concerning pre-match training as the 21-year old tagged ‘lazy’.

After he announced on his twitter account to his followers and fan alike that he would be signing with the recent Champion League winners; Chelsea it went viral as he will be joining Chelsea this summer because it was unexpected of Hazard to pick Chelsea from the pack which included the new English Premiership winners; Manchester City and the Red Devils’ Manchester United.

Hazard was touted by pundits to definitely sign either of the two Manchester clubs but following the player’s decision, there has been some negative press coming from critics, who have slammed his somewhat questionable approach to training.

He responded to the press saying his passion for the game of football exceeds his enjoyment for training even though the latter contributed so much to his present status as world class player.

He said that people interpreted as him not wanting to work hard but he only meant that he does both training ad playing but enjoys the playing as he trains seriously to achieve his present status in the world of football.

“I don’t go out on the pitch thinking I’m going to do it because it comes instinctively. My left foot’s not quite as strong as my right,” Hazard began arguing his case.

Hazard claimed that it is his constant training that has helped him in the field of play to be explosive and not being able to shove off the ball when in contention and he owes to weight training.

Hazard will however need to be stronger as he will be launched into the English Premier League as a top flight player playing for a top flight club where pace and strength is necessary to cap overall skill.

Twitter blocked in Pakistan due to anti-Islam materials

Pakistan’s telecommunications authority has been by the government to block social media networkng website Twitter, the chairman of the authority said.

This was mandatory because of the claim that there are some materials thought offensive to the religion practiced in pakistan which is Islam.

Mohammad Yaseen said the website was blocked on Sunday because Twitter refused to remove material related to a competition on Facebook to post images of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

Many Muslims regard depictions of the prophet, even favorable ones, as blasphemous.

Yaseen said Facebook agreed to address Pakistan’s concerns but officials have not been able to get Twitter to do the same.

Officials from Facebook and Twitter could not immediately be reached for comment.

Pakistan blocked Facebook for about two weeks in 2010 because of a similar competition.

Solution Media and Infotech Limited :One year of fruitful service

Solution Media and InfoTech Limited; a company founded in Nigeria with focus on the showbiz industry, assured Nigerians during the celebration of their one year anniversary as a company that it has all it takes to organise a successful show.

Nigerian Artistes Tuface and MI were present for the celebration as Nigerians trooped out to grace the occasion.

Cash gifts were also given to winners of dance competition as a reward.

Nigerian Media Charged to Promote Transparent Government

Flickr Photo by Wayan Vota

The Royal Netherlands ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Bert Ronhaar says the media has a huge role to play in promoting transparent governance and accountability both in the public and private sectors through investigative journalism.

Mr Ronhaar stated this while delivering a speech at the 2011 Wole Soyinka award for investigative reporting held in Lagos.

The ambassador, who expressed worry over the rate of corruption and human rights abuse in the country, says despite the passage of the Freedom of Information Bill, the media has not done enough to check the activities of those in leadership

The 6th Wole Soyinka award for investigative journalism has been an initiative which began in 2007 to recognise journalists who have distinguished themselves in investigative reporting.

The event brought together guests from the media and diplomatic corp, and afforded them an opportunity to discuss key national issues, and the role of the media in fostering transparency in governance through unbiased reporting.

Merit awards were given to outstanding journalists in the print, online, climate change and photo journalism categories.

The winner of the investigative journalist of the year went to Mr Idris Akinboju of next newspaper, and retired Supreme Court Justice, Kayode Eso was represented with the anti-corruption defender award for his effort in promoting integrity in the judiciary.

Media veteran, Lanre Idowu got the lifetime award for journalistic excellence for his consistency and labour towards the growth of the Nigerian media.

The organisers of the event said they believe that the initiative will provide commitment to best practices in investigative journalism.

Winners for the merit award for this year went home with plaques, laptops, free internet access subscription and up to N100, 000 cash prizes each.