Christians Celebrate Easter

easter_celebrationToday is Easter Sunday, Christians all over the world celebrate the festivity meant to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

It is a day observed on the first Sunday after the “Pascal full moon” or the first full moon of spring following the spring equinox, which constantly falls on any Sunday between March 22 and April 25, according to the Gregorian calendar introduced by Pope Gregory in 1582.

The day is preceded by Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday and Good Friday, a 40 period of fasting known as lent, all of which are associated with the events leading to the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ and his ultimate resurrection.

However, Easter for eastern orthodox churches comes later, according to the Julian calendar, a solar calendar adopted by Julius Caesar in 45BC, which they also follow instead of the Gregorian calendar.

Meanwhile, in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, Christians marked the day at various churches with lots of dance and singing.

At The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) headquarters, Bishop (Dr) Mike Okonkwo, used the occasion to honour the exemplary character of a 36 year old lady, Josephine Ugwu, who found N15 million at the Lagos airport and reported it to the authorities.

Other churches in the Metropolitan City such as the Celestial Church Of Christ (CCC) and the Methodist Church also marked the day.

Nigerians In Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, also joined the rest of the world to observe the Easter celebration.

The Primate of the Anglican Communion and Bishop of Abuja, Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh, advised all Nigerians to continue to work and pray for the peace and unity of Nigeria.

In a special Easter message delivered in Abuja, Rev. Okoh said no nation can experience progress in an atmosphere of chaos.

He stressed that the outcome of the March 28 presidential election was the will of God for Nigeria and called on political leaders to refrain from provocative statements and actions.

It was no different in South Africa as Channels Television correspondent, Betty Dibiah, visited some churches in Soweto and Kempton Park where she spoke to Nigerians and some friends of Nigeria on their expectations from the incoming administration in the country.

Cleric Urges FG To Meet ASUU Demands

The Primate of the Anglican Church, Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh has urged the federal government to give the Academic Staff Union of Universities the funds required for the development of the nation’s universities.

The primate made the call while speaking on the state of the nation at a media briefing in Abuja.

Most Reverend Okoh said the union must live up to expectation by being proper managers of the funds allocated to them by the government.

He also condemned the quality of graduates produced by the nation’s universities, saying the system has lost its quality and efficiency.

Anglican Church Threatens To Sue Break Away Church

The Anglican Church has threatened to sue a sect of its organisation named, the Orthodox Anglican Church.

The Anglican primate, Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh made this known at a meeting in Abuja, where registrars and legal officers of the church were gathered to deliberate on ways of moving the church forward.

According to the religious leader, the activities of the sect, orthodox Anglican Church, contravenes the rules of the Anglican Communion.

He asked legal experts in the church to contribute their quota in creating stability in the church.

Reverend Okoh also appealed to Bishops of the church to ensure prompt payment of salaries and entitlement of the church workers in the country.

Legal officers in the church took turns to bear their minds on issues affecting the church including same sex marriage and child molestation.


Don’t Destroy Nigeria With Your Politics, Archbishop Warns Politicians

The Primate of the Anglican Church, Nicholas Okoh has warned Nigerian politicians to think of the survival of the country first while engaging in politicking.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s programme, View From The Top, Mr Okoh indicted the political class for the spate of insecurity in Northern Nigeria.

He said, “When you come to a point and begin to experience what you have not experienced before, then the time has come for everybody to look after what is more important. And in this case what is more important is the survival of this country.

“So whether you belong to party A, party B party C or whatever, the survival instinct suggests that we should ensure that the nation survives first so that we can have the arena for politics.”

Anglican Primate Commends Jonathan Over State of Emergency

The Primate of the Anglican Church, Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh has commended President Goodluck Jonathan over the declaration of state of emergency in Adamawa, Yobe and Borno states.

Archbishop Okoh, who said the president’s action has paid off, added that progress has been made with the state of emergency and subsequent operations of the military in the region

He further added that with patience on the part of Nigerians and more effort by the security agencies, normalcy will once again be returned to the region and the rest of the country.

Reacting to the execution of some armed robbers in Edo state, Archbishop Okoh said the capital punishment was inevitable and should not be resisted when it is the appropriate punishment for criminal offences that hinge on human lives.

Peace Must Never Be Accepted On Boko Haram’s Term – Anglican Primate

The Anglican Primate, Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh has urged the federal government’s committee on dialogue and amnesty for Boko Haram not to accept peace on Boko Haram’s terms as he demanded justice for all the Christians that have been killed in the sect’s insurgency.

Addressing the third session of the eight synod of the Anglican Church in Abuja, Most Reverend Okoh said it’s a pitfall that must be avoided by the committee because it would inadvertently create an Islamic state in the northern part of the country.

Most Reverend Okoh also added that a public discussion should have been held before the amnesty committee was set up.

He urged northern elders and leaders to protect the lives and properties of people of other faiths.

Primate of Anglican Church calls for caution on state police

The Primate of the church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh has called for caution over the on-going debates on the creation of state police. The clergy also declared that members of his church will be embarking on a seven days fast against the lingering insecurity in Nigeria. 

Most Reverend Okoh made the call while briefing journalists on the upcoming Divine Commonwealth Conference.

He said arguments for and against state police are valid but care must be taken before a final decision is arrived at.

The Reverend further said that the Anglican Church is worried about the state of the nation especially the insecurity challenges therefore the church is embarking on a seven day fast for the country.