Why Moses Motoni Was Arrested – Police

The Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Jimoh Moshood has explained reasons behind the arrest of a project tracking officer at BudgIT Nigeria, Mr Moses Motoni.

According to Mr Moshood Motoni was arrested by the police authorities for allegedly distorting public peace and order.

He made this known on Wednesday while addressing the issue on Channels Television’s News Track.

Not Arrested By SARS

“Moses Motoni is in police custody as we speak, and his bail condition is being perfected because the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris has directed that he should be released on bail.”

“He was arrested not by SARS as is being circulated. He was not arrested by SARS, he was arrested by the police team who are investigating the case of incitement of public disturbance against him,” Moshood said.

His explanation comes days after the alleged brutality of SARS on citizens sparked national outrage.

The police spokesman explained that it is the constitutional duty of the police to arrest anyone suspected of committing any offence.

He, however, noted that such must not be done with the sole aim of torturing the suspect while commencing investigations.

“For any Nigerian or any other person (citizen) alleged to have committed an offence or is planning to commit an offence, the police have a responsibility to arrest such a person and commence an investigation into all those activities.

“And it is in the pursuit of the law, the Judges Rule No. 1 permits the police to ask anybody question and where anybody is on a reasonable suspicion to be part of an offence that is being committed, to directly investigate.

“It was on record that on December 1 and 2 this year, Motoni with his team, Bida, Agbako and Tado area in Niger State on project monitoring. But a certain leaf that was circulated and a certain meeting and interaction that he had which promptly led to the disturbance of peace around the area and that is why he was arrested,” Moshood stated.

Motoni In Good Health

Although he denied any wrongdoing in the arrest of Motoni, he, however, maintained that he was arrested for an alleged public incitement and breaching of public peace.

“No, he was not arrested because of sensitisation activities. If you are going on educating the public, you have not committed any offence. But his arrest is based on inciting public disturbance which the police is currently investigating.

“The IGP has directed that the venue of the offence should be where the investigation should be continued to this matter. He was not arrested by SARS. He was actually arrested by a police team investigating the matter and brought into Abuja.

“I equally visited him before actually coming for your interview now. He is being released, he is in good health, nobody has maltreated him. Every position of the law as it regards the protection of rights of anybody is fully observed.”

He also dismissed allegations of police brutality on Motoni while in custody.

“Yes, in the next few minutes he is going to be out. I was with him, he is in good health, nobody has maltreated him. It is equally important for people to know that where anybody is planning to commit an offence, or have committed an offence, can be arrested by the police.”

Police Release Moses Motoni On Bail

The Police have granted bail to a human rights defender and a project tracking official at BudgIT Nigeria, Moses Motoni.

A group, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) had earlier sent an urgent appeal to the UN in a statement on Wednesday drawing attention to Motoni’s arrest.

The Police in reaction released a statement on its official Facebook page on Wednesday saying Mr Motoni is alive and was not arrested by SARS.

“Moses Motoni is alive, healthy and in good condition. He was not arrested by SARS Operatives but by a Police Team based on the case of inciting public disturbance reported against him. He’s being granted bail.

“Mr Moses Motoni was not arrested by SARS Operatives but by a Police Team on the case of Inciting Public Disturbance reported against him which occurred on the 1st and 2nd of December, 2017 at Gbako, Tandzun and Bida Villages on Federal Constituency Project.”

The Force Public Relations Officer, Jimoh Moshood said the matter is under investigation as Mr Moses is been released on bail.

Subsequently, Moses has been asked to reach out to his office and relative to come take him on bail.