Ondo Govt Commends Court Of Appeal Judgment On Olanusi’s Impeachment

Man Arraigned For Alleged Assault And Public FightThe Ondo State governor, Mr Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has hailed Friday’s victory of the former Deputy Governor of the state, Ali Olanusi, at the Court of Appeal in Akure.

In a statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Segun Ajiboye, the 79-page judgement delivered by Justice Muhammed Danjuma was well deserved.

According to him, the judgement is a triumph of democracy and triumph of light over darkness.

The governor added that the judgement would discourage political leaders from arbitrary actions and decisions.

He therefore commended the judiciary for its resolute to ensure that tenets of democracy are promoted.

He said the judgement confirmed that Olanusi was maltreated, abused and humiliated by the crop of the lawmakers who planned and executed the illegal impeachment.

In his judgement, Justice Danjuma said Olanusi’s impeachment did not follow due process of law and cannot stand because the former Deputy Governor was not personally served the originating summon, adding that he was denied to make his presentation before a panel set up to investigate the alleged gross misconduct levelled against him.

The Judge maintained that Mr Olanusi remained the Ondo State Deputy Governor from April 27, 2015, the date he was wrongly impeached by the State House of Assembly till February 24, 2017 when the tenure of the then governor, Olusegun Mimiko expired.

I Won’t Probe Past Government In Ondo, Akeredolu Says

I Won't Probe Past Ondo Government, Rotimi Akeredolu SaysOndo state governor-elect, Rotimi Akeredolu says his Ondo election victory was a manifestation of God’s power and he would like to focus on this mandate rather than probe the past government.

Reacting to the conduct and outcome of the election in Akure on Monday, the APC candidate said that he was surprised by the margin of votes between him and his closest rivals.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), on Sunday, declared the APC candidate, winner of the 2016 Ondo state governorship election.

He polled 244, 842 votes to beat his closest rival, Eyitayo Jegede of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who polled 150, 380 votes, while Mr Olusola Oke of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) followed with 126, 889 votes.

“What has happened in this election is quite beyond my personal expectations but then it is a case of saying we cannot limit God – I want to believe it is God-given victory to the people of Ondo state.

“What was beyond my imagination was the magnitude – the number of votes we scored vis-a-vis what two other contestants scored. I never believed that the margin would be that wide,” Akeredolu said.

Therefore, on the issue of probing the state’s accounts, the Governor-elect said that this is a venture he would not embark upon.

“I don’t believe in probes. What I believe in is that I’ve been given a mandate to govern the state and when I come into office I will face the task.

“The past is the past and I am one person who believes that government is a continuum,” he said.

Party Support

Mr Akeredolu went into the election without the support of some key members of the his party and this further made his victory a surprise for many.

He, however, maintained that the support of the party is more important than individuals’ in an election.

“I believe that the party included everybody. So, the party gave us support and whether we like it or not, that will be larger than what an individual can give.

“If you have a national party behind you, it is larger than what any individual can give. So I believe that whatever individuals have done, they must have done through the party.”


Mr Rotimi Akeredolu promised during his campaign to bring back the industries in the states and he provided an explanation of how he intends to achieve this.

“I used the word revamp when I was talking about the educational infrastructures and co, but when it comes to the issue of industries, I have argued during my campaign that people use the word wrongly.

“They say to us some industries are moribund (but) most of these industries are dead. So, its not easy to wake up a dead person and just like an industry, you cannot wake them up.

“The important thing is that industrialization is important to us and we are going to have to get as many people as are interested.

“We have the sand for glass industry in the south. It is not necessary we have to go back to Oluwa Industry, the furnace there is already old and the technology there is no longer in use.

“So all we need is to have people come. We will provide the enabling environment for them and they can start another one. It might be in the same premises.

“We have industry on ceramics in Ifon. We are thinking about what we have on cement and I know that in the next few weeks, many more will come.”

He said that foreign investors have been approaching him to invest in the state even before the election and he was sure that with an enabling environment a lot of development would be achieved in Ondo state.

AD Candidate, Olusola Oke Decries Monetization Of Ondo Election

AD Candidate, Olusola Oke Decries Monetization Of Ondo ElectionThe governorship candidate of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) in Ondo State, Mr Olusola Oke has decried the heavy monetization of the election process which produced Mr Rotimi Akeredolu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as governor-elect.

Oke who addressed the Press in Akure on Monday, congratulated Mr Rotimi Akeredolu on his victory and commended both the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the security agents deployed to the state for being fair in the handling of their duties.

He, however, regretted that the open and free use of money to purchase votes during the election by the ruling party remains a sad commentary on the nation’s electoral process.

This development, according to him, required the urgent intervention by government if the much publicized anti-corruption agenda of the Federal Government must have meaning to Nigerians.

He said: “In the last seven years, the policy direction of the government of the day (in Ondo State) has resulted in the growth and circulation of poverty to our people.

“The resultant effect is the debilitating poverty that had made the people so vulnerable. Therefore, trading away dignity in the face of excruciating hunger during electioneering process requires little or no considerations for morals and values that defined us as a people.

“The open and free use of money to purchase votes, during the election by the ruling parties remains a sad commentary on our electoral process. This requires urgent intervention by government if the much publicized anti-corruption agenda of the Federal Government must have meaning to Nigerians.

“Offer of money for votes is worse than looting the government treasury. Apart from compromising the dignity of the people, it provides a fertile training ground for future looters of government treasury.

“The consequence of it is to render the anti-corruption fight a farce. There may be no economic matter more urgent, difficult to unravel and more sensitive to the pursuit of the average person in Ondo State than the current indignity foisted on the people by poverty, orchestrated by maladministration and priority misplacement by the current administration.

“We hope the incoming administration will address the problem of poverty so that the integrity of our electoral process will be restored.”

He noted that from the observation of the people of Ondo State, they appear confused and unsure of what would follow the immediate satisfaction from the naira handout received in consideration of the votes cast.

“They appear wondering whether the votes they delivered yesterday would restore light, revive dead industries, complete the uncompleted ones, give hundreds of thousands of unemployed graduates employment, pay arrears of salary to workers and guarantee regular payment of salary; whether their votes will make water to flow again in their unused and rusted water pipes, reduce dust on our roads, revive our education and health sectors and so on,” he stated.

Big Challenge

Oke, who recalled the event leading to his and his followers’ movement to the AD, said that the movement was necessitated by the need for “us as democrats and conscience of the people to shun the in-built perfidy and organized deception in APC as revealed during its primary election.

“We moved to AD less than six weeks before the gubernatorial election. We knew it was a big challenge and the greatest challenge was time. But we were determined in the pursuit of our dream.

“We know how bad the situation is and we are aware that the art of governance is difficult and complex, especially during trying times. The steep reduction in global oil prices from over 120 dollars per barrel to roughly 30 dollars and the huge debt profile of Ondo State present a hard challenge that requires a prepared mind and experienced hands in the saddle. We are convinced that we can no longer afford past practices.

“That was the compelling re-occurring issue that defined our struggle. We thank the people of Ondo State who believed in the struggle of Alliance for Democracy and its candidate, Chief Olusola Oke.”

He went on to give recommendations to the incoming administration: “Ondo State requires economic re-engineering, creative reform, materially changing the substance of its economic policy as well as the objectives of that policy in a way that the economic well-being of the people will be restored again.

“Therein lies the essence of progressive democratic governance and that is what our party, the Alliance for Democracy stands for.

“The incoming government therefore must urgently address the issue of ravaging poverty in the state through: Industrialization; Job/Wealth Creation; Rural Integration; Infrastructural Development; Security.”

He gave the assurance that as members of the opposition, the AD shall continue to contribute to the process of governance and would not hesitate to point, in a civilized manner, the attention of the incoming government to any area where the masses seem not to have been considered in the policy framework of governance.

“We shall voice our opinion whenever we believe any member of the incoming government strayed from the progressive calling required of the administration,” he posited.

He congratulated the governor-elect, Rotimi Akeredolu, and wished him success, praying to God to guide him as he directs the affairs of Ondo state.

Mimiko Promises To Facilitate A Smooth Transition To Akeredolu

Mimiko Meets Buhari, Says Jegede Remains PDP's Lawful Candidate,The Governor of Ondo State Olusegun Mimiko, of Ondo State has promised to facilitate a smooth transition from his administration to that of the Governor-elect, Mr Oluwarotimi Akeredolu.

Mr Mimiko in a statement on Monday by his spokesman, Eni Akinsola, congratulated Mr Akeredolu, saying it behoves of him as the Governor of Ondo State to congratulate the Governor-elect and wish him success in the challenging task of governing the State.

The Ondo Governor said: “It is incumbent upon me as Governor to facilitate a smooth transition between my government and the incoming one. I will, to this end, provide the ambience for a smooth and seamless transition process”.

While promising to continue to provide leadership to the State till the takeover date, Mimiko expressed his appreciation to the people of the State.

“I use this medium to express my sincere appreciation to all our citizens for the very peaceful manner in which they conducted themselves throughout the election period. I will not waiver in providing needed leadership to our dear State till the last day of my term,” he promised.

Mr Mimiko further enjoined residents to strive to sustain the peace enjoyed in the State for the past seven years, promising to speak with them as occasion demands as his “eight year tenure inches to an end”.

Governor Mimiko of the Peoples Democratic Party will be handing over to Mr Akeredolu who is a member of the All Progressives Congress.

Mr Mimiko’s party has called for a cancelation of the election result, insisting that the election was fraught with irregularities and manipulated to favour the APC.

Akeredolu Warns Supporters Against ‘External Influence’

Ondo elections, Akeredolu Warns Supporters Against External Influence The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo state, Mr Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has urged Ondo residents not to allow external influence deter them from supporting APC in the state.

Akeredolu said that those sponsoring the Alliance for Democracy see the people of the state as fools.

The APC flagbearer who noted that since the sponsors of the AD still have the APC government in their states, they are only taking the people of Ondo state for a fool for asking them to vote AD into government.

Akeredolu spoke at a rally in Obanla, Akure south local government in continuation of his local government campaign tour.

The APC candidate said “despite the fact that we have pleaded and also sent prominent people to appeal to them, some politicians in the southwest wanted to use the sunshine state as an object of political experiment”.

“Asking Ondo state people to vote for the AD while the sponsor states are still controlled by the APC is an insult on the sensibility of the people of Ondo state,” he said.

Akeredolu further said “if the sponsors of the AD candidate, Olusola Oke, are serious, they should first decamp to the AD in their respective states rather than stay under the guise of APC and continue to sponsor AD.

“The people of the state cannot be relegated into third citizens. The people of the sunshine state also deserve to enjoy the good of the APC in Lagos and Osun states,” he maintained.

Akeredolu charged the people not to be afraid and assured them that nobody can take away their rights.

He urged supporters and members of the party to embark on house-to-house campaign to enlighten the people on the need to stand against external influence.

The APC candidate said that the task to rescue the state and reposition it must be undertaken by all the good people of the state.

Earlier, Akeredolu took his campaign to the popular market along Oba Adesida raod, Akure where he was given a rousing reception by the market women.

He also visited Ilekun, Oda, Apomu, Isinka and Ipinsa where he addressed the traditional rulers on why they should support the APC.


I’ll Offer Leadership With Integrity – Akeredolu

Ondo elections, I’ll Offer Leadership With Integrity, Rotimi AkeredoluThe governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo state, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu, has said he is prepared to offer leadership with integrity that will move the state forward.

Akeredolu said the state is where it is because of lack of dedication by those at the helm of affairs of the state.

The APC governorship candidate spoke on Wednesday, November 16 at an economic summit organized by the Sunshine Progressives Coalition (SPC) held at the Adegbemile Cutulral center, Akure.

Akeredolu said if elected he would drive economic and industrial revolution into the state through foreign investors with federal government partnership.

The legal practitioner lamented the absence of industries in the state, and noted that the state was in dire need of investments.

He promised to run a government that would encourage investors to come to the state, as his government will not close its door to anybody who is willing to invest in the state.

Akeredolu also regretted that Ondo lost the opportunity to have Dangote Refinery sited in the state, and assured the cheering crowd that he would bring another refinery to the state.

He said the sunshine state, having the longest shore line and the deepest part of the sea in the country deserves a sea port.

The APC flagbearer said such developmental project is part of the reasons why the people of the state must vote APC into power so as to use the federal government advantage to accelerate the spate of the projects.

He said that the state is blessed with untapped natural resources which will attract lots of development.

He said “I can assure you, we will get refinery back to Ondo State. We will try to bring one that is bigger than the one Dangote wanted to bring here.

“But if we can’t get bigger one, at least we will get a refinery in Ondo state. We have the longest shore line in Nigeria, we have the deepest part of the sea, and yet, we don’t have a port.

“The only way we can get a port is through the Federal government’s support, even if we bring private companies to build ports, we will need the federal government to give license

“That is why we need to vote for a party that is in the center. We need investment in this state, don’t close your door to anybody, I will not close the door to those who are interested in investing in this state

“It is only in Ondo state today that we can grow rice but our government is lazy, up till today , we don’t have a programme about rice production and in North, some of the state have completed their programme. They have harvested, they have a lot to eat, sell to us and even import,” he stressed.

Ondo Election: Progressives Governors’ Chair Says Forum Supports Akeredolu

Okorocha rallies support for akeredoluThe Governor of Imo State, Mr Rochas Okorocha, says there is no division among the governors of the All Progressives Congress (APC) over the emergence of the governorship candidate of the party in Ondo state, Mr Oluwarotimi Akeredolu.

Addressing reporters in Ondo State on Tuesday, Governor Okorocha said that the party was united and indivisible.

The governor disclosed that all the APC governors had met and resolved to work for the victory of the party and its candidate, Mr Akeredolu in the forthcoming governorship election.

Governor Okorocha was in the state’s capital to rally votes for Mr Akeredolu from the Igbo community in the state.

The Imo State Governor emphasised that the emergence of Akeredolu as the flagbearer of the party was solely the choice of the people of the state.

He said: “Your majesty, just to announce to you that I am here on behalf of all the APC governors. We are now 23 in number, plus one, twenty four and this includes all the APC governors in the south west, all APC governors in the south east, North central, North east, north-west and south-south. All of us are together.

“We are just here to support our in-coming colleague. Let me correct one impression. All APC governors met and have resolved to support our candidate. There is no division in our family, and APC is still one

“That is why the father of APC, President Muhammadu Buhari, will be coming on Saturday, and will address the people of the state to clear the air on those who doubt the unity of our party. We are united

“What brought us together is not interest to acquire power. It is the interest to bring the necessary change for economic emancipation of our great nation

“So, I am here to inform you that I came and Aketi has been chosen by all of us and we are solidly behind him. We are unshakably behind him

“In the next couple of days, the dust of Akure will raise to usher in the new governor. We believe in Change and believe me, my prayer is that Ondo state should not be outside this change arrangement

“We looked carefully and we did not force anyone to give us a candidate. We want the people to choose who they want and Akeredolu is as a result of that exercise.

“Akeredolu was never imposed by anybody. No party leader gave him any money, We allowed Akeredolu to come here and test his popularity but the people has spoken and since the people has spoken and given him to us, it is now our responsibility to support him and give him success

“Akeredolu is a man who has a heart of gold. He does not believe in primitive accumulation of wealth. He will make a good governor. He is not wealthy. He is not rich, not because he doesn’t have the wisdom to make the money, but because he believed that it should be shared equally”.

In his response, the Deji of Akure and paramount ruler of Akure kingdom, assured the governor that the people of Akure are solidly behind the APC and Akeredolu.

“By the grace of God, Akeredolu will get there, so Akure people are solidly behind him. There is no doubt about that. When we have the state and have the federal , what else do we need?

“Whatever we want, we will get it, so this time, whatever Akure wants, Akure should get – federal appointments and state appointments. We are behind the incoming governor. We will be prepared for the President’s visit.

The IMO State Governor, Rochas Okorocha also visited the Ezendigbo 1 of Ondo State, Igwe Gregory Iloehika and his other leaders of the Igbo people in Akure to seek their support for Barr Rotimi Akeredolu in the November 26 governorship Election.

Ondo Election: APC Candidate, Christian Association Hold Talks

Akeredolu, Ondo Election, Ondo APCThe governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State, Mr Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, believes his party is the only party capable of satisfying the yearnings and aspirations of the people of the state if given the mandate.

Mr Akeredolu also claimed that that the state had no other place than the APC to run to for succour in order to take the advantage of the government at the centre.

The APC flagbearer spoke on Monday during an interactive session with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Ondo state as part of preparations for the November 26 governorship election.

Fielding questions from Clerics at the session, the APC governorship assured them that he was poised to take the state to an enviable height.

On the issues of the economy and industrialisation in the state, Mr Akeredolu said if elected, new industries would be established in the state.

According to him, industries that had existed in the state were not just moribund but dead.

He said it would be impossible to wake the dead industries back to life.

“New industries will be established from the old ones.

“One of the problems we have in Ondo State is that our economic activities are in zero level.

“We have no industries. Oluwa glass is dead, there is no way we can resuscitate a dead person. The only way is to give new life. We must create a new glass industry there

“We do not plan to limit ourselves to all these industries that had existed.

“The Chinese has money and they want to spend. They are ready to come. We will have industries in this state by the time we come in

“You must understand that the future impact of industries is huge. Ranging from tax to employment provisions. We are bringing a lot of people down to Ondo state to create industries,” he told the Christian association.

‘Burden Of Debt’

The governorship candidate of the APC also said that his administration, if elected, would give individuals an opportunity to establish ports.

“They won’t carry the port away. Oil industries are ready to come to Ondo state and operate. We have been talking to some of them while some have come to meet us on their own. The important thing is that a government must be focused and be prepared to allow economy activities

“Investors will only come where they know the environment is accommodating. They will only come when they know the energy is stable,” he pointed out.

Mr Akeredolu, who said he was not unaware of the huge debt his government would inherit if elected, noted that he was optimistic that the economy of the country would get a boost in the first quarter of next year.

“On the issue of the economy, I am not unaware of the burden of debt that we will inherit when we come into government. It is going to be heavy. I am also not unaware that it is not only in Ondo State

“I am also aware that the economy of the country is in a bad shape right now but there are measures being taken by the Federal Government to ease the burden on ground,” he said.

On Education, Mr Akeredolu assured CAN that he would pursue a functional educational system which would be well funded.

He promised to employ young graduates and also train them to be teachers.

The APC candidate, who lamented the fall in the standard of education in the state, blamed the situation on unqualified personnel in the teaching profession.

He said: “Teaching service commission today are populated with people who have no job being in the teaching service commission

“We need to employ and train people. By the time we come in, we are going to employ young graduates and train them to become teachers. For about four years now, teachers are retired but the government has not employed new ones

“This is part of the reason for the fall in the standard of education. They are only toying with the lives of the students

“The way the past governor, Agagu, built his own school was reasonable. It is a pity that those buildings now have been abandoned for the mega schools

“But how many students can access the mega schools today. We must upgrade the facilities in these schools, so that everybody has a conducive atmosphere where you want to learn”.

Mr Akeredolu, who was a former President of Nigeria Bar Association, reiterated the need for accessible and affordable healthcare.

He stressed that basic health care must be given attention.

Baring his mind on security, Akeredolu identified that there was a big challenge on the issue of security.

“We do have challenges on the issue of security. There is also an overview of the cause of this challenges. Security is not fully under the state government.

“I am one of those saying that the central command cannot be ensuring effective policing in the states.

“State policing will solve part of the problems of insecurity. In those days when we were growing up, we had customary police. Central command in Abuja cannot handle the issues of state policing any longer.

“The only way to improve on our security now is to involve people in the locality in the security. I have said it that our traditional rulers should be part of security and part of their concerns should be security of their people,” he explained.

In his response, the Chairman of the CAN in the state, Reverend Ayo Oladapo, said the Christian community in the state was serious with the issue of ensuring good governance.

Reverend Oladapo, who said it was unfortunate that the previous leadership of CAN was not up to the task expected of them in the past, stressed that the Christian association would be fully involved in the next government in the state.

The cleric also warned against post-election violence, saying the association has been holding series of prayer for peaceful post-election experience.