Mysterious Deaths: South Africa Holds Memorial For 21 Killed In Tavern

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, gestures as he addresses a media conference, in the South African Parliament in Cape Town, on June 10, 2022.  RODGER BOSCH / AFP


South Africa will on Wednesday bid farewell to 21 people, mostly teens, who died in unclear circumstances at a township tavern last month, in an incident that shocked the nation.

President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to address a memorial service for the victims at a stadium in the Scenery Park township in the coastal city of East London.

Empty coffins will be laid out for the ceremony, according to undertakers, with families expected to bury their children later this week.

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The youngsters died in what survivors have described as a battle to escape the jam-packed venue, with one reporting a suffocating smell.

The youngest was just 14 years and the oldest 20, according to birthdates listed on the memorial official programme distributed on Wednesday.

Police Minister Bheki Cele had previously said the youngest was 13 and the oldest 17.

The fatalities bore no visible signs of injury and officials have ruled out a stampede as the cause of the deaths.

A police investigation is still ongoing.

Drinking in South Africa is permitted for over-18s. But in township taverns, which are often located close to family homes, safety regulations and drinking-age laws are not always enforced.

Nolitha Tsangani, a Scenery Park resident who lives near the Enyobeni tavern where the incident took place, said blame for the tragedy should be shared.

“We are all wrong… the parent is wrong, the child who is dead, I am sorry to say, is wrong,” she told AFP, as she also fingered the tavern owner and the police.

21-Year-Old Nigerian Found Dead On UK Beach In ‘Mysterious’ Circumstances

Blessing Olusegun, 21, was found dead on a beach in the United Kingdom.
Blessing Olusegun, 21, was found dead on a beach in the United Kingdom.


The mother of 21-year-old Blessing Olusegun is demanding the cause of her daughter’s death whose body was found lying on a beach in East Sussex, a region in the United Kingdom, according to the Evening Standard.

One of Olusegun’s close friend and work colleague, Christiana Sofolabo, described her death as “mysterious“.

However, the Sussex police, while describing the death as “unexplained” have said they are not currently treating it as suspicious.

Olusegun was a London business student who was on a one-week placement as a live-in carer for elderly dementia patients at a home run by Agincare in Bexhill, a seaside town, two hours drive from London.

According to CCTV footage, she was walking towards the beach around 1 am on September 18, but cameras did not reveal what happened next.

Ms Olusegun was speaking on the phone to her boyfriend and a close friend and told them to stay on the line.

Her iPhone and slippers were also found a few metres from her body.

“I’m devastated beyond words,” Mrs Esther Abe, Olusegun’s mother told the UK-based Evening Standard. “I spoke to Blessing the day before and she was fine.

“Then the police came to say she was dead. A member of the public saw her body on the beach early in the morning.

“I’m a mother and I need to know what happened to my daughter. Did she come to harm?

“Blessing did not have any friends in Bexhill – all of them are in London. She was only supposed to be there for a week.

“She had so much to do in her life. Now I will not see her mature into a beautiful, gorgeous and talented woman. I don’t know what I am going to.”

Police Statement

The Sussex police have said they are still investigating the death in a bid to establish the cause of death.

“On Friday September 18, the body of a woman was found lying on the beach at Bexhill near Galley Hill,” the police said.

“The body was identified as that of Blessing Olusegun, 21, of Eltham, London.

“Police have been investigating the circumstances and the death is being treated as unexplained though not suspicious at this stage.

“A post mortem took place on September 24 and further forensic tests are being carried out in order for the cause of death to be established. Police enquiries are continuing in liaison with the Coroners Officer.”

Human-Like Creature Found Inside Slaughtered Sheep

There was pandemonium at Kuta market in Minna, the Niger State capital, North Central Nigeria on Thursday,  following an unusual discovery of a human-like creature in the bowels of a butchered female sheep.

The butcher,  Alidu Maiyanka had opened for business as usual when he attempted to slaughter the female sheep for waiting customers only for him to notice a strange object in the stomach of the sheep.

On closer examination, the strange object turned out to be a creature with human eye, nose, and legs but with the face of a sheep thereby throwing the market into confusion while the customers took to their heels.

Although our camera was denied access to the scene by the market union, the butcher Alidu Maiyanka explained to Channels Television that he discovered the monstrous creature after slaughtering one out of the five sheep he bought from a popular livestock market in Minna.

An eyewitness who is also a butcher, Gambo Adbullahi stated that prior to the slaughtering of the sheep, there was no sign that the animal was pregnant, saying it was, therefore, a shock to find such a mysterious creature  in the bowels of the animal.