Nigerian Killed In India Was Innocent – High Commissioner

On this episode of Network Africa, the killing of the Nigerian in Goa, India came to the fore.

It will be recalled that a group of Nigerians clashed with the police in India after they allegedly attacked a police vehicle carrying the body of a Nigerian who was said to have been stabbed to death in India’s beach state, Goa.

In this phone interview, Nigerian High Commissioner to India, Ambassador Ndubuisi Amaku, shed more light on the issues. He vehemently denied allegations that the Nigerian killed in India was involved in a drug deal.

“This is not correct, the young man has been determined to be a very innocent, I repeat, innocent person… Even at that, if a Nigerian is involved in drugs, the proper punishment is not to hack him to death.”

Ambassador Amaku expressed Nigerians’ disappointment at the “seeming unwillingness of the local authorities to apprehend the culprit.” He promised that the Nigerian High Commission would handle the issue through the appropriate diplomatic channels.

How Nigeria Won AU’s Endorsement For UN Security Council

Nigeria’s permanent representative to the African Union, Paul Lolo, in the this interview with Network Africa gives clarification on the implication of seats lost by Nigeria in the African Union (UN) in its bid to get the AU’s endorsement for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

He dispels the notion that Nigeria is losing too much on the continent for its UN ambition.

Ambassador Lolo also explains the AU 2053 framework geared towards developmental goals for the continent and Pan-Africanism.

Ghana’s President On How Africa Must Use Economy Growth To End Poverty

Ghana’s President, Mr John Dramani Mahama in an exclusive interview with Channels Television’s Network Africa, admits that translating economic growth into development of people’s lives in Africa remains a great challenge for all African leaders.

He narrates how Ghana is building a social system to enhance the lives of its people as its economy grows at over 8percent per annum.