Kenyan Authorities Deport Riek Machar’s Spokesman

Kenya, Riek Machar's SpokesmanKenyan government spokesman, Eric Kiraithe, has said that a spokesman for the former Vice-President of South Sudan was deported after his “visa was cancelled”.

Kiraithe told the BBC that James Gatdet Dak, was deported to South Sudan’s capital, Juba, on Thursday evening.

The deportation was said to have been agreed upon by both the Kenyan government and Sudanese authorities.

Other reports also confirmed that the he was picked on Wednesday afternoon in what appeared to have been a coordinated operation organized by the Special Service of Kenya and South Sudan.

Thereafter, “he was taken to the airport where he was allowed to speak to some of his family members and relatives,” the reports said.

Although the motive behind Dak’s deportation remains unclear and speculative, some have attributed the cause to the statement in which he welcomed the sacking of the force commander of United Nations mission in South Sudan who hails from Kenya.

According to the AP news agency, Mr Gatdet was kicked out of the country for posting comments on Facebook that supported the sacking of the commander.

A few others, who are high ranking members of the government, however, blamed the South Sudanese government for allegedly engineering Dak’s deportation.

Burkina Faso Elections Get Underway

Burkina-Faso-electionThe people of Burkina Faso have begun voting to elect a new President and parliament.

This is the first poll after 2014 popular uprising that toppled sit-tight ruler, President Blaise Compaore.

Security is reported to be tight with up to 25,000 troops deployed across the country.

The polls, which was scheduled for October, had to be delayed due to a failed coup in September, led by members of the elite presidential guard.

The election is meant to mark the end of the transitional period following Mr Compaore’s removal. He had been in power for 27 years.

Analysts are predicting that it is most likely to be the most open and democratic vote in the country’s history.

Among the 14 candidates standing for the presidency, reports suggest that Roch Marc Christian Kabore and Zephirin Diabre are the front-runners.

Mali Attack: Special Forces Storm Hotel, 30 Hostages Freed

mali attackSpecial forces have entered the Radisson Blu Hotel in Mali’s capital, Bamako, to end the siege by gunmen who had been holding 170 people hostage.

The gunmen stormed the US-owned hotel, which is popular with foreign businesses and airline crews, shooting and shouting “God is great!” in Arabic.

Mali’s Interior Minister, Salif Traore, said 30 hostages had been freed so far.

Three people had been shot dead and two soldiers were wounded, but their lives were not in danger, he said.

Among the rescued people are: 12 crew members of Air France and five from Turkish Airlines.

Report says Chinese citizens and indians were among those trapped inside the building.

The United Nations (UN) peacekeeping force said it was supporting the operation, as Malian special forces freed hostages “floor by floor”.

The Radisson Blu Hotel attack is coming a week after Islamic State (IS) militants killed 129 people in Paris.

Tanzania Election: Ruling Party Faces Fight To Stay In Power

tanzania electionTanzanians are voting in elections that will determine whether the ruling party will give way to a new coalition or maintain its 54-year grip on power.

Final rallies were held on Saturday ahead of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

The ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party is said to be ahead in opinion polls, but observers expect the result to be close.

Four opposition groups are backing one candidate, 62- year-old Edward Lowassa , a former CCM member.

Some of the major issues for the almost 23 million registered voters include access to clean water, improved health care and better education.

President Jakaya Kikwete, who is standing down after two terms, has called for peace ahead of the election.

Tanzania’s Works Minister, Mr John Magufuli, 55, is running on the ruling party’s platform.