Nigerian Govt. Has Inherited A Heavy Baggage – Wole Soyinka

SoyinkaNobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka believes the Nigerian government inherited a burden that may take a while to lessen but it must sustain efforts at improving the economy.

This comes as Nigeria assesses the Buhari administration after one year in office.

He was speaking to Channels Television in Johannesburg where he is expected to speak at a public lecture entitled Politics, Culture and the New Africa.

“This administration has inherited a heavy baggage. While I am critical in some aspects of the priority, I think that to clear up the mess left by previous administrations is going to take quite a while especially in the sector of economy.

“So I don’t use words like optimism or pessimism, I’m just pragmatic. I look at what there is on the ground and of course wherever I can intervene, I do both privately and publicly,” he said.

Kole OmotosoRenowned Nigerian author and playwright, Professor Kole Omotoso, also said that the current administration has ticked a number of little things but there must be more effort to alleviate the sufferings of the people.

“We are going in the right direction but in the process, we need to do so many things. We need to look at not just the suffering of the people but the way people seem to indulge in bearing suffering.

“It is as if even if you try to solve the problem for them they will prefer to be suffering and smiling,” Prof. Omotoso said.

Nigerian Authors Decry Social Media Addiction Among Students

Social MediaThe National President of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Mr Abdullahi Denja, has raised an alarm over students’ over-dependence on the social media which is having adverse effects on child literacy and the reading culture.

Mr Abdullahi spoke at the inauguration of the new leadership of ANA in Benue State where a lecture on the effects of social media on school age children was held ahead of its literacy week.

The association holds the believe that if the trend of over dependence and addiction of social media by school age children is not curbed, the gains of school reading campaigns would soon be eroded.

The guest lecturer, Mr Sam Ogabidu also said that research has proven that over dependence on social media has negative effects like loss of neural comprehension.

Although, the national school reading campaign has been ongoing for some years now, articulating the campaign against social media addiction among school age children has not been given priority attention.

The first task set before the newly inaugurated leadership of ANA in Benue State, therefore, is to hold the school literacy and reading campaign across the state.

The new Chairman of ANA in Benue State, Charles Iornumbe, promised to increase the awareness campaign among teenagers.