Fuel Scarcity Bites Harder In Adamawa

fuel scarcityAs fuel scarcity continues to bite harder in Nigeria, Adamawa State is not left out of the lack of the product.

A litre of petrol which before the scarcity sold at 150 Naira at the black market has risen to 250 Naira per litre.

The fuel situation has continued to deteriorate as fewer filling station have the commodity.

Only the NNPC retail outlets have been attending to customers but they have had to endure staying for hours or days on long queues to buy the fuel.

Some Adamawa residents who spoke to Channels Television believe that a shortage in the supply of the product is responsible for the fuel scarcity in the state.

Some also attributed the scarcity to the activities of black marketers and those who smuggle the product to the neighbouring Cameroon.

Investigations by Channels Television reveal that only three NNPC filling stations are dispensing to customers as they continue to spend hours to obtain the product.