Omoni Oboli Thankful As She Escapes Fire Accident

Nollywood Star, Omoni Oboli escaped death by the whiskers when fire engulfed a part of her apartment.

The actress took to Instagram on Friday to express gratitude to God for saving her from the incident.

“This God is too good! Magnify the Lord with me my people! Still shook but I’m constantly in awe of my King! God loves me. Nobody can tell me otherwise!,” she wrote.

She explained that she would have been caught up in the fire which started in the middle of the night, but for the alertness of a friend of hers who currently stays with her.

This God is too good! Magnify the Lord with me my people! Still shook but I’m constantly in awe of my King! God loves me. Nobody can tell me otherwise! Since after the series of incidences that happened earlier in the year, I sometimes have panic attacks so my darling ever dependable @tomesadeoye abandoned her room and has been sleeping in mine. I’ve been nursing a very bad cold for days so I took night nurse to enable sleep. Power went off at some point in the night and Tomi who usually can sleep in heat, got uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep. I on the other hand didn’t notice because I was in a drug induced sleep. Around 5am, power came back on and Tomi happily fell asleep. She hadn’t slept for long when she started perceiving something, she opened her eyes to see the AC engulfed in flames. She screamed at me to wake up. I saw the flames and screamed ‘The blood of Jesus’. Ran into the bathroom to get water but I didn’t think I was fast enough, so I abandoned it cos I realized the AC is right by the door and if it gets any worse, I wouldn’t be able to leave the room. I told Tomi to call the editor (I have an editing suite in my home and we are editing WOS so the editor moved in) she screamed his name and he came rushing upstairs. We all ran downstairs to get the fire extinguisher, couldn’t operate it and proceeded to turn off electricity from the circuit breaker. Tomi went back up and screamed that the fire was a lot worse. Idris (the editor) and Paul (my gateman) started carrying buckets of water and soap upstairs. By this time, they couldn’t even get into the room because the fire was too much. They started pouring water from the door. I want to say that we definitely had angelic assistance because in less than 10 mins, they put out an electrical fire with water and soap! I know God sent His angels 👼🏽 😇God has been too good to me this year! I’m so unworthy of His grace upon my life. I’m so unfaithful yet He remains faithful! I bow before your majesty my Father. All that I am, all I will ever be, I give to you Lord. Thank God for our lives. If we had woken up just 3 minutes after we did, we would not have been able to leave the room. #ChildOfGrace #GodIsGood

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Omoni who is also a director and producer, is currently working on her latest project “Wives on Strike”, set to hit cinema’s by December 29, 2017.

Nollywood Actors Have A Lot To Learn -Victoria Inyama

Actress Victoria Inyama who was a regular face in Nollywood before she relocated to the United Kingdom after her marriage to Ben Okri stated that Nollywood actors have a lot to learn.

Speaking on Nollywood Uncut on Channels Television, the actress explained her journey to lime light and her future plans.

“I can say for what is going on in U.K, we have access to a lot of things to improve ourselves, what is remaining is just for us to improve ourselves. Here(U.K) a typical director has access to all kinds of information, same with the cameraman compared to Nigeria where they don’t really have access to all that information.

“I think the problem with a lot of is we are not ready to learn something new, we are a bit lazy because learning something new means you have to go out to search for the information or do a couple of courses, it is different here. So they have a lot to learn.”

The actress stated that veteran actor Alex Usifo found her and brought her into Nollywood.

“Acting for me started a long time ago, Alex Usifo saw me and he thought I could be a good actress and that was how it started.”

Speaking about her future plans she stated that she is back to school studying counselling so that she can be a voice for celebrities that have been tongued lash on social media.

“I have to go back to the university, I want to study psychology and major in counselling, because with the likes of social media and blogs I sometimes read about my colleague’s stories on blogs and how people trash them. So I said Victoria you have a voice and at least if you decide to talk, one or two people will listen to you.

“After being in the lime light knowing what goes on in my mind, how I feel when people trash me, that is how a typical popular person will feel when people trash them. We could pretend that we don’t care, but we do care, we actually read some of those comments and we cry, so I said let me study psychology.”

Saka Decries Poor Treatment Of Upcoming Actors

Actor and comedian Afeez Oyetoro popularly known as Saka, has expressed displeasure over what he describes as poor treatment of upcoming actors.

Speaking with Rubbin Minds on Channels Television, the actor explained that there is discrimination between upcoming actors and old actors especially when it comes to payment.

“There is discrimination between the young act and old act, I just believe in time, things will change. Maybe because of the resources available and then because of the organisation we have that is not strong enough to protect the interest of the actor to demand better pay, but things will change, we are working on it.”

Speaking about his personality, Oyetoro who is also a lecturer at Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education said there is a huge difference between his real self and the character ‘Saka’.

“Saka is a very noisy person and he speaks a lot but Afeez Oyetoro is quiet and a little reserved, Afeez is a shy person and a family man. I teach theatre art and the student of theatre art know the difference between Afeez and Saka. In school majority of the people see Afeez the lecturer and not Saka.”

On the future of theatre arts, Saka explained that sponsors are now very much part of it, bringing more hope for a greater future.

“I see a very fantastic future, it was not like this when we started especially for our seniors but now things are working well. Banks and government are coming in, cooperate bodies are coming in, people have started seeing theatre as a real business. Creative people are coming up and a lot of innovation is being introduced in the packaging of entertainment.”

Speaking of his current plans he hinted that he is working on a TV series, ‘We We’ and would soon go on location.

I Never Planned To Be An Actor – Demola Adedoyin

One of the lead actors in Kunle Afolayan’s blockbuster, October 1, Demola Adedoyin, has narrated his experience as an actor.  

Speaking on Channels Television‘s Sunrise Saturday the actor explained that he used to be a critic and never had acting as part of his plans.

While he had rejected several offers, he eventually started off with short films before his first feature film, October 1.

“I didn’t set out to be an actor, I actually use to be a critic, even before I declared I wanted to act, I was already getting offers because I use to write a TV show in Abuja.

“I started with short films. When I was in London, I was doing modeling, part-time with my masters and my modeling agent said there was a role in a film that he thinks will suit me well so I should audition for it.

“I thought ok this is the universe speaking to me and then I went and I did the audition and they called me back for the part and we shot the film and as soon as we shot the film I knew it was one of the things I am supposed to do.”

Speaking on the standard of Nollywood compared to Hollywood he said,”Our rise is kind of slow, we are still slowly climbing out of this mediocrity, average, standard, low-budget kind of films.”

Adedoyin who is also a musician explained that he wanted to be many things but his music paved way for his acting career in Nigeria.

“I play a mix of R&B and hip-hop, that is how I got into film in Nigeria. I was recording music in storm records when the director told me he had a TV show he wanted me to play a lead in and that kind of swept me away from the music at the time and I have not really had time to go back into music fully.”

Giving words of advice to fans and upcoming actors he said: “Be sure you really want it, don’t quit because there will be challenges. If it is really what you want then just hang in there and persevere.”

Nollywood Will Be Bigger Than Hollywood, Mark My Words – Omotola

Star Actress Omotola Jolade has no doubt about how bright the future is for Nigeria’s fast-growing movie industry.

In fact, the actress believes that while Nollywood is still in the shadows of Hollywood, both industries would swap status in the future.

She spoke about the industry in an exclusive interview with Channels Television on Saturday, one week before the premiere of ‘Alter Ego’ – the movie which marks her return to the big screen after a four-year break.

“Nollywood is amazing, Nollywood is going to be bigger than Hollywood; it will, mark my words. We are on that path,” she said.

“I have always talked about the fact that we need structure, the basic things that hold a business down. We didn’t have that but now we are building the structure and it is coming into play, now watch us fly.”

The actress who is also known for her philanthropic work and activism explained her motivations.

“I have always been an activist, that is what drives me. I am more of an activist than a humanitarian. For me, my passion is human rights. I look forward to a time in my life where everyone can actually pursue their rights, stand up for their right, and fight for their rights,” she said

“Society is not sane today not because we have the worst president in the world but because we have the worst judiciary. When you have a society that the law works and it is enforced, everyone will fall in line.”

Omotola who has starred in hundreds of movies since 1995 explained her journey and how it all started.

She said, “I lost my dad when I was 12 and I was left with my widowed mum and my siblings. Things were very difficult for my mother, so when I left secondary school at the age of 15, the first thing that came to my mind was how can I help her.

“The natural thing I had was to model and I started modelling and from modelling, I escorted a friend to a movie audition and that was how I started.”

Having been there and done that, Omotala has an advice for young ladies who look up to her.

“My advice to young girls is, know what you want from the beginning; you are never too young to have a dream and you are never too young to start a plan,” she said.

“I remember as far back as when I was 15, I wrote down all my dreams – (and) most of them I have done. So, aim high and don’t be afraid. Dream big, but most especially, write down your goals, vision, dreams and … always read them. Work towards them, be prepared because if an opportunity comes and you are not prepared it will pass you by.”

Sapphire Ogodo To Unleash Actors For Nollywood

As the Nigerian filmmaking community continues to expand in numbers and its influence becomes far-reaching, practitioners are seeking ways to not only improve production but the craft which brings it all together.

It is in line with this that Nollywood Actress, Sapphire Ogodo, announced plans to create a platform for aspiring actors to showcase their talent.

The project, which comes in form of a reality TV series tagged ‘actors unleashed’ will also groom participants and give them a competitive edge in the industry.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Channels TV Entertainment News, Ogodo explained her plans to help people who have the passion for acting but don’t have the platform.

“We are creating this for these new entrants, we are going to imbibe them, own them, brand them and project them into Nollywood, we are having lots of producers, directors and veterans we are working with on this project.

Ogodo who is a product of a reality show herself relocated to Lagos from Abia State, in pursuit of fame and recognition and hopes to help talent at the grassroots level overcome challenges she experienced as a newbie in the industry.

“From my secondary school, I watched the likes of Genevieve, she is the one person that inspired me so much and I believed I was going to make it when I come into the industry. In the industry, you have a lot of people to compete with but I came to the industry I started doing my own thing.”

Her plan is to create movies that are culture based and are produced in several local dialects.

“We are going into the local communities, we are going to people who think they don’t have the voice, we are going to look for the people who don’t have the platform, we are offering value, we are going down to the grassroots.”

The first movie of the project seeks to re-tell the story of how Mary Slessor influenced the end of the barbaric tradition of killing twins in South-South Nigeria

“One of the things that motivated me into coming up with such project besides bringing new entrance and projecting them and making them stars, I am also trying to promote our originality and our heritage and culture. We are doing culture based films, indigenous features in the story. ”

In order to be fully committed to the actors unleashed project, Ogodo has put her acting career on hold.

We Didn’t Think Nollywood Would Pay Our Bills – Uche Jombo

Actress and film maker, Uche Jombo Rodriguez has shared her experience being in one of the largest film industries, Nollywood, as well as how she has coped with marriage and motherhood.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Channels TV, she narrated how she climbed up the ladder in her career from the days when acting according to her, paid close to nothing and now when the industry has seen massive expansion.

Jombo said she was never paid on her first few movies even after she was promised otherwise. She, however, was not bothered about it because at the time she was happy to simply pursue her passion.

“Nobody thought Nollywood will get here, that time I was promised 15,000 and I never got paid that was my first movie and the film comes out you still use your money to buy the DVD.

“Basically that time it was really act for act sake, nobody thought Nollywood will pay our bills but we are not where we used to be.”

She told Channels TV’s Nollywood Uncut that the most challenging script she has handled was that of the movie, Holding Hope, as the character was very demanding.

Holding Hope was a film which I had to physically go through change and character wise, we based it off a real life person as at that time I was size 14 and I had to come down to a size 8, it took a lot.”

Speaking of how she has balanced motherhood with her career, Jombo explained that whenever she is on set her mother is always around to take care of her baby.

“It is something I am just learning as I go along, I thank God for my mum who is always there with me most of the time.

“She is the only one I can trust with Matthew when I am away on set but then I have the luxury of choosing my project and choosing the time.”

Furthermore, the actress highlighted some of her key projects which are in the works.

“I did an advocacy project for late education – It kind of encourages people to go back to school, it is a project I am very happy to be part of it is titled ‘I Believe’ and I have another one from my company, Uche Jombo studios called ‘Almost Perfect’ and I am in post production right now.

“I have another Uche Jombo project called ‘Wthin This Walls’ so I have projects lined up,” she said.

Desmond Eliot Takes Time Off Lawmaking For “Love Diamond”

Desmond elliot, WAJE, “Make Nigeria Stronger” campaignActor, filmmaker and director Desmond Eliot who is also a lawmaker has continued to pursue his passion.

Despite his busy schedule as a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Eliot has a new project under the works.

It is a movie titled “Love Diamond” and it stars Femi Jacobs, Rotimi Salami and reality TV star Lilian Afegbai.

The movie, which is produced by Austin Nwole, follows the travails of a business man and his employees in their quest to rise above earlier disappointment in the pursuit of success.

In the course of his career, Eliot has won many awards such as Best Supporting Actor in a Drama at the 2nd Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, for his role in “Finding Mercy”. He also won the Director of the Year at the 2014 Best of Nollywood Awards for his efforts in “Apaye”.

The film maker who loves to give back to the society founded The Desmond Elliot Foundation, which focuses on providing clean water for rural and poor urban areas, in 2008.

Mercy Aigbe Visits UK Hospital For Treatment

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry is in the United Kingdom to see the doctors for further treatment, weeks after she accused her husband, Lanre Gentry of domestic abuse.

The actress, last week admitted that she had been enduring an abusive marriage as she shared pictures of her battered face on social media and also claimed that her husband had threatened her life.

Aigbe, who now campaigns against domestic violence, took to social media on Thursday where she shared pictures of her being attended to by a doctor.

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Veteran Actress, Rachael Oniga Clocks 60

Veteran actress, Rachel Tabuno Oniga, on Tuesday clocked 60 years old.

Oniga, who started her acting career in 1993 has featured in both English and Yoruba movies.

She has featured in movies such as Sango, Above Death, Doctor Bello, Wale Adenuga’s television series, Super story, and more recently AY’s blockbuster, 30 Days In Atlanta.

She worked briefly at Ascoline Nigeria Limited, a Dutch Consultant Company before her first movie titled Onome and her debut Yoruba movie, Owo Blow.

Born on May 23, 1957, the Nollywood actress who is a mother and grandmother has continued to receive birthday wishes from her fans across social media.

Watch Moji Olaiya Speak About Career And Faith In Last Interview With Channels TV

Source: @mojisolaabikeade

Actress Moji Olaiya’s death on Thursday morning threw Nollywood into mourning. Her exit is a sad loss as she was a star indeed.

She was, however, not without her fair share of controversies.

In her last interview with Entertainment on Channels Television last year, she spoke about her work, her failed first marriage and the controversy that surrounded her change in religion.

Watch the highlights of that interview below:

A Peep Into Moji Olaiya’s Career And Life

Source: @mojisolaabikeade

The life and times of actress Moji Olaiya has been coloured by her radiant and delectable acts as an actress.

She was born into the musical dynasty of Nigerian high-life legend Victor Olaiya in February 1975.

In the early 2000s when the Nigerian movie industry was beginning to experience a resurgence and gaining attention, Moji Olaiya earned her acting debut in Wale Adenuga’s television series ‘No Pain, No Gain’.

She took on the role of Ireti in the 32-episode series which later introduced her to the features movie genre.

Moji Olaiya followed up her impressive debut with a strong performance in the Yoruba movie ‘Agunbaniro’. this started her run of impressive performances in Yoruba movies including in, ‘Nkan Adun’, ‘Sade Blade’ and ‘Apaadi’.

In 2003, her deft acting skills distinguished her from the bunch and earned her a two awards nominations at the Reel Awards for Best Supporting Actress of the Year, and the Best New Actress Award. she took home the prize for the latter.

In 2007, she got married but, unfortunately, walked out of the marriage shortly after. She and her husband cited irreconcilable differences for their separation.

Olaiya, however, alleged in recent interviews that domestic violence and infidelity among other things were responsible for her decision to quit the marriage.

Moji Olaiya courted more controversies in 2014 when she announced a decision to switch from Christianity to Islam.

A year after, she was identified and honored by the Nigerian Police Force in Abuja for being a role model to Nigerian youths.

Last year, in an interview with Entertainment News On Channels Television about her career and life, she said she was surprised that many people were concerned about how she had chosen to live her personal life.

In March this year, the actress announced the arrival of her second child in Canada, almost two decades after she had her first daughter.

Just two days ago, a thankful Moji Olaiya, took to Instagram to express her gratitude to God and her love for her family and fans.

“Alliamdulilahi, to you Allah I give all the glory for all you have done. I will forever praise and worship you. It’s not by power but the Grace of Allah. Thank you for the gift of life. Thanks also to all my friends and family my fans for your supports and prayers. Love you all,” the actress wrote in what turned out to be her last post on Instagram.

As news of her death from what has been described as complications from child birth filtered in on Thursday morning, shocked friends and fans could not help but point to her last post, while also paying tribute to her for the life she lived and the love and talent she shared.