Jonathan Drags Obasanjo To Rights Commission

The Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, has submitted himself to the National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, for probe over criminal allegations against him by former president, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Acting on the instruction of the president, the Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bello Adoke, forwarded Chief Obasanjo’s letter to the commission for investigation into the alleged rights violations contained in the letter.

The AGF, in a memo dated December 23 and addressed to the Executive Secretary of the NHRC, Professor Bem Angwe, requested the commission to investigate the allegations bordering on human rights violations contained on page 9-10 of the letter.

President Goodluck Jonathan, who denied the allegations in his response, is specifically inviting the rights commission to unravel the truth in the allegation that his government had begun training over 1,000 snipers to terminate his political opponents.

Jonathan’s Promise Not To Contest 2015 Is Null, Void By Law

A legal practitioner, Ikechukwu Ikeji, on Monday said that it was wrong of former president, Olusegun Obasanjo to hold President Goodluck Jonathan’s promise not to run for a second term,  as the provisions of the 1999 constitution renders such a promise null and void.

Speaking on Sunrise Daily, he stressed that any promise made by the President is null and void as long as it is not consistent with the provisions in the constitution which permits him to run for a second term if he so wishes.

“It is wrong to hold Jonathan to a promise that he shouldn’t run for a second term,” he added.

He questioned the intention of former president, Olusegun Obasanjo in writing the 18 page letter to President Jonathan, and said that there are inconsistencies between the messenger and the message.

“On what basis should an Obasanjo query the corruption level that exists today in Nigeria?” he asked.

According to Transparency International’s global corruption perception index, Nigeria was the 6th most corrupt country on Earth, as at 2005.

“As at the time Yar’adua took over in 2008, we rose to about 42. We became the 42nd most corrupt country on Earth. That was an improvement,” Ikeji said.

“During Obasanjo’s era, corruption was like oxygen in Nigeria. It was like the air that we breathed and the entire world knew about it.”

He countered that argument that the EFCC worked hard to tackle corruption within those years and said the “EFCC was not actually directly directing the fight of corruption to the appropriate quarters” during Obasanjo’s era.

According to him, EFCC’s fight was ‘selective’ in nature.


Speak Up, Atiku Challenges Elders On Obasanjo’s Letter

A former Nigerian vice-president, Atiku Abubakar has asked General Ibrahim Babangida, Abdulsalami Abubakar, Theophilus Danjuma, Dr Alex Ekwueme, and others whom Chief Obasanjo copied in his letter to President Jonathan to speak up.

According to the former vice president, although he was not competent to speak on the letter because he was not privy to the communication, he believes that General Theophilus Danjuma and other leaders who were consulted by the former president before the publication of the letter should intervene and reduce what he sees as, the tension created by Chief Obasanjo’s weighty allegations.

In a statement issued by his media office in Abuja, Abubakar said that, like every other Nigerian, he was nervous about the allegations made by the former president and that those elders mentioned by Obasanjo had a moral duty to add their voices to the issue.

The former vice president adds that the allegations were too disturbing to be treated with apathy by any political stakeholder and that at a moment of national anxiety or uncertainty, leaders across the country should rise to the occasion and reassure fellow Nigerians of the future.

Atiku said: “Our priorities for Nigeria are forging lasting solutions to our chronic unemployment, providing safety and security for all, and vastly improving our failing education systems. President Jonathan’s government has consistently failed to address these critical concerns.”

“That said, it is on record that I have firmly fought for a democracy where the voters choose their future leaders, not political party bosses. If the incumbent President insists on continuing to destroy his own party with vindictive internal wars and thinks his record of rising youth unemployment, never-ending violence, corruption and scandals is worthy of another term, then he is welcome to run. We are confident Nigerians will exercise their democratic right to choose new leadership in 2015.”

Obasanjo’s Letter Marks End Of Jonathan, PDP – Fani-Kayode

A former Aviation Minister, Femi-Fani Kayode, on Friday said that the controversial 18 page letter written by former president, Olusegun Obasanjo spells doom for President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP, as it would act as a catalyst to terminate the President’s 2015 ambition.

“I believe that Obasanjo’s letter will end up ensuring President Goodluck Jonathan’s fortunes as President of the country post 2015 may not be realised.

“I believe this is the end of Jonathan and I believe this is the end of the PDP as a party, unless Jonathan retraces his steps,” he said.

Mr Fani-Kayode who described the letter as ‘timely’ and ‘historic’ said President Obasanjo is making attempts at correcting his mistake of supporting Jonathan in becoming the President, as well as an attempt to help Jonathan restore the PDP as a party and to restore the country.

Many have criticised the former head of state, Obasanjo on grounds that he contributed to the evils he accused President Jonathan of committing but Fani-Kayode retorted by saying Obasanjo is qualified to make such assertions because he is a father to Jonathan, the PDP and the nation.

“This country is going adrift and I think if an elder statesman and somebody who was instrumental in ensuring that President Goodluck Jonathan became president of this country, (a person who is considered a father to the president, a father to the nation and a father to the PDP) is not in a position to tell us the truth about what’s going on in our country and what is going on with our president, then the signals are clear that the country is on the brink of disaster”,

“If he’s not qualified to speak, if he’s not qualified to say what needs to be said publicly in order to help the president to chart the right course, then I really wonder who is,” he said.

Fani-Kayode who agreed with 99 percent of assertions in the letter, objected to claims made by the former president as regarding Lagos state and Bola Tinubu.

“There are one or two aspects, particularly on the issue of Lagos state and Bola Tinubu. I would respectfully disagree with president Obasanjo in terms of how Lagos was won but other than that I agree with everything he has delivered and I think he’s been courageous and he’s shown leadership and those of us that were his disciples and that worked for him for a number of years, can now hold our heads up high that even though he got it wrong by supporting people like Goodluck Jonathan to be president in the first place, he’s finally retraced his steps. He’s doing the right thing and he’s cleaning up the mess that he partly created.”

On President Jonathan’s rumoured second term agenda, Mr Fani-Kayode said that Obasanjo’s words at  Jonathan are timely and necessary as well as honourable because he put his life and the lives of his family members on the line.

“The right and proper thing to do is for the government and the president himself to personally (as an individual and not through any of his aides or ministers) try to address these issues.”

The former minister praised the former President, saying that he had contributed immensely to the fortune of the nation.

During the civil war, he ensured that the Igbo’s surrender. When the Shagari government was going adrift, he spoke out and things happened. He did the same during the Babangida regime.

During the Yar’adua regime, Obasanjo spoke out against the late President’s continued reign in office even though he was on a sick bed.

Fani-Kayode stressed that the current president has enjoyed support from the former head of state over the last three years, to the disagreement of many who thought he got it wrong in the first place.