There Have Been ‘Serial Assaults’ On Office Of Vice President – Odumakin


Social Commentator, Yinka Odumakin, has said that there have been ‘serial assaults’ on the office of the Vice President.

Speaking on Channels TV’s Politics Today, he held the opinion that the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo had been stripped of many of his duties.

He said this in reaction to the President’s decision to sign a new bill on offshore oil fields.

The Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari’s had travelled to London on Monday to submit the new bill for his assent – a situation which has since sparked controversy and intensified speculations that Osinbajo has been sidelined.

According to him, although some may argue that some of the functions are at the discretion of the president, the transmission of power to the office of the Vice President when he is leaving the country is different as it is a constitutional matter.


No Misunderstanding Between Buhari And Osinbajo – Presidency

The Presidency Remains One, Adesina Reacts To Claims Osinbajo Is Being Sidelined

“There have been serial assaults on that office for a long time now,” Odumakin stated.

“Since after Osinbajo sacked Lawan Daura, there has never been any data transmission to the National Assembly whenever the president is travelling out of the country.

“Outside that, we have seen that most of the functions given to his office have been stripped.

“Many of them have been taken to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.

“You can say that most of those functions are at the discretion of the president but the question of the President’s transmission of power to the Vice President when he is leaving the country, is a constitutional matter.

“The constitution says that when the President is going out of the country, he shall write to the National Assembly, transmit to the Vice and when he comes back, he will send another letter… that has not been done in this case.

“What we have now seen is the Chief of Staff, taking bills to London for the President to sign”.

The Presidency has, however, debunked reports of a misunderstanding between the Office of the President and the Vice President.

Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters, Senator Babajide Omowurare, made this clarification while briefing journalists at the National Assembly earlier on Wednesday.

He explained that the constitution permits the President to work from anywhere.

Omowurare, however, remained silent on why the President did not transmit a letter to the National Assembly, handing over responsibilities to the Vice President.

Odumakin Backs Calls For True Federalism

National Publicity Secretary of Afenifere, Yinka Odumakin


The National Publicity Secretary of Afenifere, Mr Yinka Odumakin, has advocated the need for Nigeria to adopt true federalism in handling the country’s affairs.

He made his position known while appearing as a guest on Channels Television’s News At Ten on Wednesday.

“We cannot make any progress in this country except we go back to this issue (of true federalism),” he said.

His reaction comes after a former Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Mr Emeka Anyaoku, reiterated the call for the restructuring of Nigeria saying Nigeria needs a true Federal structure.

“Our country, Nigeria, was doing extremely well when it had a true federation of four regions with each region developing at its own pace with citizens feeling proud to belong to the Nigerian country,” he said in Lagos.

Odumakin believes that Africa’s most populous nation needs to get it right by adopting the federal system that was in practised years ago.

According to him, the then Shehu Shagari’s administration budgeted about $25 billion to cater for a population of about 80 million people unlike the President Muhammadu’s government is earmarking about $23 billion for an estimated 180 million citizens.

He, however, warned that the Federal Government should work hard to making the economy productive by reviving the Agricultural sector.

Odumakin stated further, “In 1983, Shagari’s government was $25 billion, then Nigeria was 80 million people. Now we are almost 200 million people, Buhari’s budget is $23 billion which means we are not producing anything.

“This economy is not productive and we cannot become productive until we go back to agronomy. For as long as you have it on the exclusive list, that all the mineral resources belong to the Federal Government, there is no way you can become a productive economy.”

I Wanted To Be A Reverend Sister While Growing Up – Odumakin



The President, Centre for Change and Women Arise Initiative, Mrs Joe Odumakin, has narrated her dream of becoming a reverend sister while growing up.

She featured as a guest on Channels Television’s Rubbing Mind where she shed more light on her desire to totally serve God and mankind.

“When I was about completing my secondary school, I was filling the form; I also wanted to be married to Jesus (because) I never wanted any distraction,” she said on Sunday.

According to her, the decision to become a reverend sister and not get married was largely influenced by the Catholic school she attended while growing up.

The activist added, “As staunch Catholics, we started out while we were very young in church, confirmation, holy communion – a lot of things happened.

“But my Christian Religious Study teacher, Miss Stirrer, a Missionary; I just like her and my Reverend Father too. So I just felt that and it is true, these people are just married to Jesus all their life.”

On how she ended up as an activist, Odumakin said she learned quite a lot from her mother who she considered her mentor.

While many young girls seem to be closer to their fathers, her case is entirely different as she claimed to have grown up under the roof of guys.

The human rights activist described her mother as one who would confront people, settle quarrels, and fights for the course of justice.

“It is from my mum because growing up, I watched my mum as a princess. And I see her do a lot of things. She confronts people, hates injustice and always confrontational,” she narrated.

“Although at times, she would scold me that I will have to rethink if she was really my mother but at last, I found out that the disciple has helped me a lot.”

Odumakin stressed further that despite being detained for at least 17 times during military regimes, she remained undaunted in her fight against injustice and oppression.

Her resilient spirit has not gone unnoticed within her 25 years of active unionism as she has raked in several awards to her credit.

Some of the honours she has received include Hero of Democracy and Good Governance (2007), Advocate of the Masses (2006), Certificate of Merit Award (2014), International Woman of Courage Award (2013), and Eminent International Gold Award (2013) among several others.