CAC Good Women Choir on Sunrise…waxing strong 30years after

It is a song that has resonated from loud speakers across Nigeria for over three decades as people celebrate the end of the year and members of the group that sang the song have vowed to stick to their age long style of music despite the massive turnaround of the Nigerian music industry. 

The group of elderly women that sang the evergreen end of the year song, ‘Odun Nlo Sopinwere the Artiste of the week on Channels TV weekend breakfast programmee, Sunrise, where they explained how the group has been faring in the almost fourth decades of its existence and release of the hit track.

Established in 1975 and released their first album in 1977, the CAC Good Women Choir, can sure be regarded as the oldest musical group in Nigeria.

The leader of the group, 79year old, Mrs Deborah Fasoyin, recalled how the group started with almost 200 female members of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Ibadan and formed the Good Women Choir in 1975.

Mrs Fasoyin explained that the group was whittled down to 35members after the creation of states and now 12 members with some travelled abroad and some passed on to the great beyond.

The gospel singers who decline to attend concerts claim they sing only at churches, for free because their primary aim and objective is strictly to, spread the gospel.

Refusing to partake in the current multimillion-dollar frenzy of the Nigerian music industry, the Good Women Choir insisted that they will not change their style of music because “our music is spiritual. Music that changes life, that touches life. We don’t want to fall in line with the present way of gospel music. We to stand on our own” affirmed Mrs Fasoyin.

The women also proudly claimed that the survival of the group is funded by their personal contributions.

On what the future holds for the group, Mrs Fasoyin stated that they are already recruiting young married women who must have the consent of their husbands to join the group and continue the tradition and style of the group.

Enjoy the interview with the ever green ladies below.

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