Ceasefire Agreement: Security Expert Says Further Negotiation Is Necessary

olatunbosunA security consultant, Olatunbosun Abolarinwa, has said that in any situation where terrorism takes the centre stage, further negotiation is  key to resolving it.

He said that there could not be an immediate ceasefire in Nigeria’s north-east because the situation had been lingering for a long tim. He, therefore, advised Nigerians to be patient because the ceasefire would not be immediate.

“There can’t be magic in the ceasefire agreement because the situation has been on for a long time. A lot of countries are experiencing security challenges.”

He also advised the media to work with the government, to avoid spreading news that are not verified, “the fact that Boko Haram says the Chibok girls will be on a particular day does not necessarily translate that they will be released that day”.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily on Tuesday, Mr Abolarinwa explained that the agreement would take a while before it’s implemented because the sect needed to communicate and agree with their members internationally and locally. “It is very easy to destroy but building it back will take time.”

He suggested that the government should set up a robust analyst group.

“The Federal Government needs to bring in experts that will translate every word that Boko Haram says to have a clear understanding before announcement is  made publicly.”

He applauded the Chief of Defense Staff for being able to consolidate the information given out to Nigerians so as “not to look irresponsible”.

On the part of the media, he insisted that there has to be a meeting and insisted that they have to exercise patience in publishing stories in order to give out the right information.

Security Expert Questions Government’s Role In Tackling Terrorism


A Security Consultant, Olatunbosun Abolarinwa, has questioned the government’s sincerity in tackling insurgencies in some parts of Nigeria.

Mr Abolarinwa referred to the recent abduction of about 200 secondary school girls in Borno State as an issue that should be tackled quickly. calling it a “Gorilla war”.

He stated that it was a collective duty of Nigerians and government to rise up and tackle insecurity in the nation.

On Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr Abolarinwa called on the government to educate Nigerians on security measures and steps that could be taken to prevent attacks. “No amount of technology coming from the best part of the world to solve terrorism will work, until Nigerians stand up to do what they need to do”.

He advocated for a security orientation programme, for the average Nigerian to educate them on steps to be taken when solving security challenges. “The government do not adhere to these calls. We don’t have people who can listen in government,” he lamented.

The security expert stressed that security issues affecting the country could be put to a halt within six months and without spending billions of Naira, insisting  that an awareness and re-orientation programme should be created. “It is possible to spend a huge amount of money on the wrong thing and end up having the wrong result” he added.


Security Expert Urges FG To Improve Efforts In Campaign Against Insecurity

A security consultant and public affairs commentator, Olatunbosun Abolarinwa has labelled the scourge of terrorism bedevilling Nigeria as not surprising.

Abolarinwa further called for a proper campaign against insecurity insisting that “the orientation of an average Nigerian towards security is zero”.

He noted that millions of naira is being spent on election campaigns by politicians and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and wondered why the government cannot put some money into campaign against insecurity.

He revealed that “every first born in every (Israeli) family is a member of the Israeli Defence Services” insisting that Nigerians should erase the thoughts that the problem is “only at Borno” and see themselves as “major stakeholders in the fight against terrorism no matter how far they are from the north”.

Abolarinwa, who was speaking as a guest on Channels television morning flagship programme, Sunrise Daily, also called on Nigerians to be watchful.

Citing the fact that “no country in the world today  will be able to come out and say that the issue of security threat to the lives and property it’s citizens is sorted”, he noted that the recent attack on a military base in Maiduguri “did not come as a surprise”.

He likened the scourge to HIV/Aids where solutions are daily being sought to end it, insisting that “many countries are still fighting the HIV virus” maintaining that “there are new patients coming out, there are programmes by the health ministries of various countries to try and stem it and other diseases too” adding that “same goes for terrorism”.

He noted that terrorism is a mind-set of a certain people who are on the increase. He revealed that mothers in Pakistan give birth to children ”saying that they are actually giving birth to children so that they can become suicide bombers in the future”.

He urged the federal government to go to work on the attitude of “our leaders” warning that “you come out to start advertising the war that you have not won” and called for a holistic approach in the fight against terrorism, which will include every facet of the society.

He warned that “if care is not taken, we are going to see more attacks in the coming days” noting that everyone is a “potential target as well as a potential stakeholder”.



Jail Break Not Unusual, Inmates Always Want Freedom, Expert Tells Prison Authority

A security expert, Olatunbosun Abolarinwa on Tuesday said the recent prison break which led to the release of 175 inmates from the Ondo medium security prison is a wake-up call to the Nigeria Prisons Service.

“It is a time for authority to wake up,” he said.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr Abolarinwa disapproved the durability and strength of the prison structure which he says does not need any expertise to break through. He described it as an ‘eye sore’.

Although guns and explosives were used in facilitating the prison break, Mr Abolarinwa disagreed with the Ondo State Comptroller of Prisons, Tunde Olayiwola, who had said the occurrence was an ‘unusual’ attack.

He explained that the psychology of all inmates in focused on how to be free from prison, hence jail  breaks will always happen. This he said, is why maximum security prisons require beefed up security.

He said the recent spate of prison breaks in the country calls for concern. However he asked people to exercise caution in linking the attacks to terrorist groups.

“There is need for proper investigations to be carried out in order for us to be able to establish the facts and figures in this before we jump to conclusions”.

He said that the prison authority needs to focus on proper archiving and profiling of inmates, which will facilitate recapture of escaped persons.

He however questioned whether the authorities are already doing this.