Omoni Oboli, Husband Celebrate 17 Years Together

Actress Omoni Oboli and her husband Nnamdi Oboli, are celebrating 17 years of being happily married.

The couple took to Instagram to express their love for each other as well as gratitude for how far they’ve come.

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Coupled with heart-warming messages, they shared throw-back photos of each other in what one can describe as their days of humble beginning.

17 YEARS LATER And you’re still the one I love ❤️ If it was easy, everyone would be doing it If it was horrible, no one would’ve done it If it was of man alone, success would be unattainable If it is of God, success would be inevitable We didn’t get this far because of our education or astuteness ‍‍‍‍ We didn’t build a beautiful home and raise lovely children because of our parental skills or resourcefulness We are two flawed people who accept that unless the Lord builds the house we labour in vain We know that if it were up to us alone, without God’s grace, none of this could we sustain I love you Mrs Oboli, my wife, my best friend, my love for life ❤️❤️❤️ I cherish you as God’s gift to me on this 17th anniversary of when God made you my wife ❤️❤️ #happyanniversary #MyWifeAndI #loveyouforlife

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The couple is blessed with three boys.

Omoni Oboli Thankful As She Escapes Fire Accident

Nollywood Star, Omoni Oboli escaped death by the whiskers when fire engulfed a part of her apartment.

The actress took to Instagram on Friday to express gratitude to God for saving her from the incident.

“This God is too good! Magnify the Lord with me my people! Still shook but I’m constantly in awe of my King! God loves me. Nobody can tell me otherwise!,” she wrote.

She explained that she would have been caught up in the fire which started in the middle of the night, but for the alertness of a friend of hers who currently stays with her.

This God is too good! Magnify the Lord with me my people! Still shook but I’m constantly in awe of my King! God loves me. Nobody can tell me otherwise! Since after the series of incidences that happened earlier in the year, I sometimes have panic attacks so my darling ever dependable @tomesadeoye abandoned her room and has been sleeping in mine. I’ve been nursing a very bad cold for days so I took night nurse to enable sleep. Power went off at some point in the night and Tomi who usually can sleep in heat, got uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep. I on the other hand didn’t notice because I was in a drug induced sleep. Around 5am, power came back on and Tomi happily fell asleep. She hadn’t slept for long when she started perceiving something, she opened her eyes to see the AC engulfed in flames. She screamed at me to wake up. I saw the flames and screamed ‘The blood of Jesus’. Ran into the bathroom to get water but I didn’t think I was fast enough, so I abandoned it cos I realized the AC is right by the door and if it gets any worse, I wouldn’t be able to leave the room. I told Tomi to call the editor (I have an editing suite in my home and we are editing WOS so the editor moved in) she screamed his name and he came rushing upstairs. We all ran downstairs to get the fire extinguisher, couldn’t operate it and proceeded to turn off electricity from the circuit breaker. Tomi went back up and screamed that the fire was a lot worse. Idris (the editor) and Paul (my gateman) started carrying buckets of water and soap upstairs. By this time, they couldn’t even get into the room because the fire was too much. They started pouring water from the door. I want to say that we definitely had angelic assistance because in less than 10 mins, they put out an electrical fire with water and soap! I know God sent His angels 👼🏽 😇God has been too good to me this year! I’m so unworthy of His grace upon my life. I’m so unfaithful yet He remains faithful! I bow before your majesty my Father. All that I am, all I will ever be, I give to you Lord. Thank God for our lives. If we had woken up just 3 minutes after we did, we would not have been able to leave the room. #ChildOfGrace #GodIsGood

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Omoni who is also a director and producer, is currently working on her latest project “Wives on Strike”, set to hit cinema’s by December 29, 2017.

My Wife Is A Blessing From God, Says Omoni Oboli’s Husband

Nollywood actress and director, Omoni Oboli’s husband Nnamdi, has sent chills down the spine of fans as he gushed over his wife via an Instagram post.

Mr Oboli who took time to appreciate his wife, shared a photo of her in which he described her as a true blessing from God.

#tbt to the premiere of #MyWifeAndI movie “The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and He adds no sorrow to it” Nothing could be truer than the fact the I’m blessed with a wife from the Lord who makes me rich in every way I can imagine, and adds no sorrow on top of it all (except when I miss her) The embellishments; makeup , dresses , accessories and jewels , are all just that, embellishments! They only cover the real beauty that only I can see, and appreciate, and bless God for His indescribable We often forget that we have this life alone to enjoy our blessings on earth, because eternity will be another kind of joy and blessings and we don’t marry or are given in marriage there So don’t waste your time trying to save your joy for when you’ve finished all the work and are too old to enjoy the wife of your youth as the scripture demands of us I don talk my own finish. If you like continuu with ya wahala for or start to dey enjoy yasef. ‍♀️ As for me and my house… #appreciateyourwife #countyourblessings #lifeistooshorttobeunhappywithwhomGodhasgivenyou #LoveYouBabe

The couple has been married for about 16 years and is blessed with three handsome boys.

Omoni Oboli Set To Release ‘Wives On Strike’ Two

Following an impressive Box office showing in 2016 for the movie ‘Wives on strike’, actress and film maker Omoni Oboli is set to release the part two of the movie ‘Wives On strike the revolution’.

The original comic movie which reportedly earned about N70m at the box office is a hilarious comedy about a group of market women who decided to take matters into their own hands against their husbands in a bid to stir them into standing up for a young girl whom they wanted to protect from the wishes of her own father.

Speaking exclusively with Entertainment News on Channels Television the actress disclosed that the movie will be released in December.

“You heard it first, I have a movie coming up in December, my own movie. It is called ‘wives on strike the revolution’ which is actually ‘wives on strike part two’, I can’t wait.”

The actress who is a graduate of New York Film Academy has won several awards such as Best Actress Narrative Feature at the Los Angeles Movie Awards, Best Actress at the Harlem International Film Festival, Big Screen Actress of the Year award in 2014, the Sun Nollywood personality of the year in 2015.

Omoni who is passionate about reaching out to the needy set up a charity organisation, The Omoni Oboli Foundation, to use her celebrity status to provide needed relief to less-privileged women and children in the society.

Shan George, Laide Bakare On Set For New Movies

MOVIEActress, Laide Bakare is currently working on a new movie, ‘Daddy Daddy’, starring actors, Funsho Adeolu and Adeniyi Johnson.

The movie tells the story of a family caught in the web of love and betrayal.

Another Nollywood veteran, Shan George is on set of her new self-directed movie, ‘One Good Man’.

The movie which is being shot in Calabar, Rivers State, features popular acts like Bukky Wright, Lepacious Bose, Femi Branch, Lilian Bach and others.

Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli has also revealed that her next big film is titled, ‘First Lady’.

The actress told Channels Television’s Entertainment News in an exclusive chat that she played the lead character as a cheap sex worker in the movie.

‘First Lady’ will premiere on October 1, 2015.

Being Married Has Helped Me In So Many Ways – Omoni Oboli

Omoni OboliNigerian actress, Omoni Oboli, says that contrary to usual beliefs that ladies are asked for sex for roles in Nollywood, she had never been approached with such demands.

She said this on Rubbin Minds on Channels Television, in response to a question on whether being married has limited her roles in the industry.

I’m not sure if it has. I think it has probably helped in so many ways because I hear a lot of girls say ‘some guy is asking me to sleep with them for a role or whatever’; I don’t get that.

“I don’t know if its because I’m married or the fact that they just respect me, but I really don’t get that. I am thinking perhaps in a good way that has helped me. They know not to bring it up.”

She would not deny the existence of the issue in the industry but noted that she had never reall y seen people own up to it.

She, however, noted that sexual harassment is not peculiar to the movie industry as “doctors want to sleep with nurses everyday”, an indication that almost every industry has the same challenge.

The media has been seen to be responsible for blowing up controversies around the issue of sexual harassment in Nollywood and she noted that this was because people involved are in the limelight.

On how her husband handles all of these, she said; “He’s fine. He is what I call a modern day man. He understands that this is my job, this is what I do and you’ve got to take the good and the bad.”

Omoni also spoke about the challenges in the Nigerian movie industry, admitting that indeed the standards could be better especially in scripts and production quality.

Citing the usual complaints about the sound quality of their movies, she highlighted the situation whereby they have had to shoot with power generators for most productions as one of the major factors responsible for this.

Omoni Oboli also denied rumours that she had “beef” with fellow actress, Genevieve Nnaji. She explained how the controversy started off an interview granted by a movie director she had worked with and who decided to proclaim her as the best in Nigeria based on their working relationship.Omoni Oboli

She put the blame for the rumours on the tabloids, as she had no idea how the media created an assumption that there was competition and started the comparison of the two actresses.

Omoni once had her close shave with a scandal when she was spotted at an event – a presidential screening of a movie – with a dress considered to have shown a lot of skin.

This generated massive media backlash as many considered the appearance to have contradicted her usual homely image.

She noted that she bought the dress in company of her husband while on holiday abroad and they both did not find anything wrong about it but the outfit was exaggerated by the angle from which the photograph which circulated in the media was taken.

She admitted that if she knew how much controversies her innocent decision to look good for a red carpet event would have caused she might not have worn the dress. Although she also registered her suspicion that the “so much talk” was fanned by certain people who had sinister motives against her.

Her current movie, Being Mrs Eliot, has been in the cinema and she wants all Nigerians to go to the cinemas to see the movie and help develop the industry with their comments and patronage.

Omoni Oboli, who studied Foreign Languages and speaks fluent French, also revealed that she has an ongoing project with the French Embassy in Nigeria to produce a bilingual movie.

Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli launches Foundation

Over the weekend star actress Omoni Oboli launched her foundation which she called “The Omoni Oboli Foundation”

The foundation is an initiative to help the less privilege, children abandoned on the street and also pregnant women who can’t take care of themselves.

Omoni whose birthday was last weekend thought of celebrating it with the kids, who live on the streets, by throwing a party to create fun, dance, mentor-ship and medical care.

The star partnered with Child Lifeline an NGO that cares for street children by providing food and shelter for them.

Also in lending hand was Live Well Initiative (LWI) who came with their medical experts to examine, deworm and give drugs to children.

Not forgetting GSK and NBL who supported with drinks and toothpaste, standby dj was there to give children music to dance, lots of foods, drinks, snacks and gifts packs were made available for the children.