Why I Took A Break From Acting – Omotola

Actress Omotola Jolade returns to the big screen with a bang after four years of self-imposed acting hiatus.

She made her return with an appearance in the new movie ‘Alter Ego’.

The lead, cast and crew of the movie which is set to make a box office entrance hosted a special screening for critics in Lagos.

Speaking at the screening Nollywood screen delight Omotola Jolade Ekehinde explained her reason for taking a 4 year break from acting.

She said, “I knew I was going to be going on a break so I did a few movies; I have like four movies that are still not out. I knew I needed to go away because I was getting creatively stiffened. It gets to a point sometimes that you feel there is nothing challenging you anymore and then you start to feel like you are in trouble, your standard is dropping.

“So, I went through that period and I knew I needed to stay away and so coming back was hard for me because I was waiting for that movie that will challenge me and excite me and something that will bring out value in message, entertainment, reality, nature and the truth of the matter is ‘Alter Ego’ did it for me.”

‘Alter Ego’ focuses on the post-traumatic stress suffered by a victim of child sexual molestation.

Over the years Omotola had used her image, name and voice to fight many female causes in Africa.

Ending herself self-imposed break came because of a personal strong conviction about the message.

“This is the first movie that is truly addressing the problem of (PTSD) post-traumatic stress disorder. We don’t talk about that in Nigeria so when we see someone who is mentally traumatised, the first thing that comes to your mind is this person is crazy. We don’t talk about depression in Nigeria and how it affects children especially children that have been abused,” the actress said.

“We want to start addressing this, not only how it affects children psychologically at that age but even as adults, because in Africa we don’t think about the fact that people actually have physiological trauma and that PTSD actually affects Africans, we think it is an oyinbo disease.”

‘Alter Ego’ is woven around a young successful woman who suffers a multiple personality disorder which sees and act in a clear and vulnerable manner around men.

To portray the character the mother of four had to play some extremely ranching scenes, she addresses the controversy that the scenes have generated.

“Off course, I am married, my husband is my very big fan and he is fine with it and understands it but he also wants to be convinced that it was done because it was necessary, but I won’t do that if is not necessary in the movie,

“I knew I was doing something quite risky but I knew it was necessary as well and there are ways to do a sex scene, my own is if you must do it then do it well and convincingly. So, the thing to watch out for is, ‘is it necessary for the movie?’ And if it is, it must be done properly.”

‘Alter Ego’ will hit the big screens from July 21.

Being Married Has Helped Me In So Many Ways – Omoni Oboli

Omoni OboliNigerian actress, Omoni Oboli, says that contrary to usual beliefs that ladies are asked for sex for roles in Nollywood, she had never been approached with such demands.

She said this on Rubbin Minds on Channels Television, in response to a question on whether being married has limited her roles in the industry.

I’m not sure if it has. I think it has probably helped in so many ways because I hear a lot of girls say ‘some guy is asking me to sleep with them for a role or whatever’; I don’t get that.

“I don’t know if its because I’m married or the fact that they just respect me, but I really don’t get that. I am thinking perhaps in a good way that has helped me. They know not to bring it up.”

She would not deny the existence of the issue in the industry but noted that she had never reall y seen people own up to it.

She, however, noted that sexual harassment is not peculiar to the movie industry as “doctors want to sleep with nurses everyday”, an indication that almost every industry has the same challenge.

The media has been seen to be responsible for blowing up controversies around the issue of sexual harassment in Nollywood and she noted that this was because people involved are in the limelight.

On how her husband handles all of these, she said; “He’s fine. He is what I call a modern day man. He understands that this is my job, this is what I do and you’ve got to take the good and the bad.”

Omoni also spoke about the challenges in the Nigerian movie industry, admitting that indeed the standards could be better especially in scripts and production quality.

Citing the usual complaints about the sound quality of their movies, she highlighted the situation whereby they have had to shoot with power generators for most productions as one of the major factors responsible for this.

Omoni Oboli also denied rumours that she had “beef” with fellow actress, Genevieve Nnaji. She explained how the controversy started off an interview granted by a movie director she had worked with and who decided to proclaim her as the best in Nigeria based on their working relationship.Omoni Oboli

She put the blame for the rumours on the tabloids, as she had no idea how the media created an assumption that there was competition and started the comparison of the two actresses.

Omoni once had her close shave with a scandal when she was spotted at an event – a presidential screening of a movie – with a dress considered to have shown a lot of skin.

This generated massive media backlash as many considered the appearance to have contradicted her usual homely image.

She noted that she bought the dress in company of her husband while on holiday abroad and they both did not find anything wrong about it but the outfit was exaggerated by the angle from which the photograph which circulated in the media was taken.

She admitted that if she knew how much controversies her innocent decision to look good for a red carpet event would have caused she might not have worn the dress. Although she also registered her suspicion that the “so much talk” was fanned by certain people who had sinister motives against her.

Her current movie, Being Mrs Eliot, has been in the cinema and she wants all Nigerians to go to the cinemas to see the movie and help develop the industry with their comments and patronage.

Omoni Oboli, who studied Foreign Languages and speaks fluent French, also revealed that she has an ongoing project with the French Embassy in Nigeria to produce a bilingual movie.