Chibok Girls Rescue: Wahab Stresses Need To Follow Every Lead

Garba Wahab, Chibok girlsFormer Chief of Army Administration, Major General Garba Wahab (Rtd), has stressed the need to follow every lead in the search for the missing Chibok girls.

General Wahab made the emphasis on Tuesday while calling for synergy among those making efforts to rescue the over 200 secondary school girls abducted from their school’s dormitory in Chibok community of Borno State, northeast Nigeria.

A Firm Commitment

“No information should be left unfollowed. All leads should be followed and to do that, there must be a firm commitment from everybody and everybody must be under one command,” he stressed.

The retired senior army officer highlighted that the insurgents had two advantages, saying that the military should leverage on them.

“We need to understand that Boko Haram has two advantages; one, time.

“Any terrorist organisation has the advantage of time on its side, the government does not and two, they know that we are not too sure of the figure we are actually looking for.

“So they play on those two advantages they have (and) we need to narrow down the advantages so that we’ll move on,” he said.

A Single Umbrella

The former GOC, One Division pointed out that above all, the security agencies “must work as one under a single umbrella”.

General Wahab urged the military to put the released video showing the missing girls in a proper perspective.

“The video could have been shot a long time ago.

“It could be a reaction to the fact that Albarnawi had now been made the leader of Boko Haram in Nigeria by ISIS,” said the former Director of Army Operations on Sunrise Daily.