I Can’t Use All State Resources To Pay Salaries – Aregbesola

Rauf Aregbesola on workers' salariesThe Governor of Osun State, Rauf Aregbesola, on Tuesday said he cannot use all of the state’s federal allocation to pay workers and pensioners.

Governor Aregbesola speaking at the commissioning of the Osun Job Centre in Osogbo, the State capital, stressed that the development of any state depended on the ingenuity of the leadership to ensure even distribution ‎of resources available.

He added that with a population of over four million people in the state, it is only logical for the civil servants and pensioners to show some understanding with the government.

The Governor made it clear that the inability of the State government to meet its obligation to public servants and pensioners was because the government wanted to meet the development need of the state.

He said that the state’s resources could not sustain the payment of workers’ salaries.

“Some people keep on harping on the fact that we are not paying salaries and I ask them; ‘if we are to use every kobo we have to pay salaries, how horrible will this state be?

“Salary earners and pension earners are 60,000. Osun at the last count has four million people. So, if all we do is pay salary and disregard the needs of over three million people, where are we going to be? It will be a horrible state indeed. It will be a state where life will be difficult and tough,” the Governor stated.

Spread The Revenue

According to him, the only way out would be to spread the revenue of the state affect as many people as possible.

“That is what is known as development.

“So when they tell you that he is not paying salaries, tell them to mind their business. Should we leave it to their very very limited and myopic view, we will have an obnoxious state where life will be brutish and unliveable,”

On his plans for the workers, Governor Aregbesola said: “To make life ‎liveable, we must do what we are doing and that is why we keep on encouraging our workers that we know it is tough with you, but it is not only you. We are all affected. If we can mobilise our citizens, this will be history and by the grace of God, it will be history very very soon”.

Osun ‘O-Jobs’ Creates Link Between Employee And Employer

Osun Job CentreThe Osun State government says its new job centre, O-Jobs, has been established to create a link between the employers and employees that are Osun indigenes and residents.

Governor Rauf Aregbesola commissioned the Osun Job Centre on Tuesday in Osogbo, the capital of Osun State.

He said it was in fulfilment of a promise to provide jobs for unemployed Youths during his tenure. It complements the earlier introduced “O-Yes Cadets” which employed 20,000 persons.

The Governor explained that the Osun Job Centre would provide free employment support services. It is created by the state government for indigenes and residents to register and post their Curriculum Vitae (CV).

“It also serves as a platform for employers to register and post job opportunities.

“It is an intermediary between job seekers and employers, with the goal of matching the company’s needs and requirements with a job seeker’s skills, interests and experience.

“‎It is settled that government exists to serve the people.

“Before now, we all carelessly depended absolutely on oil, a revenue that we did not contribute anything to it. Oil is no more there for us to depend on. It is from the work that you do that government can earn revenue from,” he told a gathering at the official opening of the centre.

A website is provided by the government to enable Osun indigenes outside the state and employers take advantage of the initiative

The Osun State Governor further emphasised that “the more the people work therefore, the more revenue can come to the government in form of taxes.

“So I encourage you people to be very active and do your civic duties.

“We took the first 20,000 in fulfilment of our promise, two years later we took another 20,000.

“No government in Nigeria has been able to achieve this feat,” he claimed.

Not Under Obligation

On the outcome of the government’s initial efforts, he said 41 out of the O-Yes Cadets now have their houses.

“I thank God that we have been a part of this success story.

“As weak as we are financially, Osun has the lowest rate of Youth unemployment. I challenge anyone to contest this. This has been achieved because of our youth employment programme. Because of the dexterity and innovation we have employed, we have the seventh national Highest GDP in the nation,” he further claimed.

Governor Aregbesola said: “The job centre will help you identify jobs, groom you for the job. We have created an environment for you and you don’t need to go to Lagos, Port -Harcourt and other states.

“We will look for jobs for you from across that states and outside the country and prepare you for the job and interview so you will have a unique opportunity to get the best job wherever the job is in the world.

“It is a worthy legacy we have decided to give to the people of Osun”.

Earlier, the Commissioner for Human Resources and Capacity Building, Miss Mobolaji Akande, said that the Osun Job Centre was not a job placement agency.

She further explained that the centre was not under obligation to find job or secure employment for anybody.

“It only provides tools and information to help a job seeker succeed in job search,” she emphasised.

The job centre has 62 desk officers working on any curriculum vitae sent by the job seeker before being called up for training.

A website, Osun Job Centre has also been established to collate CV and also provide a platform for employers to check for job seekers.