Twitter blocked in Pakistan due to anti-Islam materials

Pakistan’s telecommunications authority has been by the government to block social media networkng website Twitter, the chairman of the authority said.

This was mandatory because of the claim that there are some materials thought offensive to the religion practiced in pakistan which is Islam.

Mohammad Yaseen said the website was blocked on Sunday because Twitter refused to remove material related to a competition on Facebook to post images of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

Many Muslims regard depictions of the prophet, even favorable ones, as blasphemous.

Yaseen said Facebook agreed to address Pakistan’s concerns but officials have not been able to get Twitter to do the same.

Officials from Facebook and Twitter could not immediately be reached for comment.

Pakistan blocked Facebook for about two weeks in 2010 because of a similar competition.

Drone strike kills four suspected militants in Pakistan

A U.S. drone strike killed four suspected militants in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal region near the Afghan border on Sunday, intelligence officials and witnesses said, the first strike in almost a month.

The controversial drone program, a key element in U.S. counter-terrorism efforts, is highly unpopular in Pakistan, where it is considered a violation of sovereignty which causes many civilian casualties.

A Pakistani parliamentary committee recently demanded an end to drone strikes on Pakistani territory as part of its recommendations for how its relationship with Washington should change. The United States has given no indication it intends to halt the campaign.

The remotely piloted aircraft targeted an abandoned girls’ high school building used by militants in Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan, the officials and witnesses said. Three militants were wounded.

“We intercepted internal conversation of the militants asking for arranging four coffins for the slain men in the drone attack. We don’t know about their identity and nationality but those living in the girls’ school were mostly Arabs,” a security official said.

A local resident, Haji Niamat Khan, said more than two dozen militants were living in the school when it was attacked.

The last drone strike, on March 30, killed four suspected militants and wounded three in the same town of Miranshah, a known hotbed for Pakistan Taliban and foreign militants.

The strikes are a major stumbling block in restoring ties with Washington, badly frayed after an inadvertent cross-border attack by NATO aircraft on Nov 26 last year killed 24 Pakistani troops.

The United States says the strikes in Pakistan’s unruly northwestern tribal regions along the Afghan border are very accurate and there is minimal collateral damage.


Pakistan Baby born with six legs fights for life

A baby born with six legs due to a rare genetic condition, is struggling to survive at a Pakistani hospital, as doctors search for surgical options that would allow him to live a normal life.

Doctors at the National Institute of Child Health in Karachi say the infant had a parasitic twin, which resulted in the extra limbs, a condition that  affects one in one million babies. According to Dr. Jamal Raza, director of the National Institute of Child Health in Karachi, the baby did not have six legs – he only had two legs while the other four belonged to his twin.

‘Operating on such a baby is not an easy task as proper assessments need to be done first,’ he said. ‘We need to figure out whether the baby has his twin’s limbs or his own. We also need to consider how much the internal organs have developed as the latter could complicate matters and decrease the baby’s chances of surviving.’ Raza said

A parasitic twin is sometimes referred to as an asymmetrical or unequal conjoined twin.

It occurs when a twin embryo begins developing in utero, but the pair does not fully separate.

One embryo continues developing at the expense of the other (the parasitic) which will rely on the body of the other for blood supply and organ function.

It is incompletely developed and dependent on the other twin.

The independent twin is called the autosite.

Meanwhile, the boy’s father, an X-ray technician, Imran Shaikh, is appealing to the Pakistani government and charities to help pay for his son’s surgery. ”I can’t afford to visit Karachi and get treatment for my baby…I only earn $66-a-month…I appeal to philanthropists and the government to come forward for the treatment.”

Pakistan Woman commits suicide 12 years after acid attack

33 year old mother Fakhra Younus has decided to end her life after being attacked with a horrific acid bath.

At the time of the attack in May 2000, her Ex-husband Bilal Khar was accused of entering her mother’s house and pouring acid on Younus face while she was asleep.

Younus had undergone over 39 surgical operations, as her nose completely melted, her hair burned off, fused lips, blinding one of her eye, destroying one ear and melting her breasts.

The attack left her struggling for life and unable to breathe, after being rushed to the hospital Fakhra said “My face is a prison to me” and her five year old son who experienced the acid bath on his mother said “This is not my mother”
Fakhra committed suicide from a 6th floor building in Rome.

NDLEA apprehends Pakistani with N120m heroin

A 35-year-old Pakistani, Mr. Syed Ahmed-Bukhari, with 13 kilograms of heroin estimated to a street value of N120m has been arrested by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

The anti-drug agency disclosed that the Pakistani was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, shortly after arriving aboard a Qatar Airways flight from Doha, with parcels of brownish powdery substances that tested positive to heroin.

According to the Agency’s Head of Public Affairs, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, Ahmed-Bukhari, an electrical engineer, who hails from Karachi is believed to be working for a Pakistan-based drug cartel.

Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju added that the arrest of the Pakistani comes in only a few days after three Bolivians were caught in a suspected case of methamphetamine production.

In the meantime, NDLEA says both suspects would be charged to court soon.