Party Registration: Appeal Court Throws Out INEC’s Suit

federal high courtA three-man panel of the Court of Appeal sitting in Abuja has dismissed the suit filed by INEC against a Federal High Court on party registration.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had challenged the judgment of the court which ordered the commission to register Young Democratic Party as a political party.

Delivering judgment on the appeal, Justice Akomolafe Wilson, said that there was no merit in the appeal by INEC as the commission failed to establish its case on why it refused to register Young Democratic Party as a political party.

The Appeal Court therefore, affirmed the judgment of the Federal High Court delivered on March 4, 2015.

Young Democratic Party had approached the Federal High Court seeking a declaration that INEC has no reason whatsoever to refuse to issue it with a certificate of registration.

The party maintained that they were deemed registered as a political party by virtue of the provisions of Section 78, Sub-section 4 of the Electoral Act.

There Is No Party, Registered Or Not That Is A Threat to PDP– Isuwa

A political scientist, Isuwa Dogo has assured that the PDP is not threatened at all by any party either registered or yet to be registered by the INEC as ‘the PDP is a well-organised, focused, balanced, articulate and conscientious party in every aspect and every department of it’ hence, the non-response to some issues raised by oppositions.

A member of the ruling party PDP who was a guest on Sunrise Daily while discussing political issues surrounding the 2015 elections,Mr Isuwa boastfully refuted claims, that the ruling party is worried about being castigated for not being responsive to issues around the country, saying that the Peoples’ Democratic Party has always been very focused on developments, as it is part of the party’s major concerns and it is also reflecting on every sector of the economy except in non-PDP states.

“The PDP has never lost focus on in its concerns for developments; the newspapers are filled with decisions taken on daily on several aspects of the economy, power sector, roads, education sector

“For the fact that people have already given in to the aspect, that every single thing that has been done by a ruling party has to be criticised justly or unjustly, is not something the PDP is worried about”

The politician took a swipe at the APC-led states in terms of actualising the agendas stated in their manifestos before mounting seats of power in the states, in a case of the ‘kettle calling pot black’, where he analysed that the PDP states do better than the APC –led states, but the opposition still get to condemn the ruling party for non-development and developmental strategies in their respective states and the central government.

“The Nigerian people know that a lot of the things they are saying (APC), they don’t even believe in them, they can’t even do them, they don’t even know them, they don’t even have the slightest idea on how  to get along to do them

“And we can see that in the states that control (APC), there is nothing to demonstrate what they accused the PDP of doing or not doing, that they have perfected it”.

He further compared PDP and APC states in terms of infrastructure development, where in his argument the PDP toppled the APC, while backing less-performing PDP states when taken up on the PDP states not performing.

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PDP Is Used To Issues Of New Parties– Aderemi

Segun Aderemi of the National Coalition for Good Governance says the PDP is already used to the emergence of new parties in Nigeria’s political arena and these new parties is posing no threat to anyone.

Speaking on the 2015 elections and emergence of new parties, specifically on the APC, on sunrise Daily, Aderemi stated that most of the politicians that formed these parties are offspring of the ruling party the PDP.

‘The issue of new parties coming is a thing we are used to’ as he hinted that the ruling PDP which is now 14 years.

‘PDP is a party that cuts across not just only in Nigeria’.

Commending the move by the INEC in registering new parties ahead of the 2015 elections, Aderemi said it will only boost Nigeria’s democracy, and the ruling is not worried by it.

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APC Will Meet The Demands Of Nigerians– Shettima

Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima has hinted that the All Progressives Congress (APC) will meet the huge demands and expectations which the nation as a whole has been yearning for.

Governor Shettima’s statement is coming after the registration of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as a political party in the country by INEC yesterday at its headquarters in the FCT.

The governor said the APC will strive exceptionally hard to provide Nigerians irrespective of their ethnic, religious and political affiliations with the long desired style of governance.

Speaking through his special adviser on communications Isa Gusau, in a congratulatory statement issued to newsmen in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital, the governor noted that with the calibre of credible political leaders, highly respected technocrats, academics, successful captains of industry, rights activists and policy gurus associated with the party, Nigerians should expect refined governance that will turn the fortunes of the country around for the good of its people.

“I am very optimistic that our party has very patriotic, credible and competent Nigerians who are selfless and ready to work for the quick re-invention of Nigeria for all Nigerians

We have highly respectable people and this is why Nigerians have very high expectations from the APC, we must then get to work immediately as a family, to think out of the box, to bring something new and concrete that is capable of making the difference. Nigerians have so many demands but the demands are just about basic things that are achievable with good leadership” Shettima said.

Governor Shettima took over from Ali Sheriff under the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) in Borno state, one of the states dominated by the nation’s leading opposition party since the return of democracy in 1999.

ANPP is among the parties that worked for the formation of an opposition party expected to give the leading political party in the country the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) a fight in the 2015 general elections.



We’ll Continue Our Plans With Or Without INEC Registration – Rival APC

The Chairman of the African Peoples Congress (APC), Michael Ikeagwuonu on Wednesday said that the association will continue with its plans whether or not the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) registers it as a political party.

Mr Ikeagwuonu, who was a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, accused the members of the merged political parties of conniving with the legal unit of INEC to pick holes in the APC’s application.

INEC had on Monday rejected the application by the APC insisting that the association breached Section 222 (a) of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution as amended.

Mr Ikeagwuonu said his association had earlier raised the alarm that INEC had plotted to deny them registration with no reason and that they would resist any of such attempts and would also contest it even up to the Supreme Court level.

He said, “Whether there is Kangaroo policy or aberration of the constitution, I want to say that anybody who thinks that by denying us this registration at this point in time has thrown the door open for anybody to take our party, or to take our name, or take our acronym is displaying complete arid naivety.”

APC Berates INEC Over Non-registration

The African People’s Congress has accused the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of complicity in its non-registration as it has not tendered any cogent reasons for not doing so.

The party said that despite INEC’s intent to frustrate the APC by not registering it, the APC will go ahead with its plans to conduct its first party primaries and also support a candidate for the Anambra State elections in 2014.

Speaking to journalists in Abuja on Monday, the interim chairman of the party, Chief Michael Ikeagwuonu accused INEC of truncating the party’s effort to get registered without giving any reasons for its action.

Chief Ikeagwuonu said the party would not be bullied into submission but will rather fight for its registration even if it means getting to the Supreme Court in the legal fight.

Merger Party’s Fate On Brink As African People’s Congress Unveils Manifesto, Constitution

The fate of the much publicized proposed merger, All Progressive Congress (APC) has been called to question following the official unveiling of the logo, slogan, manifesto and constitution of a new party, African People’s Congress with the same acronym.

The African People’s Congress (APC), has celebrated the public unveiling of the political party, and the official opening of the National headquarters of the party in Abuja.

Officials, members and supporters of the party, gathered at plot 983 Garki, opposite the main gate of Apo legislative quarters, where the national head offices of the party is located.

The party official red colored flags and emblem could be seen on the building as party members also wore red face caps and red mufflers.

In a prepared speech, the acting chairman of the party, Onyinye Michael Ikeagwuonu described the merger of major opposition political parties, ACN, CPC, ANPP and others as “simply an amalgam of people that must rule.”
He added that “they are largely part of the same over-recycled crop of power mongers that have plagued Nigeria with their abysmal misrule and maladministration.”

“The corruption in these parties often rubs off on their legislators in the National Assembly, with clear reflection on the quality of legislation churned out from our hallowed chambers,” he added.

Later in an interview with journalists, the legal adviser of the party, Kingsley Nnadi, said the fulfilment of the African People’s Congress in submitting its intention to register the party after passing other requirement of the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), put to rest any controversy over the acronym (APC), of the Party.

According to him, “I believe the unveiling of the party has finally put to rest the contention of over the acronym APC. We are waiting for their response within thirty days, because we have fulfilled every stipulated requirement in the electoral act.”

He refused to answer question on the fake office address submitted to INEC in their application to register the party, responding that, “are we not here now at the head office of the party?”

He claimed that the party has offices in 26 states of the federation, and more offices were being opened and also said they were not in any way affiliated to the ruling PDP

Questions are rife on the minds of many over the sudden appearance of this party, complete with a constitution and manifesto as to whether this is an orchestrated attempt to cripple the success of the proposed merger and who are the real powers behind this new party. But with 2015 still ahead, this is seen to be just the beginning of interesting events to unfold