Lack of Proper Management Contributed To The Failure Of Nigeria Airways

Pascal Dozie said Nigeria government can revamp the national carrier if it can assure itself of proper management, because lack of proper management was another reason for the failure of the national carrier.

Pascal said he and his team went to Singapore for training, he found out that mismanagement was a major problem.

He said Singapore Airline was founded the same year Nigeria Airways was founded but Nigeria has had more managers while Singapore Airline was being managed by just one man since its creation.

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Unemployment Is Like Poverty– Pascal Dozie

The Chairmen MTN Communication Pascal Dozie clearly stated that unemployment is a problem in Nigeria.

In looking at the solutions to end the plague of unemployment in Nigeria, Pascal said that “Unemployment is like Poverty and Nigeria has to grow out of it, and the only way to grow out of unemployment is by employment”.

He said Nigeria has to have those opportunities to get people employed and he feels that the SME’s are the best opportunities to create employment.

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