Suspended PDP Member Heads For Court

PDP22A member of the Peoples Democratic Party, Mr Aliyu Gubrin, who was suspended alongside former Chairman of the Party, Alhaji Bmanga Tukur, for suing the party has vowed to challenge his suspension in court.

Mr Gubrin, who spoke through his counsel, Barrister Lilian Ojimma, described his suspension as ‘strange’, insisting that he was not given a fair hearing by the party before his suspension.

He also debunked the claim that Bamaga Tukur has anything to do with the suit he filed seeking to oust Mr Adamu Mu’azu as the party’s national chairman.

Gr Gubrin had dragged the party before a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja to challenge the appointment of Mu’azu as the chairman of the party.

Justice Evoh Chukwu of the court dismissed the suit, saying that the plaintiff lacks the right to file the action.

The ruling PDP announced their suspension on Thursday.

There Is No Party, Registered Or Not That Is A Threat to PDP– Isuwa

A political scientist, Isuwa Dogo has assured that the PDP is not threatened at all by any party either registered or yet to be registered by the INEC as ‘the PDP is a well-organised, focused, balanced, articulate and conscientious party in every aspect and every department of it’ hence, the non-response to some issues raised by oppositions.

A member of the ruling party PDP who was a guest on Sunrise Daily while discussing political issues surrounding the 2015 elections,Mr Isuwa boastfully refuted claims, that the ruling party is worried about being castigated for not being responsive to issues around the country, saying that the Peoples’ Democratic Party has always been very focused on developments, as it is part of the party’s major concerns and it is also reflecting on every sector of the economy except in non-PDP states.

“The PDP has never lost focus on in its concerns for developments; the newspapers are filled with decisions taken on daily on several aspects of the economy, power sector, roads, education sector

“For the fact that people have already given in to the aspect, that every single thing that has been done by a ruling party has to be criticised justly or unjustly, is not something the PDP is worried about”

The politician took a swipe at the APC-led states in terms of actualising the agendas stated in their manifestos before mounting seats of power in the states, in a case of the ‘kettle calling pot black’, where he analysed that the PDP states do better than the APC –led states, but the opposition still get to condemn the ruling party for non-development and developmental strategies in their respective states and the central government.

“The Nigerian people know that a lot of the things they are saying (APC), they don’t even believe in them, they can’t even do them, they don’t even know them, they don’t even have the slightest idea on how  to get along to do them

“And we can see that in the states that control (APC), there is nothing to demonstrate what they accused the PDP of doing or not doing, that they have perfected it”.

He further compared PDP and APC states in terms of infrastructure development, where in his argument the PDP toppled the APC, while backing less-performing PDP states when taken up on the PDP states not performing.

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PDM Will Not Pose A Problem For Anybody– PDP Member

Oladimaeji Fabiyi, a member of the Peoples’ Democratic Party and a former aspirant for the position of PDP National Secretary has hinted that the newly registered Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) will not pose any problem politically, either for the PDP or anyother come 2015.

Events have been unfolding in the political terrain of the country with the registration of new political parties with a view to shake off power from the PDP.

Reacting to the registration of these political parties with a focus on PDM especially, (Peoples Democratic Movement) Mr. Fabiyi who was a guest on Sunrise Daily stated further that the PDM is not a new name as it has been in operation for quite a while now.

He said PDM can be credited to be one of the forces behind the evolution of PDP, appreciating the electoral commission, INEC for thinking it wise to register new parties “As it will widen the horizon of Nigeria’s political landscape in pursuit of excellent political and democratic systems”.

Atiku And PDM

On the issue of Atiku abstaining himself from the PDM, Fabiyi reacted, saying that the former Vice President of Nigeria cant distance himself from the new party even though he is not directly involved in its running, as he was once at the helm of affairs of the party after the death of Yar’Adua.

“Atiku really cannot dissociate himself from PDM, am not talking in terms of being the one who is floating the party now, but because you will agree with me now, that he was a very strong member of that group at that time, before 1999, you will recall that PDM is the political machinery of the former late Shehu Musa Yar’ Adua and a host of others.

So if he says people can decide to change political parties but he remains with PDP, then I believe him”.

It would be recalled that likes of Chief Anthony Anenih, Okadigbo, S.M Afolabi and a host of other notable political figures were key members of the PDM.

PDP/APC Power Tussle

Fabiyi on the merger of parties now called APC (All Progressives Congress),  said there is space for everyone in the political arena but what matters are the agenda and the ideology which he says the APC does not possess, and that in a few months, it will be known if the APC has the political strength to achieve their aim of power control.

The unexpected merger of other opposition parties against the ruling party the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) is something that has thrown the political scene into suspense, as the APC has stated in clear terms, that they are out to wrest power from the PDP come 2015.

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