No Plan To Raise Electricity Tariff – NERC

The Chairman/CEO, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, Dr. Sam Amadi has said that there is no plan to raise electricity tariff in Nigeria.

Dr Amadi, who was a guest on our business programme, `Business Morning’ said that neither the government, nor the new power firm owners have any plan to increase tariff.

According to him, it is a regulated market with control.

He said that the challenge the NERC is dealing with now is the validation and verification of the technical & collection losses and not tariff increase.

Also on the programme was former Chairman, Section on Business Law at the Nigerian Bar Association, George Etomi.

Etomi, who was representing the Eko Distribution Company, said that the plan for the new owners, working with the regulators is to ensure that everything associated with the infrastructural development and management skills that will help them to provide regular power supply is done.

However, Dr Amadi’s announcement appears a contradiction to an earlier statement by the NERC boss who said that the new tariffs which Nigerians will pay for improved power supply is not a means to rip them off, but will be justifiable.

He made the statement on the November 6 edition of the programme.

Also, the Minister of Power in Nigeria, Professor Chinedu Nebo, had warned citizens to prepare to endure some teething problems (including rise in the tariff) that may arise, after the hand-over of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria to its new owners.

“The rise will not last long. It will reduce to a manageable level over time,” he said.


We are paying PHCN for darkness – Paul Utho

A public affairs analyst, Paul Utho said the planned increase of electricity tariff by the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) is a sign of an irresponsible government.

Mr Utho while responsing to questions from the Sunrise Daily presenters said that the PHCN had increased electricity tariff over the years with no significant improvement in the quality of power supply.

“We are not saying we don’t want change, but we are against the way the government is going about imposing this change,” he said.