We Need A Re-orientation Of Nigeria’s Education Sector, Says Professor

A Professor of Philosophy, Godwin Sogolo, has said that the education sector in Nigeria needs a re-orientation.

According to him, many of the courses taught in Nigerian institutions only equip students with technical skills but lack the moral education that is required for the society to thrive.

Mr Sogolo said this during an interview on Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily.

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He believes more attention should be paid to such courses in order to help in developing the minds and characters of young graduates.

“We need an orientation in education, the education that merely impacts skills and techniques into students and then they graduate with these techniques, it’s not sufficient.

“Today, the rush is for courses that have technical skills such as technology, medicine, law and journalism. But there are disciplines like philosophy, moral education that are made to train the human mind,” he said.

“There needs to be a reorientation…how many students study philosophy in this country.

“The University of Ibadan, which is the premiere university was established in 1948 and it did not start the teaching of philosophy until 1973.

“In most of the north until recently, there was no university in the northern part of this country had a philosophy department.

“This is the kind of thing I’m trying to say.

“Think about those disciplines that humanise and teach the individual the art of being human, it is important because no matter what skills you have, until you begin to behave like a human, you are not a human and so, society cannot survive without that aspect of education”.

Gaise Set To Bring Ebenezer Obey & Fela Kuti Together For The Youths

Gaise, Coded TunesFast rising Afro-fusion artiste, Gaise recently signed to Id Cabasa’s Coded Tunes Entertainment and from all indications the rapper is set to take his music to new heights.

Having grown up in a typical Yoruba family in Ile Ife where he was exposed to local lifestyles – climbing trees and rolling tyres as pastime – Gaise has learned to appreciate life and philosophy on a deeper level.

Like most singers, his passion for music started out in the Church and the desire to be original in content and delivery led him to become a song writer.

In an interview with Channels Television’s Entertainment News, Gaise shared some of his thoughts on the music scene in the country, laying out his plan to bring options to Nigeria’s youth.

“I feel that young people, children and those who are at the mercy of the music that is available deserve an alternative,” he said.

According to him, “there is too much of a kind of music right now and I’m not talking of style. I’m talking of content.

“It (music available) is pretty much about body parts and affluence – flexing and clubbing. I feel that there should be more mentally stimulating music – music that you hear and it makes you think.”

Gaise Coded Tunes

The rapper whose song ‘Little Drops’ gained impressive airplay told EN his music addresses issues and everyday living.

“Like I did with little drops and I was talking about Nigerians and the fact that with our actions, words and the things that we do, we actually influence the state of the nation

He further explained his opinion saying the floods in Lagos could not be blamed on the government but on citizens who litter the roads with waste.

“We are 20 million in Lagos, so if just four million of us are doing that, we have millions of litter blocking drainage. Of course, there’ll be flood.”

Although his music comes with a religious bias for Christianity which forms the boundaries for his content, Gaise admits that the late Afrobeats legend, Femi Anikulapo Kuti influences him – but only as regards delivery and style.

I am “considerably liberal. So I’m open to ideas. I’m open to learning…. so I expose my mind to those who have gone before (me)”

He adds that he will listen to rich music, even those that do not originate in Church,

“Any musician will be deceiving himself or herself if you do not give regard to the music that Fela did. I personally like the boldness with which he sang.”

Ebenezer Obey and Tope Alabi are some of the other musicians who inspire him.

“I want to do the Ebenezer Obey type of content with the Fela type fearlessness”.

Corruption Is The Only Thing That Works — Bishop Kukah

The Catholic Bishop Of Kaduna Diocese, Mathew Hassan Kukah was on Saturday the Guest of the Week on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise.

While speaking extensively on a number of salient issues, he shared his reluctance to dabble in Nigerian politics as he stated that Nigerian politicians are not leaders but mere office holders.

“You can’t be a leader without a philosophy.” He said.

While airing his views on corruption, he opined that “sad as it may sound, corruption is the only thing that works.” He also stated that setting up institutions to battle corruption won’t work.

He also said that the President should secure the loyalty of their followers by making himself believable.

Quality Of Policing Is Determined By Government — Criminologist

A professor of criminology from the University of Jos, Etannibi Alemika has said  that the quality of governance in a country is what determines the quality of police and policing available in a society.

Professor  Alemika who has been a member of one of the police reform committee since 2006 said the police cannot be reformed independently without reforming the polity as the security body is derived from the polity

‘The starting point for us should be, we cannot reform the police independent of the polity because the direction for policing is derived from the polity, and the quality of governance determines the quality of policing and police in the society”


Watch complete interview for more details.