TuBaba, BlackFace Beef Deepens Over Ownership Of ‘Let Somebody Love You’


The feud between singers, Innocent Idibia a.k.a TuBaba and Ahmedu Augustine a.k.a BlackFace, over an alleged copyright infringement, has deepened after the former, sued the latter (BlackFace) for 50 million Naira.

Black Face revealed the latest twist to the controversy via his Instagram account on Wednesday.

But despite being sued, he insists that he wrote the songs ‘let somebody love you’ and ‘African Queen’ which he alleged that Tubaba had claimed ownership of.

He also noted that he doesn’t take lightly the issue of copyright infringement.

He said this when Channels Television caught up with him on Thursday, adding, however, that there is no bad blood between himself and Tubaba who were both members of now-defunct Plantashun Boiz.

According to him, the issue is nothing personal, rather, it is a case of giving credit to whom it was due.

“It doesn’t have anything to do with me knowing him or him knowing me, it is my song, I wrote the song.

“I don’t take lightly to it (copyright infringement) and I don’t find it interesting, it is simply giving credit where it is due,” he said.


The controversy started a couple of years ago when Blackface called out TuBaba on social media for allegedly taking some of his songs and failing to give him credit.

However, shortly after, the Gaga Shuffle crooner said he had no idea where the allegations came from but wished him (BlackFace) well, regardless.

“It is just so unfortunate, I don’t know where it’s coming from but I have nothing but love and respect for him,” he told Channels Television.

Subsequently, in May 2017, Tu Face’s lawyer and his manager, Efe Omorege, wrote a letter to Black Face, appealing to him to apologise for all statements he had made against them or get sued within seven days of receiving the letter.

BlackFace, however, refused and responded to them saying “Go to hell”.

Now in the new turn of events, TuBaba and his manager have made good on their threat and filed a lawsuit against him at the Ikeja High Court.

Another member of the defunct group, Faze, who also spoke to Channels Television in the wake of the controversy, said he is maintaining a neutral ground on the issue.

“BlackFace is bitter and innocent is pissed but I have nothing but love for my brothers, too much love for them,” he said.