Enough Of Sweet Words, Back It Up With Action – Analyst Tells Government

A legal practitioner, Idris Faro, on Monday said Nigerians are fed up with sweet words from politicians and stressed the need for public office holders to back their words with positive action.

Speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr Faro said “it is good for Nigerians to be optimistic” despite the many years politicians have failed them because “being pessimistic will not better their lot.”

“Sweet words from politicians do not suffice,” he said adding that “they (politicians) need to do more than saying sweet words and there must be positive action towards the deliverance of social amenities for Nigerians.”

He added that: “it is important for those who are in authority to do the primary purpose for which they are in government. It is not enough for them to tell us sweet words, (they would do this, they would do that). There must be positive action towards the deliverance of these amenities.”

He also averred that the citizenry are not doing enough in terms of holding public officers accountable to the trust given them. “We need to question them,” he said, and added that “people must continue to question them and demand for positive results in governance.”

Furthermore, he noted that civil societies, religious associations, pressure groups must ensure that their activities are in tandem with the provision of the fundamental objectives and directive principles of the state policy under chapter two of the constitution.

Over the years, politicians have used pittance to hold the poor folks spellbound in an effort not to be held accountable for their actions and inactions. However, Mr Faro averred that the burden lies on “those who do not need the pittance must do all they can to ensure that politicians are held accountable to the people.”

He added that “it is true that the structure of the country is fundamentally flawed but before we restructure the country we must sustain the effort to hold politicians accountable to the people.”

Asked what medium the people can employ in seeking answers to questions they have about the activities of government, Mr Faro said non-violent rallies at government offices are legal. Citizens can also take advantage of the several fora in the society as well as question government representatives who visit their communities. He also tasked religious leaders in whose places of worship government officials fellowship. “They must continue to question these people when they go to Churches and Mosques to worship,” he said.

Metuh Assures Of PDP Crisis Reconciliation

The newly re-elected National Publicity Secretary of the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party, Olisa Metuh on Monday assured that the party is working to resolve the crisis rocking the party.

Seven governors, former vice-president, Atiku Abubakar, former Osun state governor, Olagunsoye Oyinlola and former governor of Kwara, Senator Bukola Saraki with some other members of the party, had walked out of the party’s National Special Convention.

The breakaway group reassembled at another venue to form a parallel PDP.

Addressing the press for the first time after his re-election, the party spokesman said meetings are on-going in a bid to resolve the impasse.

The Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) may need to do more of fence mending now, in a bid to retain its ruling status, looking ahead of the 2015 elections.

The party has now initiated a reconciliation process that will investigate the matter and help resolve the issues.

Politicians Are Responsible For Cultism In Nigeria- Expert

The Director, Citizens Network For Peace  And Development, Mr. Paul Abbey has attributed the recurrence of cultist activities in amongst youths in Nigerian universities and society to the fact that “past leadership have miscounted their usefulness”.

Abbey, who spoke as a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, also said that “the youths in Nigeria are mostly misguided”.

He however commended the security agencies for their efforts in the curbing the menace but noted that the number of the cultists has outgrown them (security agents) due to the “manufacturers who are mostly men of timber and caliber, the politicians who are disgruntled, those who cannot go through the windows of winning of election but want to use might to get there”.

Abbey thanked the police officer cum politician and Governor of Bayelsa state, Seriacke Dickson for stepping up the ante against cultism. Citing Dickson’s record as a police officer, Abbey said the governor is trying to import his crime fighting skill and knowledge to impact positively on the youths.

He urged those skeptical of the oil-rich state governor ‘s action to “have nothing to fear about” noting that that “Governor Dickson’s action is a right action in the right direction”.

He also warned that many cultists are loose in the society and must be brought out of their miscreant inclined schedule.

The youths, according to the director, are lured into the unacceptable act due to lack of education which has put them (youths) in a position not to be able to make informed decisions that will better their lives.


2015 Elections: Politicians Warned Against Early Campaigns By INEC

Any politician who openly campaigns or seeks support for his political ambitions ahead of 2015 risks being arrested.

This warning is coming from the independent national electoral commission, following an observation that campaign posters are being indiscriminately displayed while electioneering broadcasts are being aired outside statutory provisions in the electoral act.

According to INEC, this act by some politicians and registered political parties is unacceptable and capable of truncating Nigeria’s democracy.

INEC adds “this trend is unhealthy and portends ill for the political process; indeed it is a threat to Nigeria’s democracy.”

INEC’s chairman Professor Attahiru Jega therefore warns that the commission may be forced to apply the law of it is not stopped.

CPC Gives Taraba Speaker Ultimatum

The Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) has given the Speaker of the Taraba State House of Assembly till the end of the month to commence the process to determine if Governor Danbaba Suntai is incapacitated or be impeached.

Speaking in Abuja, the governorship candidate of the CPC, Bello Mustapha, said conflicting reports are being given as to the true health condition of the Governor who was involved in a plane crash last year.

The opposition party member said section 189 of the 1999 constitution is clear on the procedure to be taken to determine if a Governor is permanently incapacitated.

He advised the speaker to immediately obey the provision of the constitution or also face possible court action.


2013: Nigeria Needs Strategic Thinkers — Nnaji

A Lawyer, Mr Chima Nnaji said Nigeria can be peaceful and better this new year if ‘doers’ in the governance of the country are shown the way out, to give ‘strategic thinkers’ the chance to drive government’s agenda .

He said he believes there will be some measure of peace in 2013 within the context of the civil population if the President  keeps to his words of not increasing the price of fuel.

Making reference to the fuel subsidy protest in 2012, the Public Affairs Analyst described it as ‘Unnecessary meddlesomeness’ which gave rise to the agitations.

“Because there will not be any attempt to dabble into increase in price of petroleum products, perhaps there might be some level of quietness in the New year” he stated.

“The agitations that greeted 2012 arose as a result of unnecessary meddlesomeness with the single commodity that is the driver of all economic activities”.

He further said that if the environment is kept relatively peaceful then Nigerians will continue to go about their businesses of fending for themselves on a daily basis.

The public affairs analyst berated the political sector saying he does not foresee any change in the sector because Nigerian politicians only know about ‘taking from the table’ contrary to the objective of serving the people.

“I don’t see so much change, because the Nigerian politicians say they are professional politicians, and that is very dangerous because politics is about rendering services; that means you come to table with something, not take from the table”.

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Lawyer says one term of four years enough to perform

A lawyer and public affairs analyst, Benson Enikuomehin on Tuesday said Nigerian politicians do not need to wait for a re-election before they deliver their campaign promises.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr Enikuomehin blamed the absence of a clear-cut manifesto in political parties as responsible for the laziness among Nigerian politicians.

Discussing the 2015 elections on our breakfast show Sunrise Daily, Benson Enikuomehin a legal practitioner agreed with Dr. Doyin Okupe saying a lot of Nigerian politicians are jobless which is why they look for all avenues to unseat their opponents who are power even before their tenure is complete.

We are not distracted by preparation for 2015 elections – ACN

The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has debunked allegations that rather than engage in providing meaningful development for the country, the party is focused on preparing for 2015 elections.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s morning programme, Sunrise Daily, a former Chairman of the ACN, FCT chapter, Sunny Moniedafe said his party is doing much more than the other parties and that even if they are forced to start preparing for 2015, they are not distracted.

Nigerian politicians are political jobbers – Doyin Okupe

Doyin Okupe, the Senior Special Adviser Public Affairs to President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday said Nigerian politicians do not know when elections are over and when campaigns are to begin describing them as political jobbers.

A former spokesperson to former president Olusegun Obasanjo, Mr Okupe, who was a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast show, Sunrise Daily, said it is part of the reasons why President Jonathan suggested that the tenure of President, State governors be reduced to a single term.

There’s a big problem with the country’s Judiciary – Legal Practitioner

With focus on the judiciary on how justice is being administered, John Oloyede a legal practitioner admitted that there is a big problem with the judiciary in the country at the moment.

He said on our breakfast show Sunrise Daily that it is not just about the daily workings of the judiciary but the overbearing influence of the politicians on the judiciary and the non-implementation of the laws.

Ogun PDP Crisis: 90 per cent of PDP members are with me – Adebayo Dayo

The Ogun state factional chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Adebayo Dayo, has said he would not want to be referred as factional chairman of the PDP because the law is on his side.

The Engineer also argues that 90 per cent of the party’s membership in the state are with him as re runs the tenure of the chairman of the party in Ogun state.

Sunrise Daily takes a look at the crisis rocking the PDP in Ogun state, where there is a chairman who according to the court is the recognised PDP chairman, just as a parallel executive id led by another chairman.


Nigeria does not have what is called a Constitution – Idaye Opi

Today, discussing the constitution issue of the country, Nigerians of all walks of life will definitely hold different opinion on this one issue.

But whatever our views and opinions may be, a review of the constitution is in view after the recent Senate retreat which the oil state Delta state hosted.

Idaye Opi, a Legal Practitioner on this issue said the country; Nigeria does not have a constitution.


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